Resistance Got You Stuck? Time to Destroy That Bitch and DO THE FUCKING WORK.

If there’s one thing I know for sure about being a driven woman with a deep message and desire to change the world, someone who is a NATURAL born and REVOLUTIONARY fucking leader with the power to make and also HELP millions, it’s this:

Shit ain’t gonna happen if you don’t make shit happen.

And the fact that you’ve got all of this POWERFUL stuff inside of you, gifts you were born to share with the world, and a calling you just can’t ignore, means NOTHING if you don’t start doing the fucking work.

So today?

We need to talk about doing the fucking work, because lately I’m noticing a trend that has me TERRIFIED for the future of leadership and asskickery within the female entrepreneur world, and worse still a trend which – if you continue to allow yourself to be part of it – WILL DESTROY YOU AND YOUR DREAMS.

I’m talking about the UNACCEPTABLE choice of letting resistance and fear govern the actions that you take and the difference you therefore ultimately make.

And let me tell you something:

It is COMPLETELY fucking possible, and in fact completely fucking likely based on the law of averages, that if you’re not doing the work now you will NEVER do the work, and eventually it will be too LATE to do the work and you will have a life of regret, sadness and the awful awful knowledge that you didn’t even really try.

You think that it’s just right now, the it’s just temporary that you can’t seem to move forward, don’t know how, have no idea where to start?

HA FUCKING HA bitch. Heard it all before. Not buying it. I’ve heard it from YOU before as well, not just in general!

Weren’t you singing that same old tired old lame old tune last month? Last year? Last decade??!

You wanna look for a reason not to take action you can ALWAYS find one, but if you want to have a good reason TO take action you can always find one of those as well.

So it’s really very VERY simple, as most things are:

Either you’re doing the fucking work, day in and day out, or you’re NOT.

And you can take your so-called REASONS (bullshit excuses if we’re being honest) for not doing the work and you can shove them where the sun don’t shine or just fuck the fuck off right now, because at the end of the day it doesn’t MATTER what your reasons are and it sure as heck doesn’t matter how justified those reasons might be in the eyes of the world. The world will let you get away with the DAILY murder of your dreams but I. will. not.

And neither should you.

Unless, of course, you don’t actually care, and you’re CONTENT with normal.

Because right now? You’re on the fast track to normal and it would APPEAR that you bought the lifetime ‘never get off’ pass.

So you can say as much as you wanna say about what’s important to you and what you believe in and what you’re GOING to do but in the final analysis all that will matter is did you do it?

So let’s talk.

Let’s talk about resistance.

And fear.

And doing the fucking work anyway.


It’s better to be aware of your fears (and act in the face of them) then to ignore them and pretend they’re not there and that there’s actually some ‘real’ reason you can’t take action.

Word to the wise: there’s not. It doesn’t exist. Yes this is incredibly judgmental and harsh of me, I have no idea what sort of shit is going on in your life. You’re welcome to hate me and stop following you but either way I’ll still judge you for not taking action on the stuff that you SAY matters to you IN SPITE of whatever mayhem or madness is going on in your life.

I hope you’ll love yourself enough to do the same.

So – what are you scared of? What are the BAD things that might happen if you take action? For each bad thing ask yourself:

– Is it true?

– And does it matter?

If it’s not a real fear it doesn’t matter, if it is a real fear then decide if it matters enough for you to NEVER LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

There’s no “I’m not sure”. Either it matters so quit your dreams and go join the rest of the zombies, or it doesn’t matter enough to stop you living the life you were born for so suck it up and DEAL with it.


Resistance is just fear mixed with uncertainty. Fear, we spoke about. Uncertainty, what the fuck ever. It’s impossible to know anything in advance anyway, except for this of course:

If you don’t even try you will DEFINITELY not succeed.


Listen carefully, ’cause this is TRICKY.

If you’re not doing the work and you need a plan and a system to ensure you start doing the work, you’re going to need to follow this rather complex and admittedly daunting system:

(Write this down) –

The best way to do the fucking work anyway is to DO THE FUCKING WORK ANYWAY.

I know! It’s going to take you at LEAST another year to figure out how to do that, right?!

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG and if you live that way you will DIE with your dreams inside of you.

So all of this stuff you need to know or figure out or improve upon before you can do the fucking work is IRRELEVANT.

How you do the fucking work anyway is you set aside the time. You commit to the time. You do the fucking time.


Not sure what to say? Stop freaking worrying about it! Say whatever comes out.

Don’t know where to start? Just start.

Worried what you created is awful? Publish it without looking it over.

Not sure which path to take? JUST PICK A FUCKING HORSE AND RIDE IT.

In short, stop THINKING so much!

Thinking will kill you!

Now in the longer-term, sure – it pays to journal and observe and dive ever-deeper into what is working or not working and what you’d like to improve on and do differently.

But – and this is just how I feel, mind you, you’re welcome to disagree with me and KEEP LETTING RESISTANCE WIN – if you’re not doing the fucking work anyway then what exactly is it you’re planning to improve upon?



If you’re stuck.

And you’re scared.

And you’re not at all sure of anything much at all except you KNOW you don’t want to keep letting resistance win, then you’re going to need to temporarily FORCE yourself into an action pattern.

Momentum, motivation, clarity, all those things come from action.

So what can you do to create a situation where you HAVE to do the work?

Can you make yourself accountable publically?

Can you set up forced deadlines you can’t back down on?

Can you hire a mentor to keep you on track?

Can you create some kind of consequence or reward system?

Ultimately nothing OUTSIDE of you should be the reason for you to do the work, but some of these things can help you to just start, in spite of all the reasons you’ve not yet started.

What it really should come down to of course, is obvious –

Do you want this life you dream of, or not?

When all is said and done it’s really extraordinary clear:

If you don’t do the work, you won’t get there.

Not now.

Not ever.

Isn’t it time you began doing life like it mattered?