How to Get Everything You Want, With a Cherry on Top

Gut check time!

And a quick reminder:

You already have everything you want, with a DOZEN cherries on top, and exactly as you asked for it.

Now if you can’t agree with that (even if it is INFURIATING to have to agree with!) then there’s no point reading any further, as you and I? Just aren’t on the same page when it comes to what it takes to create and also LIVE your true vision for your ideal business and life.

But if you hear me, you get me, maybe you hate me for saying it so abruptly and with no nice intro to even kick things off but yep you GET it, then, well, let’s do a quick check in.

And tell me –

Do you want to KEEP choosing the reality you have right now?


Or is it possible, just maybe, just a little bit, somewhere within you, you’d like …


More money, for starters, wouldn’t be a bad thing. Maybe you’re done with choosing poverty, scarcity, fear, or simply never QUITE stepping into the ULTIMATE wealth you know you can have.

More freedom, as well. That’d be nice. For business TOTALLY on your terms, and an everyday life as well.

More choice. For sure! No more doing the Shit That Has To Be Done Because Somewhere Along the Line You Let Yourself Believe it Has To Be Done.

Ultimately what you’re looking for, of course, is more you.

BEING you.

The REAL you.

The one you SAY you’re here to be.

But yet repeatedly run and hide from!

So, let’s try this again –

Gut check time!

And a quick reminder:

The life you’re living right now? Is PRECISELY what you asked for and EXACTLY as you wanted it to be, so if it’s NOT in fact what you THINK you want, then let’s look at why that might be and how you can create a new reality, now.

And here’s what it comes down to. The very very simplest thing of all:

[pq]How often are you asking for the reality you say you want?[/pq]

You think you’re putting it out there, that you ARE stating your goals and working damn hard to get there? Maybe. But here is the REALITY: no matter which way you spin it, you have exactly what you are TRULY asking for.

So when you say you want to be wealthy, and you write out those goals and you work your butt off to get shit happening in your business and life but yet the underlying and DOMINANT theme running through your mind around money is

Fear –

And worry –

And what if –

And I don’t deserve it –

And it can’t happen for ME!

Then you get more fear, more worry, more uncertainty, more ‘proof’ you’re not good enough and you ultimately do not ALLOW it to happen for you.

And when you say you want a business and life completely on your terms, and you really DO make steps to dream about it, plan about it, even take action on it, but yet the majority of your time and your FOCUS is spent on doing stuff you think has to come first, following through just because you said you would, accepting ANYTHING less than the best for your income, for the types of clients you work with, for the you’re known, for who you are letting yourself BE, then guess what you get more of?


So here’s an idea, and let’s try it just for kicks.

Why not take out your pen and paper.

And write yourself a new vision.


That is SUPER specific.

Around money – (write down EXACTLY how much you want to be making and write it as though it is ALREADY TRUE, for example “I collect over $5,000 today”, or whatever your REAL desire is)

Around the types of clients you want to work with – (be CLEAR and specific around what you DO want not what you do NOT any more want!)

Around how you’d like to FEEL, your health, your fitness, your energy –

Around how you’d like to be KNOWN – the impact, the reach, the recognition.

Around that ‘one day’ vision you have for when you ‘really make it’, but how often do you write and think about it as though it’s already real NOW.

You wanna have everything you ever wanted, with a cherry on top?

Stop freaking well moaning about what you do NOT like or about why things are NOT working and start REPEATEDLY and SPECIFICALLY asking for what you DO want sister!

You want to have it ALL, on YOUR terms?


Ask again.

Ask some more.

And keep. on. asking!

Do NOT spend even a second or a breath more complaining /worrying/ not even DISCUSSING the things you don’t want. Because when you invest even a JOT of energy into putting that stuff out there, then guess what you create? More energy around that stuff!

The only way to get somewhere – anywhere – is to focus your mind on it.

All day.

Every day.

Imagine you were on a road trip, and you’d decided upon your destination, even had a map of how to get there. But yet everytime you passed by a treacherous or simply off track path you decided to go down it and investigate, just because it was there and, well, surely it makes sense to suss out the WRONG paths so that can firmly decide they ARE wrong for you.

Well, sure.

If you want to take about a HUNDRED TRILLION YEARS to reach your ultimate destination then why DON’T you go ahead and investigate every not-quite-right path you come across along the way.

It seems kind of crazy to me, but hey!

It’s how we so often live our lives.

And if right now YOUR ultimate destination still seems SO far away, then it’s really simple honey –

It’s how YOU are living your life.

Wanna get everything you’ve ever wanted, and then some?

Focus on what you SAY you want.

Ask for EXACTLY what you want.

Literally IGNORE everything you do NOT want (no you don’t need to share your stories of hardship and woe is me and try to figure it out because the more you share THAT stuff the more you GET that stuff!)

Keep FOCUSING on your ultimate destination – shockingly enough you WILL end up wherever you’re pointing yourself!

Ask some more.

Ask again.

Ask with faith.

Do the work that obviously is required to move you forward.

Keep asking.

Keep moving forward.

Stay focused.

Make it so damn obvious, every day, from everything you think, everything you say, everything you do, every mark you make and every breath you take that you know exactly what you want, that no is not an option, and that you are in fact ALREADY creating it by virtue of your every move.

Gut check time!

And a quick reminder –

You have exactly what you’re putting out into the world.

Wanna see something different? Then put something different out there.

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