10 Things to Never Give Up If You Want to Make It as an Entrepreneur

 10Things to Make It


1. Your true message. What is the real thing you need to share with the world, the true message within you that you (and you alone) are called to deliver? Whatever you do KEEP SHARING YOUR REAL MESSAGE.

So often i see entrepreneurs trying to build a brand, a name, make money, by essentially just robo-copying what everyone else in their industry is already doing. Whether by accident or design, this is a terrible idea, and one thing is for certain – the world has enough zombies trying to take money from it.

You want to create WEALTH, and truly “make it”?

Start by being you.

Your best you.

And sharing that with the world.


2. Your rituals. There were things you used to take time for, often, before you got into this game.

At some point, perhaps when just starting out, it occurred to you – “if I had a successful online business I could do this EVERYDAY! Imagine!”, and you envisaged yourself sitting down for a few hours of inspired creation each day and filling the rest of your time with yoga, gym, coffee by the beach or in the sun, long bouts, lazy dinners, plenty of journaling, plenty of time to just BE.

Meanwhile, here in the NOW, your every thought and move is governed by fear and the idea of What Still Needs Doing In Your Business.

Your health and fitness is NOTHING like what it was, you’re stressed and exhausted and you judge your self worth almost entirely by how much time you spent working.

Can I just say? This is not a smart way to succeed. Even if you make big MONEY this way (which you won’t, as there’s no freaking way you’re operating in your zone of genius when you’re trying to do it all, all the time) does fear and exhaustion really taste like success? I don’t think so.


3. Your self respect. The whole idea was that you’d get to do what you love, for who you love. So why is it that you’re so often found on the street corner of the internet begging for pennies?

Weren’t you supposed to be a leader? Change the world? Start a revolution?

Hint: leaders don’t hustle for scraps. Focus on making a DIFFERENCE, not a dollar, and you’ll never have to chase money again.


4. Your right to say no. Just because you’re selling, doesn’t mean everyone gets to buy.

You do not have to work with ANYBODY you don’t absolutely WANT to work with.

You are allowed to say no. You are allowed to kick people out of your community, even out of your paid programs should the wrong people somehow slip through.

[pq] Identify YOUR tribe. And work EXCLUSIVELY with and for them. [/pq]


5. Your right to stand for something.  Newsflash: the path to wealth is not trying to make everybody love or even like you.

In fact, if you want to make it REALLY fast, and become that leader who you know you were born to be, then you need to stand up and shout your beliefs from the rooftops.


Stop trying to fit IN.

Be proud to say what you stand for, what you stand against, and what just downright makes your blood boil.

Be the one person in your industry who is brave enough to tell it like it is and call others on their BS.

Remember when you had an opinion, and weren’t afraid to share it? Please, don’t stop being that person.


6. Your crazy ass dreams. It’s a sad fact that the world of entrepreneurialism seems to have, for the most part, caught on to the most soul-destroying disease faced by the 9-5 crowd. Namely, being realistic.

Before you learned about how things REALLY are on the internet, how tough it is to make it, how much there is to DO, you had some crazy ass dreams, didn’t you?

And you kind of thought that this whole create your own life thing was about, well, creating your own life. You were energised, excited, had no idea how you’d do it but knew that you WOULD do it nonetheless!

That you’d write the best-seller, become famous in your field, stand on a stage in front of thousands, change the world no less!

Where did that woman go?

Where are those dreams hiding?

Don’t tell me – it’s under a never ending list of things you’ve been told you simply MUST do if you want to make it. And you’re telling yourself that one day, if you’re a VERY good girl, you’ll get to go back to those dreams. Wanna know a secret? One day is now.


7. The whole thing about business on your terms. Take a long hard look at the way you’re spending your time in your business beautiful.

Disregarding the fact that your business is life is life is business and NOT because you love what you do so much but because you’ve God damn handcuffed yourself to the idea that if you stop working or pushing for even a SECOND the whole enterprise will come crashing down can you honestly say that you are doing business on your terms?

Or are you dancing like a dutiful monkey trying to win some kind of internet entrepreneur award for putting the most effort in.

Hint: on your terms means ON YOUR TERMS. Stop doing shit you don’t wanna do, aren’t good at, and doesn’t matter!


8. Coffee. NEVER give up coffee. Or wine. Or chocolate. Seriously though, the stuff that makes it feel luxury for you. For me this is coffee, wine, chocolate.

It’s also doing my creative writing in a nice cafe rather than at home with the kids underfoot.

It’s seeking out beautiful places to write.

It’s doing my creative work when the world is quiet and still, and I’m alone.

Go out of your way to make your EXPERIENCE of building your business luxurious and enjoyable for you.

It’s a LIFESTYLE business, right? So get a life.


9. Your confidence in your ability to make it. Fail once, fail twice, fail a thousand times, so what?

You wanna make it then you pick yourself up and keep going.

AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES. Not because you are so damn stubborn (although I hope you are stubborn about success!) but because you know that if you REFUSE TO FAIL THEN YOU WILL NOT FAIL. Nobody’s ideas all just work out first time!

This does not mean they’re not good, great, life changing ideas! If you’re basing your business on you sharing your true MESSAGE, then you can’t just change the message if it doesn’t work! You just find a different way to get it out there.

You keep GOING.

One of the very most foolish things an entrepreneur can do is not see through doing the work they were called to do.

Be that person, and you’ll spend years floundering, struggling, and feeling resentful that others are doing what they really love and why are THEY making money from it when you’re not? BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T REALLY TRY.


10. Your never say die attitude. Run out of money? In debt over your head to boot? Email list won’t grow and nobody’s buying your stuff even if you give it away?

Somebody stole your idea and made it more awesome than what you EVER would have thought of?

Putting in ALL the hours possible and then some, doing EVERYTHING you need to do to Make. Things. Work. and yet they’re just not working?

Welcome to life as an entrepreneur.

Your hardships don’t make you special, we’ve ALL been there.

You’ll be tested in this game more times than you ever thought a person could withstand and in more brutal and painstaking ways than you’d wish on anyone.


The good news?

You’ve got what it takes.

You are tough.

You can handle it.

So handle it.

And re-read this article to be sure you’re not accidentally just sabotaging yourself.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Especially #2 set in with me right away!!! I’ve gotta maintain my rituals to maintain my sanity!