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The Dream Life Formula: 10 Steps to Achieving ALL Your Dreams in Business & Life

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I believe you can have exactly the life you want, and I believe you can start now.

It doesn’t matter how big your dreams are – they are possible. KNOW this. FEEL it deep inside you, because once you’ve found even a flicker of excitement at the possibility that that’s true?

You start to become unstoppable.

The truth, of course, is that most people will never, feel they can never, create the life of their dreams.

There are a million reasons why they might think this, but what it comes down to is, quite simply, a belief that if it seems to good to be true then it can’t become true.

Let me ask you –

Is that what you believe, for you?

I’m talking about in every single area of your life.

If you’ve already mastered being in shape, for example, even if right now you’re not in the shape you want to be in, it’s likely that you believe it’s possible to achieve again. You understand that it would require work and sacrifice and you know you’re going to have to change what you’re currently doing but your underlying belief is –

It’s possible.

But for somebody who has been extremely unhealthy and out of shape for their entire adult life, falling deeper and deeper into that pattern each year, even though they logically must know it’s possible to turn that around, what they tell themselves most of the time is this –

It’s not possible. For me.

Oh sure, some of the time in a fit of motivation and personal power they might denounce this and recognise the truth which is that of course it’s possible, but the sad fact is that the tune you play most often in your head is the one that sticks.

This is exactly why people who have long struggled with money seem to become progressively worse off each year, and people who have failed to find their way in business seem destined to keep on fighting their way to only a modicum of success while others all around them seem to almost effortlessly fly to the top.

The principle applies equally in relationships, career/job choices, your living environment, how many hours you (think you) need to work to be successful or keep up, how much time you get to relax each week, indeed in anything you can think of.

So why is it then, that some people seem to be able to break free of these patterns, often even after years of telling themselves they can’t be that person, have that level of success, get to truly do what they want to do?

Essentially what it boils down to is a tipping point.

People who create and live their dream lives – particularly those who do so in every area not just one or two – have reached a point where their beliefs and thinking around what IS possible outweigh their old stories about what is NOT possible. It’s pretty simple really: whatever you believe will become your reality.

Of course simple is great, but sometimes it helps to have a strategy; something you can actually follow.

I’ve had many times over the years when I’ve gone off track from the life I truly am meant to be living. When I’ve given in to believing I *have* to do certain things in my business because otherwise I won’t achieve the recognition or income I desire. When I’ve fallen into a rut of not taking care of my body, of not having a relationship with food and exercise that makes me feel proud. When I’ve failed to look after myself in the basic areas such as sleep, and rest, and time out, and then wondered why my motivation is going down the drain.

Ever felt that way?

I am blessed to live what I consider to be a dream life. I live on the beach in a stunning apartment with nearly 360 ocean views, a gorgeous pool downstairs, great cafes within easy reach. I make an incredible living through my online business and can work from anywhere I choose, for as much or as little as I choose. I feel great about my health, my body, my energy, and I’m proud to have savings in the bank for the first time in years.

But I didn’t fall into this life, not by any means! My story is one of repeated failure in business, of over a decade of binge eating and body hate, of working 60, 70, 80+ hours a week for years, PUSHING myself to achieve, searching for that breaking point at which maybe – maybe – I could consider I’m finally doing enough to be a worthy person. Finding myself over 50k in debt. Wasting tens of thousands of dollars and hours on things that didn’t pay off, were never necessary in the first place. Getting divorced at the age of 26. Not sleeping for 3 years after that. Like – actually not sleeping. A one hour sleep was a good night; I honestly don’t know how I kept going through that time in my life. Repeatedly finding myself caught up in business or life efforts I thought were going to validate me, create the success I craved but then repeatedly having to pick myself up off the floor again when it didn’t work out.

In some ways I feel perfectly validated in saying it’s been bloody hard these past 10 or 15 years as an adult!

But yet I look around at my life, and here I am – living what most people and definitely me would consider the dream.

The truth of course is that even now I have those days – sometimes weeks or longer – in which I DON’T feel as though it’s working, in which I seem to be fighting through quicksand, in which I go backwards with my body stuff, my business stuff, my money stuff, my lifestyle, my relationship.

Have you ever noticed how easily each area of your life feeds into the others; how when one thing starts feeling crappy other areas do as well? Of course it goes the other way also, which is cool. I don’t know about you though, but for me when I DO start to go down that spiral it can be tough to pull myself out of it. Which is exactly why I’ve learned over time that the FASTEST way back to my dream life is to simply follow the formula. Get back to basics.

These steps are the exact steps I’ve used on repeat over the years to keep pushing myself to go to the next level. To power through even when everything seems to be falling down around my ears. And they’re the steps I come back to every time I find myself slipping up a bit now; buying into the lie that maybe it IS all too good to be true.

The Dream Life Formula

1. Keep your body clean and clear.

It is impossible to live your best life, to perform at a high level in business, or simply to FEEL as good as you know you could if you don’t take care of your body. This means – move daily. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking. Hydrate. Eat a LOT of green stuff – green smoothies are perfect for this. Have protein at least 4 times a day. Look after your body and you will elevate your mind, emotions and spirit to a higher level. You’ll also feel damn PROUD of yourself which has a fantastic carry-on effect into the way you handle business, money, relationships.

Action: what is one thing you can do today to keep your body clean and clear? Write it down now, and do it TODAY!

2. Detox your mind.

It’s not just the physical you that needs detoxification. That mind of yours is easily filled up with a lot of crap if you’re not careful! The most effective way to detox your mind and emotions is journaling. Journaling, if you’ve never tried it or don’t fully get it, just means writing, freely, whatever you need to come out. In my Dream Life Academy and all my online programs I give my members specific journaling exercises to help clear stuff out and get you clear on what you’re actually thinking, but you can start with just writing and seeing what comes up for you.

Action: spend 15 minutes today ‘free’ journaling.

3. Take OWNERSHIP of what you really want.

Stop being scared to be honest with yourself (let alone anyone else!) about what you REALLY want. Seriously – if you focus on achieving a ‘that would be a great start’ version of your dream life then THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT – AND ALL – YOU WILL ACHIEVE.

So be bold with your dreams. Put them out there in glorious detail. Don’t hold anything back and don’t be afraid to define them fully. The more fully you define and also visualise your dreams, the more you can expect to see them become your reality!

Action: write down your ‘perfect day’, even if you’ve done this exercise before. If you haven’t, what it means is write down in great detail exactly what a normal day would look like when you are living your dream life. As a bonus, you can also write down a list of 5 things you would love to BE, to DO, and to HAVE in the next 6 months.

4. Get back to your why.

Many people set goals and dreams based on what they think would be cool or make them happy. Don’t be one of those people, as that sort of broad stroke goalsetting is not enough to achieve results. If you’re serious about change you need to know your why; your underlying motivation. If making more money is important to you, for example, figure out why. Don’t just state the obvious stuff! Get into the heart of why YOU really want to make more money. What for? Why is that important? In what way?

Action: write down your major goals (top 5) and figure out WHY they are important to you and what for. Push yourself to come up with the deeper reasons.

5. Daily spiritual time.

You are not designed to be DOING all the time. You are a human BEING and ‘being’ is something that is all too often neglected in our busy lives. I know. You feel stressed, daunted, overwhelmed with everything you feel you need to be, and do, and take charge of today. Trust me, I know! But as Nelson Mandela once said – I’m too busy today NOT to spend an hour on my knees. When you are in a state of just being you will often find answers to the problems that have been haunting you for weeks, sometimes years. You will receive universal/God-given downloads about what you need to do next. You will have moments of crystal clear clarity and certainty. You will suddenly realise how insignificant something you’ve been giving yourself to is. You will become aligned with who you truly are, and what you truly want, need and are worthy of.

Action: have quiet time just for you today. Even 10 minutes helps. Nobody around. Listen to or do a meditation, or just sit. Lie on your back in nature if possible. Daydream. Drift. Relax every part of your body, mind, soul and spirit and just – be.

6. Stretch.

Just as you must exercise your physical muscles if you want them to stay strong or become stronger, the same is true with your mind. We are designed to be curious, evolving, life-long learners. Learning doesn’t stop after school and in fact some would argue it doesn’t start with school 🙂

You need to take care of the mental you daily just as you take care of the physical, the emotional, the spiritual. When you stretch and challenge and FEED your mind you grow in all areas of your life and you open yourself up to new possibility and ideas.

Action: how can you feed your mind today? Perhaps read something educational or inspiring, or watch a video online on a topic of interest. Perhaps do a puzzle or play a tricky game! There are lots of options. Just get out of always being switched on DOING and give your mind a chance to learn and grow.

7. Quit the BS and deal with your sh*t

The more you do all of the above, the harder it will be to lie to yourself about why you can’t have whatever it is you desire. But sometimes that stuff, and long-held patterns and beliefs, will still come up to haunt you. You need to be ready and armed and willing to deal with it. I’ve found that each time I achieve something in business or in life, new crap rears it’s ugly head. All of a sudden I’m listening to that nasty little voice telling me it’s too good to be true, it won’t last, this is as good as it will get, something bad is bound to happen.

Your voice probably tells you similar stuff, maybe some different stuff, but either way – it’s all BS and it’s all sh*t. And we have to become adept at dealing it or it becomes all too easy to buy into it and allow it to rob you of the life you were born to live.

Action: deal with your sh*t and stop buying in to BS non-truths about how your life has to be! Journaling is a good way to do this. Kinesiology is also great, or working with a coach. In my Dream Life Academy we deal with a LOT of sh*t and in great detail so that it loses ALL it’s power over you and your creation of your dream life.

8. Take ALIGNED action

When you are taking care of all of the above points it will become automatic for you to take action in an aligned way. That’s the beauty of The Dream Life Formula. Whereas if you start by trying to take action without addressing all of the important inner and outer areas of being your best you, you are likely to find yourself pushing HARD on stuff that actually is not right for you. Most coaches teach ‘take massive action’ but I don’t like this – I don’t want you taking massive action on the wrong stuff! I know from personal experience how frustrating and honestly draining it is to look back on a year, even a week, in which you moved forward on someone else’s goals or agenda and not your own. Often you may feel you ARE doing what you should (danger word!) be doing, but I guarantee you that if something feels even a LITTLE off? It is. When you are taking aligned action you will feel energised, motivated, naturally inspired and eager to get up each day and you will work and act from a place of pure flow and joy.

If that’s not how much of your day or week feels right now, you’re not living your truth.

Action: Implement the Dream Life Formula daily and you will find yourself taking aligned action on achieving the goals and dreams that are truly important TO YOU.

9. Be grateful

Active gratitude is one of the most powerfully transformative tools you can use to create your dream life. Whatever you focus on, grows, so when you focus daily on all the good things you have in life to be grateful for you will find more and more things that are good and that you are grateful for! It’s a simple strategy for massive success.

Action: Each day, morning or night (I like morning), note down 10 things you have to be grateful for. Choose 5 that are already true/happened and 5 that you are grateful for in advance.

10. Never give up

Never give up.

NEVER give up.


Action: Never. Give. Up.

And always, always remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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