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Fuck Average: 19 Ways to Elevate to Excellent, Now

Today is not a day for fucking around, procrastinating, telling yourself you still have time or you’re not yet ready.

Today, as with any day, is a day when – purely through the power of choice! – you get to CHOOSE the future you now wish to create.

But today, perhaps NOT like the previous days? You’re going to actually choose to choose. Today you’re going to put your hand on your heart, look yourself DEEP in the eye, nod your head firmly and decide:



Today you’re going to commit – ABSOLUTELY commit – to elevating to excellence, to going ALL the way in, to being honest with yourself about what it would look like and what it’s gonna take, and then?

Well then to doing it.

Let’s talk how, in just 19 exciting steps 😉

1. How Do You Eat an Elephant?

It’s not as though you struggle for ideas, for creativity, for INKLINGS of what you could be doing if only you were living life fully on your terms, is it now? The problem, if you want to call it one, is that you want it ALL, now if not sooner, and completely your way. You want to do ALL the ideas. Well, the problem isn’t wanting that the problem is that it’s kind of … overwhelming. Which is to say it’s vast, endless, like the ocean, you’ll never be done – aughhh! – and so why even start? WHERE should you even start? You don’t know, and besides, you’re PRETTY sure you need to just go take a nap first, and check on Facebook.

Wanna Stay Average? Keep telling yourself it’s all just TOO much and you’re not sure how.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Getthefuckoverit. How do you eat an elephant? One. bite. at. a. time. Just start.

2. The Secret to Starting

Everybody wants to know, HOW do I start, WHERE do I start, how can I be SURE? I just need to figure out my PLAN!

Wanna Stay Average? NO figuring shit out.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Wanna know the secret to starting? It’s to start.

3. Wahhhh! I Need More CERTAINTY

Yes but HOW DO I START IF I DON’T KNOW WHAT I REALLY WANT (never mind how to get it), I hear you say? Good news! This is even MORE simple –

Wanna Stay Average? Use lack of clarity or certainty as a reason to not take action

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Smarten up! You’ll FIND clarity when you take ACTION.

4. How Can I Be SURE?!

The answer requires no need to even compare average vs excellent ’cause it’s SO damn obvious that even just having to put it down as a point makes me feel stooooopider.

You can’t.

5. HABITS, Baby

Those who are excellent in their outcomes are such because of who they ARE. And who they are? Is very much reflected or defined by what they DO (although what they do starts with who they are, and we’ll get to that next). So if you want to know your outcomes – a prediction, no less! – in a given area, then just do a simple off-the-cuff analysis of where your current habits are likely to get you.

Do you HAVE a habit of daily attention to your health and fitness?

Do you have a habit of DAILY getting your message out?

Do you have a habit of daily asking for a sale?

Do you have a habit of daily doing anyfuckingthing or is it just pretty much showering, reading your Facebook feed, and fighting to keep your head above water as you hurtle through your busy day? ‘Cause I gotta tell you … that last ‘normal’ reality? Kind of not going to get you anywhere awesome. Just a guess of course!

Wanna Stay Average? Keep doing what you’re doing. Stay busy! You’ll figure it out … maybe next life?

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Ask yourself, simply: what would a person who is already living your dream be doing, day in and day out. Hint: you need to then also do it. Extra hint: you can do this exercise for every single big dream or goal.

6. The ONLY Guarantee of Success

It’s kind of implied, already, in the previous point, but it bears repeating:


That’s it.

Wanna Stay Average? Take action based on every possible thing that might happen or impact your motivation, ability, or know-how, which is to say most of the time do NOT take action as it’s just not the day for it and you’re not ready.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Do the fucking work. Every day. No matter what.

7. It’s Not About What You DO!

Average people are constantly trying to work out what to do, what the secret is, what the one task or project or idea is that’s going to solve ALL their problems, fast, and elevate them to success (so that then they can go back to taking it easy and being average).

Successful people know that their actions are a product of their beliefs, of how they see themselves and the world, and so the number one thing they can do to grow or improve is to GROW AND IMPROVE. Internally.

Wanna Stay Average? Keep looking for the secret sauce or system, the missing link which is clearly the ONLY reason you don’t yet have your dreams.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Get to work on YOU. Learn how to think, breathe, walk, talk, act and BELIEVE as someone to whom the success you crave would be a done deal because that’s just how it IS for them.

8. Hustle, Baby

Consistent action taking? I’m not just talking about making fancy to-do lists and pretty little plans about everything you, well, PLAN to do. I’m talking about the actual daily grind of doing what it takes to get the result. I.e. – if you want to make more money then a DAILY action needs to be hustling to make more money. This does not mean planning ways to make more money or learning about how to make more money. This means you are SELLING. Offering stuff for sale every day. But but but … you don’t know what to offer, haven’t created anything yet, aren’t sure where to start …?! Figure it out. NOW. Will it be perfect? NO. Will it ‘automatically’ make you money just ’cause you’re selling? No! Will actually offering shit for sale every single day ultimately make you more money and also elevate your learning about what WORKS faster than sitting back waiting to know what to sell or how to sell it? Umm …

Wanna Stay Average? Wait. Prepare. Learn. Research. Hold off! Get busy being busy.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Jump into the fray and start acting like you ARE the person you intend to be. Identify the 1-3 top tasks for each goal or dream that are, when all is said and done and no matter how much you might try to spin it otherwise ESSENTIAL to actually making progress on your dream. And DO THEM.

9. Stop Easing Off When The Going Gets Good!

Ugh, this is a big one. I’ve done this so many times! Times are a bit tough, or stressful, or you feel yourself slipping away from a goal, maybe cashflow eases up a bit, or your weight creeps up, so you hustle your sweet butt off and you make shit HAPPEN, and you’re so proud of yourself and damn well you SHOULD be, because look how awesome you are at getting results when you just set your mind to it, and then – PHEW – you can relax a bit now! Right …?

Wanna Stay Average? WRONG

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? When things start working and the pressure eases off PUT THE FUCKING PRESSURE BACK ON. Wanna know the difference between survival and success? To get to MASSIVE success all you have to do is just keep doing the stuff that got you out of ohmyGodAUGH and into surviving; having your head back above water. It’s so fucking simple! Yet most people just go back and forth back and forth at the bottom level, never making it to the top let alone staying there.

10. Do the Work. Do More Work. Continue the Work. Continue Continuing the Work

Look, I know we covered the habit thing pretty much twice already. But SERIOUSLY. Success is not a complex beast. It’s not EASY, no – you have to sweat blood and tears, you have to HURT for success. (Joyful hurt, in my opinion, the pain of striving for something amazing is AWESOME pain!) … so no it’s not easy, but complicated? Ha! Give me a break. Most people just don’t freaking well put the work in, and then if they do manage to figure their shit out and finally do SOMETHING thet back straight off again or else come up with all sorts of reasons why maybe they should just jump around here there and everywhere instead of just CONSISTENTLY doing the BASICS.

Wanna Stay Average? Look for the fancy, complicated super-extra-cool approach. Pay attention ALWAYS to what others are doing; you should probably change course to match them. Daily.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Keep your eye on your own fucking ball.

11. What to Do With Fear

Tell it to get fucked 🙂 No, seriously, I get it. Fear and resistance, those evil twins can KILL your dreams and ultimately destroy your LIFE, if you think that the whole idea of living the life you’re called for and CAN HAVE matters.

But the goal is not to eliminate fear, or never feel resistance. They will ALWAYS be part of business, of success, of life. It’s about learning to dance with them. To act ANYWAY. To realise that it doesn’t matter how far you go on your journey you’ll still have those days, those phases, everyone does, but it doesn’t have to stop you from BEING someone who does the work anyway.

Wanna Stay Average? Seek to eliminate fear, self-doubt, resistance, before taking action. That way you’ll have a clean path forward and be able to breathe.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Learn to look fear and resistance in the eye, remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing, and then do the work anyway. Most fears are not real anyway. Those that are, i.e. the fear is VALID or truly possible, all you really need to know is does that matter enough to stop you creating your dreams.

12. Embrace Chaos

Look, I know you want to have everything just so and your entire freaking life organised in perfect little squares of perfectly perfect perfection … but honestly? That is not the creative entrepreneurs way. If you were THAT person you would not be THIS person. So, you know – embrace what YOU rock at. Stop trying to do other people’s jobs and steal their zone of genius; focus on your own damn zone of genius and learn to be OKAY with the so-called downsides of that.

Wanna Stay Average? Be prepared, organised, punctual and perfect. Always.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Create like the messy motherfucker you are, and leave a wake of chaos in your trail. If it bothers you or impacts you or others in a way that bothers you, pay someone else to deal with it. Speaking of which –

13. Creators Gotta Create

You wanna be excellent and truly have your version of ‘it all’ then you need to REALLY be okay with who you are and what drives you. Commit RUTHLESSLY to sculpting your business and life in a way that allows you to embrace your natural gifts and desires. IT IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE, it’s also the only way to create TRUE wealth and success!

Wanna Stay Average? Try to follow the rules. All of ’em. All the time.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Be you baby. You were born for it!

14. Business is Life is Business is You is Life is Everything

How to be you? Let it blend. Let it MESH. People wonder why so many entrepreneurs work 7 days a week … well, maybe they have to or feel they have to, but for many who I know (the ones I follow, ’cause they’re for real and awesome!) they can’t NOT. Their business is simply an extension of THEM. So going to work, corny as it sounds, simply means doing what they love and being who they are; the ‘most awesome and alive’ version.

Sounds pretty good to me 🙂 and it is PRECISELY how I built my business to the 7-figure level, whereas prior to that I was FIGHTING to create wealth and success doing shit I wasn’t born to do, didn’t like doing, CERTAINLY would not do for ‘fun’ or just because, and often with people I didn’t like!

Wanna Stay Average? Create a business and life that requires you to spend most of your time NOT being you.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Make it all the same.

15. What If …?

What if it’s not that easy? What if it’s not that simple? What if you don’t make money? What if it DOESN’T WORK?

Quit then.


16. Go Within. Often.

So you know – the MOST powerful business or any success tool you have? Is you. Who you are. How you think. How you ACT, which is of course based on who you are and how you think. How you deal with your SHIT, and take action anyway. Your ability to hear your inner guidance, listen to it, have faith, act accordingly. Etc.

Going ‘internal’ is CRITICAL as part of your daily routine. ALL successful people swear by their own preferred mix of journaling or meditative thinking or meditation or inner observation and detoxification.

Wanna Stay Average? Stay busy being busy … the busier you are, the more you should push and force, clearly!

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Do the daily work of stepping into who you need to BE. Use the power of journaling and /or meditation to create clarity, focus, gratitude, an elevated level of thinking and a nerves-of-steel ability to STAY THE COURSE. As I write this I have over 600,000 words in my current online journal and literally BOXES full of leather-bound handwritten journals back at my Mums house. I credit ALL my success to the fact that I first create it in my mind, and in my journal.

17. Nurture YOU

Journaling is, in my mind, one of the top most critical ‘do it for you’ tools to use on a daily basis, and it really needs to be done BEFORE you worry about any sort of actual ‘work’ or action taking. It’s just one thing though – there are many things I have made a habit of doing each day for me, so that I’m in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of awesome I need to be in order to take action. What do YOU need for you, so that you can actually operate at a premium level?

Wanna Stay Average? Don’t take care of yourself.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Take fucking care of yourself, inside and out. Take time for what you need for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing as well as for fun, adventure, flow, living, connection, etc. Whatever matters to you, this stuff MUST take place. Hint … the more that you blend business and life the easier it is to fit all this stuff in 🙂

18. It HAS to Feel Aligned, Exciting, Empowering

There’s nothing wrong with a bit – a lot! – of hustle and grind. Clearly. But there’s a difference between hustling towards an outcome that is RIGHT for you and what you value versus pushing shit up a hill just because you think there’s some kind of reward in it purely because hey, hard work should pay off. Write this down … it’s not about HARD work, it’s about the RIGHT work. (Which will probably be hard as well, just as an FYI though)

Wanna Stay Average? Hustle for the sake of hustling

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? Work smart AND hard, and base it on what you value and what is aligned for YOU and also aligned TOWARDS the life you want to create. You wont’ accidentally end up in alignment by trying to get there in a way that is NOT in alignment!

19. Wake the Fuck Up and Press Play

What it really comes down to:

There are always reasons to not take action.

Either your reason TO do so anyway is greater, or it’s not.

Wanna Stay Average? Let life rule you.

Ready to Elevate to Excellent? START RULING LIFE and living like you give a damn. You DO have what it takes, your dreams ARE possible, you CAN have it all, and it can be on your terms but honey if you want it then for the love of God! YOU have to be the one who takes it. So you can hold off as long as you like but that truth ain’t NEVER gonna change and waiting? Doesn’t make it fucking easier!

So wake up.


STEP the fuck up.