Live Your Passion

I’m A Mission-Focused Success Driven Robot Who Won’t Be Swayed From Her Path

I believe entrepreneurs need to have a single minded focus if they’re ever to complete their mission at all, let alone FULLY.

For me, my mission is the NUMBER one thing that matters in my life and the only thing I will put AHEAD of that is anything that FURTHERS my mission aka makes me into more of a success-driven Terminator-focused machine of awesome.

If it doesn’t help me move forward on my mission?

It’s out.

No exceptions.
No fucks given.

And I guess what this is really about is that you don’t need to give a fuck unless it’s what you actually give a fuck about.

Even though at times – many times – it may mean that I come across as a sociopathic mission-focused robot who simply isn’t NICE.

I don’t feel things unless I choose to.
I don’t care about social niceties.
I am ruthlessly focused on the emotional outcome I NEED in order to be able to function the way I need in order to get the RESULT I want, so much so that I will FORCE myself to change my state if need be.
I hate it when people say something you’re expected to respond in kind to: I want to say it when I want to say it

Don’t you ever feel like you just don’t CARE about all this stuff you think you have to care about?!

Me, I seem to be getting told a lot lately that I need to be more NICE. That I act too much like a robot in the way I go about my business and get my shit done, as well as the way I deal with whatever curveballs or interruptions come my way.

Just now I was reading James Altucher’s blog on being the luckiest person alive (his second version of it, the first one came out YEARS ago and was one of the posts I started following him for), and he said this:

“It used to take me years to bounce back from a hardship. Like losing all my money. Or a ruined relationship.

Now I bounce back so fast people almost think I’m a sociopath about it.”

YEP. That’s totally me. I’m at a point with the level of personal development I’ve done every day for nearly 20 years now and also with my FOCUSED vision on what it is I’m here to do and create that, (touch wood, I invite only good things from saying this!!), it is VERY hard to sway me and it also takes a lot for me to feel genuinely upset, shaken, embarrassed or foolish.

My general philosophy is pretty much that no matter what happens or no matter what I have to deal with –

It is what it is.

(You really can’t argue with the truth of that you know!!)

This does not go down SUPER well with those who I’d term the ‘not so crazy ones’. Just FYI and in case you relate to this and you’re thinking of trying to make it in the normal world still!!

Over the weekend, I did something that was potentially INCREDIBLY stupid and made me look like a complete vulnerable fool (not in a good way). It’s the kind of thing that in years gone by would have had me wanting to run from all who were aware of it and NEVER LET THEM SEE ME AGAIN NOR SHOW MY FACE.

I would have been MORTIFIED.

I SHOULD have been mortified. I can guarantee that pretty much any other woman on earth would have been mortified. (Except maybe you, my fellow crazy bitch!)

Instead I let myself feel a TWINGE and then I refocused on the shit I needed to get done that day.

I refocused on my freakin’ END goal.

And I got back to work.

It is what it is.

Last week a client mentioned not wanting to go on Periscope because of some of the awful comments she’d received at first try. I’ve seen this a lot, people justifiably going off that platform because of the trolls.

I haven’t used it for ages ’cause I prefer FB live but when I was scoping I got some pretty sick and let’s just say cunt-ish comments.

I remember feeling irritated that they were interrupting me and that it took me a minute to figure out how to block them.

Then blocked.

And moved on.


It’s been a long time since I let online hating or trolling get to me. I don’t get it heaps but I have had some SERIOUSLY nasty shit thrown at me.

Whatever. Not my issue.

The other day I was messaging back and forth with a close family member while also working. Talking about logistical stuff. I missed them saying they miss me in the middle of the conversation. I didn’t notice as I wasn’t really engaged in the conversation, it was just IM stuff about where / what / when. Besides, I don’t DO ‘real conversation’ over phone or email etc. I do it face to face or not at all.

They got really upset that I didn’t write ‘I miss you’ back.

“You’re such a fucking robot!”.


I guess I am.

“Why can’t you be more NICE?!”, that’s another one I hear not uncommonly.

Last night while working at the bar a guy tried to hit on me and I literally put my headphones in mid-sentence. I DID answer him politely at first while also turning back to my work, but when he didn’t get it I didn’t want to fuck around.

I have too much to do.

Often people will ask me for stuff or time that I REALLY don’t want to give – can’t afford to if I’m to remain focused on what MATTERS – and I long ago gave up trying to justify.

‘No, but thanks for asking’.

If they ask me for an explanation or a WHY?

‘No, but thanks for asking’.

I don’t have time. It doesn’t matter. It’s not your BUSINESS why I don’t want to spend my time on something that is not on MY focus list.

See here’s the thing:

I’m not NOT nice. I’m actually a super compassionate NICE person! And I do have emotions, contrary to MUCH popular opinion or so it seems!

I just no longer allow myself to be swayed from my vision by the day to day ups and downs of the normal life.

Most of the stuff that people get caught up in … distracted by … upset by … or feel they need to invest time and energy and emotion into because it’s the RIGHT THING or the POLITE thing or the PROFESSIONAL thing to do I just REALLY don’t care about.

So here’s the thing, and my point:

If this is who you are … and you relate to what I’m saying … and you sometimes are maybe HARD on yourself and you wonder if maybe you shouldn’t be NICER … more normal … more socially ACCEPTABLE …

Let me just tell you:

If your mission is more important to you than anything then THAT IS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE.

Might as well just admit it.

It’s NOT going to go away.

And here is what else:

Not many people are going to come along for this ride.

So you know what?

Deal with it. Adapt. BE OKAY WITH BEING WHO YOU ARE, and also?

Stop being so freakin’ hard on yourself!

So you’re not ‘socially polite’ and maybe you’re not even NICE …

You’re a bit of a ruthless and maybe even heartless bitch and people think you could stand to be more – let’s face it – DISTRACTED by them …

And the TRUTH is your mission is more important to you than anything …

So fucking what?

Accept who you are.
Stop worrying about being who you’re NOT.
And get the fuck on with it!