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“You are a living genius. Every human being is born a genius. I am not just saying you have the CAPACITY to be a genius, but that you ARE one, right now. Your higher purpose in life is to share your particular genius with the world.”

I’ve had a tough few days.

It’s not over yet, and right now I can’t see a way for it to be over that will also be expansive and positive for all parties concerned.

I trust that there is …

I believe that there is ALWAYS an aligned way forward, and when I tuned in on that yesterday for this situation the answer was clear that YES. This is true here also.

But right now, what I feel is a mixture of completely stuck on what that might be as well as hurt, betrayed, outraged, frustrated, compassionate, sad, aka #allthethings.

It might be, no it IS, the trickiest situation I have ever encountered in business, in over 12 years now doing this thang online. Which I will affirm to mean it is also going to be the situation with the greatest GROWTH, for all concerned, and leading to absolute leaping of levels!

I’m nothing if not an expert at EXPECTING things to work to my greatest good, and also the greatest good of others, and so they DO.

One thing which is true for all truly successful people (truly: in alignment, connected to purpose, doing it right for their SOUL, not just#hasthemoneyandstuff) is that they are always happy to be triggered.

Somebody suggests that what you’ve worked over 12 years to know how to do is just ‘general internet knowledge’?

Bam! Shots fired! Feels like a machine gun, actually! Recoil recoil recoil FUCKKKKK, and then, okay, wait –


Firstly, yeah … um NO. I’d love to see somebody attempt to demonstrate that mindset in practice without having to turn around and eat their words … it was very timely for me to see Frank Kern‘s Instagram post this morning about how easy it has been for him to do what he does – “I just did it every day since 1999” – YEP!!!! But then again the REFRAME (and there always is one) is well, I guess I can be happy that I do such a great job of showing it to be effortless, automatic, nothin’ but a few tips and tricks I picked up on the ole internet! No IP there at all! The way you do things isn’t special, anybody can Google that shit!

OKAY I AM STILL TRIGGERED AS FUCK! I also just flat out disagree, I damn well KNOW what it took to get here, and also – 

Just quietly –

There is a reason so few DO. Believing it’s just a matter of following general internet knowledge is definitely one of those reasons, and also takes no account for um, what’s it called, oh yeah –


The actual literal fact that only 1% within 1% within 1% ever make it to this level of financial success in their business or life (never mind from flow, and alignment, I’d love to know those numbers but the worldwide income stats don’t show ’em!) … and that THAT?

Is because they paved their own damn way.

Which, if you’ve ever tried to pave a way (I hope yours!), you’ll know requires blood. Sweat. Tears. And for the very most part – years.

Yeah it probably also leads to a mild sort of outrage if somebody then says it’s something anyone could have done.

I GUESS THEY ALL WOULD HAVE THEN. Or certainly, at least, the ones who WANT to succeed in this game. But yet – still only so few do. And why?

Naivety at what it takes is for sure part of it.

Gosh, the amount of times I see people say things like “I’ve done everything since I started following you 6 months ago Kat, and I guess it just doesn’t work for meeeeeeeeeee” … gah. Get outta here. Are you ACTUALLY SERIOUS?


Go watch Gary Vaynerchuk‘s video on Overnight Success on YouTube. WATCH IT ALL NIGHT LONG. I did, the first night I found it, ’cause I knew I needed to hear it again and again and again, and by the way, that was when I was already DOING over a million a year!

You can NEVER hear the message on staying the course, giving your LIFE for your work, doing what it takes, too much!

I love it.

But yeah, anyway … def still a lil bit triggered!

Haha. The lesson will reveal itself to me as and when it should. Or maybe it’s coming out right now …

I DO believe all triggers are for my learning and growth.

I also believe that what I am writing right now could be (will be) upsetting to some people.

“I’m so upset!”, I said to one of my besties on the weekend.

“I can’t believe this just happened … it feels SO full on. I feel wrecked. I said / they said / blah blah blah …”

I was feeling, I suppose, as though what had happened could mean the breakdown of the relationship. (It was about a different situation to the one I mentioned above … yeah, it’s all gone down the last few days!)

“That’s not how I see it”, said my friend.

“I just see two souls expressing themselves”

“That’s what friends do. It’s okay for there to be disagreement”.

She was right, of course. ALIGNMENT doesn’t mean agreeance on all things, no sirree!

And also –

SUCCESSFUL people are always grateful to be triggered, or even called out. I’ll say it again. Sometimes it takes a minute, for the butthurt-ness to pass 

And one thing all of what’s been going on in these different situations did get me to thinking about is how, since way back when I started writing and speaking and sharing what’s inside of me, I always knew I was going to make it, and I believed – in what would be a very superior-like way of thinking to most people – that the whole world should stop and listen to me.

That what I have to say is of value.

That REALLY, there should be a STOP THE WORLD button every time I open my mouth.

I still believe all of this …

And it is a HUGE part of why I’ve got to where I am.

My own human #af doubts and insecurities have been there the whole time, and still are, but yet I did the damn work – EVERY day, since I started in 2006, no matter what.

I did it because I believed in the power of the genius within, and her right to live, breathe, be heard.

I KNEW since as long as I can remember, that I have a destiny and a purpose and it is as a writer and speaker and messenger, one called to change the word with the truth of what comes from her.

And so I got TF out of the way, and LET THE GENIUS LIVE.

I want to ask you today – do YOU believe you’re a genius?

I read the statement above (about how we are all geniuses) a few weeks ago, in the book The Gene Keys, and it’s really stuck with me.

Intellectually, I’ve always known I’m super super intelligent, and my IQ reflects that.

But I can’t say that I grew up thinking I was a genius in terms of ability to know how to live life.

In fact – I thought most of the time that I SUCKED at it!

Too awkward, too shy, too NOT cool, too nerdy.

And then, gradually, too weird, too not normal, too unwilling to compromise or say the right thing just to fit in even when I SO desperately wanted to.

I’ve never been good at compromising integrity in order to make nice.

I feel bad about this, a lot of the time … still.

It feels like a limitation in my ability to be human.

But a must in my responsibility to be who I truly AM, on a soul level.

It’s led to so many relationships ending over the years. In fact, just 3 days ago I was told, in so many words, by somebody super close to me, “you just want everything to be a perfect match. You walk away from everyone and will have nobody left”.


Is it true? Am I too demanding, too insistent on things aligning?

It’s a conundrum. Except – not really. Never really.


Even when it hurts, I don’t WANT another choice. I won’t go against integrity, and soul. I just won’t. Not for money, not for love, not for acceptance, not for ANYTHING.

It’s another reason I am where I am, and while I may have fewer people really accept me and be in my life, they are the right ones, the soul ones, the ones where there is no ‘please be you … just a little bit less you’, as the NYT best-selling book agent I had to fire said to me last year! It’s a common request …

As I got older, I made the shift fully from being too awkward and introverted to being too MUCH.

Too extra.
Too ‘cool’, or at least people thought that’s what I think I am!!
Too demanding, too loud, too preachy, too ‘my way or the highway’. Well, no – you take your way and take it all day! I hope you do! But if it’s not a fit with mine then it’s not a fit, yeah?

I became the person I am because I followed the blueprint within.

It HAS cost me greatly …

But then again, not really, because it has CREATED me into who I was always meant to be.

And to do that, to become that, to step into all of this, hell YES I have had to own a part of me which was the hardest part of all –

To believe I do life right.

To believe I am a genius at the way I LIVE, breathe, BE.

To believe I always make the right decision…


For me.

For my message.

For my art, which really, is the only thing which sustains the beat of my heart.

Art first, but only always.

SOUL first, it’s the same thing!

ALIGNMENT first, because it supersedes everything and it also shows the way.

I choose that I am ALWAYS shown the right way.

That I ALWAYS make the right decision.

That everything really IS for the greater good of myself and of others.

That conflict can always be solved through alignment, and in a way which is ideal for all parties, which is what I pray for and trust in with what’s happening in my business right now.

And I also choose to always fully honour my value and worth.

My dear mentor Charles Poliquin, who passed away suddenly late last year, and whose legend will live forever (BECAUSE HE HONOURED HIS GENIUS), taught me over 8 years some of the most important truths of my life.

The greatest one of all, I feel, was his continual reminder to honour your value and your worth.

Somebody who I love dearly wrote to me on the weekend and spoke about knowing her value and her worth to the world, and that it was time to let it out.

That she didn’t want to continue to not do so, that she was going to!

This one little sentence was so exciting to read, because I KNOW that when you say yes to your soul life WILL say yes to you.

And I’m so happy about that!

A genius, awakening.

THE genius within, being let forth.

YES. You have so much value and worth to give the world.

YES. Let it out, especially if it wants out!

Sometimes, when you decide to let your genius out, there will be parts of your current reality which have to shift and change.

The two simply don’t match any longer.

You can’t have a foot in two conflicting camps, it doesn’t work that way.

Some of the hardest decisions in my life have come about because I had to choose.

I teetered on the edge in some cases for ages …

Scared …

Terrified even!

Unwilling, often, to accept I couldn’t have it both ways.

Why couldn’t I?! I’d make it work! Just watch me!

An example is when I tried to let my true message forth whilst also continuing to teach and preach about surface-y business stuff that didn’t light up my soul.

Believing I could somehow transition to being all of me, but meanwhile, until I got there and got paid, I’d just keep on doin’ the stuff that was paying me.

Uhhhh … no. (Said my soul).

Nice try, but nah. Not gonna happen.

There ARE no ‘shades of being you’.

In the end, I had to choose.

Trying to live for two things was killing me. And it’s where I also had to really learn that no I will NEVER AGAIN compromise integrity for money, or anything else.

So, I chose.

I chose my genius.

I chose truth.

I chose what I couldn’t NOT.

I chose soul.

I chose me.

And now here we are.

The genius has been let free.

The message lives and breathes.

And a damn empire was built.

I guess that’s all it takes 



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