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31 Rules I Followed To Create An 80k+ Monthly Income

31 Rules I Follow To Grow My Revenue

The thing is, you already know everything you should do to make money and grow your business. Stop saying you don’t! You’ve got all the tools within you the REAL issue is either why you’re not CONSISTENTLY using them or possibly how you should best bring them all together.

And the answer is: just freaking well do SOMETHING, because you’re not going to figure ANYTHING out by trying to figure it all out, and as to how you should best use them? Just throw it all together! There’s no magic process that just WORKS.

Except for these ones:

#1 WRITE YOUR GOALS OUT EACH DAY. Seriously, every time you find yourself drifting away from what you say you want it’s because you’ve STOPPED SAYING WHAT YOU WANT. You have to create the success you want in your mind FIRST and you have to do it DAILY. If you leave it 2 days the vision has slipped away and you have to start all over again.

#2 BE PRECISE ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. Have specific goals. If you’re going to go to the trouble of writing out your goals then bloody write down exactly what you want! How much exactly do you need for those travel goals? How much do you want to save each week? How much do you want to put aside for you each week? Write it down. Expect it, then get it.

#3 CULL THE SHIT THAT DOESN’T FEEL AWESOME. Life’s too short. And there is nothing that you HAVE to do to make money, so you certainly should NOT do the stuff that doesn’t make you come alive.

#4 IT’S OKAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. If you cull something and then you miss or regret it, you are allowed to change your mind. So you look flaky or crazy. So what? People will respect you for being real anyway. This also applies in the sense that you can change your mind after committing TO doing something, even if you just started and even if people have bought it. [pq] Do what YOU need to do, and the business will adjust accordingly [/pq]

#5 LAUNCH NOW. ALWAYS LAUNCH NOW. No excuses. You can pull a launch together in a day if you choose to. Give yourself 3 days if you feel a bit lazy, but no launches that get planned out for 90 days then never actually happen.

#6 MOST 1 YEAR PROJECTS CAN BE DONE IN 90 DAYS. Stop wasting time.

#7 COMPRESS YOUR 90 DAY GOALS INTO A WEEK. You know it! Only question is do you care enough and are you brave enough?

#8 SEE IT FIRST IN YOUR MIND. Journal, meditate, vision – keep creating your goals in your minds eye. Give yourself permission to allow them to ALREADY exist. Once you can see it internally you WILL soon see it in your physical reality.

#9 MONEY NEEDS A HOME. This should be point #1 and maybe every point right through to #31- it is the TOP way to increase your income. Decide where you want your money to go, and commit to it going there EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T have it. I don’t mean just commit mentally, I mean set up the automatic transfers even when you don’t know where the money for it will come from. Create individual bank accounts for all your savings goals. Money will go wherever you tell it to go! But if you just want more of it in your account and you haven’t specified PRECISELY why, then guess what? Ain’t gonna happen.

#10 ACTIVELY NURTURE CONNECTIONS. I’m the biggest introvert in the world. I laughed at that BuzzFeed joke about introverts which shows a text saying “I hate everyone”. I love the idea of wearing headphones wherever I go so people don’t talk to me. BUT – I can tell you that one of THE most profitable actions you can take is to actively nurture connections with fellow entreprenreurs who you can JV with, exchange posts with, affiliate for, and so on. It really IS about who you know.

#11 ASK, IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE. From the Universe, from other people, from your partner, from your list, from EVERYONE. You won’t get if you don’t ask!

#12 HAVE A SYSTEM FOR SALES FLOW. If you don’t have some kind of funnel you ARE leaving money on the table. Even if it’s just a 2-step funnel. SET IT UP TODAY, show people where they need to go!

#13 DO IT NOW. If it MATTERS then just DO IT. You waste so much energy thinking about it or talking about it just get over yourself and DO it!

#14 AN HOUR A DAY ON CREATION. Serious money maker right there. Imagine if you were putting out new stuff every week or two because you actually HAVE A PATTERN OF CREATING. It could be for free optins, for new paid products, to promote your existing stuff, whatever! Just do it.

#15 WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET INTO FLOW. Know what YOU need, and don’t feel bad about. If you want coffee, have coffee. You need a massage every week, do it! More sleep, more sex, more chocolate, time alone reading … get what YOU need if you expect to be awesome in your business and give people what THEY need.

#16 TALK TO PEOPLE LIKE THEY’RE PEOPLE. Please don’t be salesy. You know what I mean … and I know you get caught up in wanting to follow proven formulas, but the MOST proven formula? Just have a real conversation with a real person. People don’t want your bullet point list of why they should buy, they just want to know how it will help them solve their pain NOW.

#17 PAY YOURSELF FIRST. You want more money? Start by showing the universe you value YOU.

#18 GIVE YOURSELF A THINKING DEADLINE. If you’re stuck on something, not sure, can’t decide – give yourself a deadline to decide then just get on with it. You’re only going to go crazier dragging this thing out.

#19 TO GET UNSTUCK, REFER TO YOUR OLD JOURNALS. It’s equally infuriating and awesome, but you’ll find your true message inside your old journals. You always knew what you really wanted

#20 DO IT EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT. Not sure it’s right or even what you want? Only one way to find out!

#21 DO IT EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW. Figure it out by making it a MUST.

#22 YOUR BUSINESS MODEL NEVER EXISTED BEFORE. Stop trying to worry about which system you should follow. The best system for you hasn’t even been invented yet because YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS TO INVENT IT. So get on out there every day and have a go. Do SOMETHING that will result in income. ASK. And allow yourself to receive.

#23 AS SOON AS YOU GET IT RIGHT, IT WILL CHANGE. Forget about the outcomes, because there are none. It’s only ever about what is right in the NOW.

#24 BE COOL WITH YOUR CLIENTS. How can you make them feel extra special? How can you show you actually CARE? Do something to surprise and delight your clients at least once a month. Get creative! Make them laugh, give them something just for paying clients, be there for them in a new way … just give them ways to be glad they are part of your tribe!

#25 BE COOL WITH YOUR PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS. Remember – real people. If you took even half of the time figuring out how to sell online and just started talking to real people about how you could help them, you might find this whole making money thing is not as hard as it looks.

#26 BREAK DOWN THE NUMBERS. Once you have a specific money goal it makes sense to think about where that money will come from. Personally I am actually a big fan of just setting an INTENTION to receive the money I want (or indeed to achieve any goal) and I would prioritise that above worrying about where it comes from or how. That being said, it’s still a useful exercise to know your numbers. How many units of which products would you need to sell to hit your goals? What’s your typical conversion rate? I.e. how many leads to you need to make one sale? How much does it cost to get one lead, or what methods do you need to employ to get one lead? And so on. Numbers rarely lie

#27 BRAND WITHOUT BS. Don’t worry about what colour or font or style or template! Just do what feels good for YOU! A client was recently told by one of her mentors that it was wrong for her to have the quirky images she had on her site, not professional. What a load of crock! If people don’t like the way you are doing something then guess what? They’re not your client. BE YOU and you will make a HELLUVA lot more money than trying to be something you think the world needs you to be.

#28 BUILD A CULT. You do not have a list. You do not have a community. You have a CULT, or a movement if you prefer. What does it stand for? What does it stand against? What are the RULES? People follow movements more than they buy products. But there can be products that go with the movement

#29 THERE ALWAYS HAS TO BE A NEXT STEP. For your clients AND for you. Your clients need to know what they should do next, or where they should go. Tell them! And YOU also need to know what you’re working towards, or you’ll have a largely frustrating and unproductive year hanging out on Facebook and NOT making money. When you’re setting your next steps, remember –

#30 SET GOALS YOU NEVER ACHIEVE. It’s not about hitting the goal! It’s never about hitting the goal. It’s about the STRIVE and the journey. I am a complete failure at hitting my goals, because I already set new and higher ones well before I got there. But despite never hitting my goals I will say I always live my dreams

#31 LIFE IS NOW. So make the choice. Take a leap. And do it today. In other words –


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