unapologetically you


I think the most important question we can ask ourselves, as creators, is what we would be doing right now TODAY if we really knew that not only was anything POSSIBLE, but that we specifically could do anything.

As an entrepreneur, particularly if cashflow is a focus right now (isn’t it always?!) this same question can seem less important.

After all, it’s all very well to want to do something completely fucking tailored to you and UBER-freaking awesome, and even to know you CAN, but what if the shit you wanna be doing ain’t the same shit you NEED to do to make money right now?!

What’s a hustling creator to do?

Obviously what most people DO do, is they do the shit they think they need to do.

For money.

Or to follow through to other people.

Or in the hope that it will somehow GET them to money.

And before too long, another day, another week, another year has gone by, in which you TOLD yourself it was going to be different and that you’d start to do what you REALLY want to do, but yet you FIND yourself somehow still stuck, still responding, still living, your life, yes but for someone ELSE, apparently, not you.

Or for a whole bunch of someone’s and really, a whole bunch of ideals, about what you THINK is gonna get you there.

And I have to ask:

How’s that working out for you so far, this whole IGNORE WHAT YOU FEEL INSIDE thing you got going on?

Does it feel good?

Do you like it?

Does it WORK?!


And I guess it makes me just WONDER –

When do you think you might be done enough in order to start doing what you WANT to do, on your terms, and create the business you actually dream of?!

I gotta tell you –

The idea that what you want to do, really, as a CREATOR (note this only applies to use not to normal people who probably just WANT to do jack fucking shit!) is going to be different to what will make you RICH, SUCCESSFUL, and FREE, is FALSE.

Repeat after me …

The stuff I am MOST called to do, and really just DREAM of –

Is the stuff I’m MEANT to be doing.

It’s where the INCOME will come from, the real stuff.

And it’s where the IMPACT will come from, you making it.

And without it, honestly?

How the fuck do you expect to change the world?

When I think about what it is I MOST want to be doing, sometimes I feel like I need to really OVERTHINK it. Like I’m looking for some kind of fancy pants answer different to what I already know to be true!

The truth is that all I EVER really wanted to do was to write –

Create –

Speak –

And motivate, inspire and empower you THROUGH all of that to get your butt into alignment and do the work to change your LIFE.

When I think about what I want to do today, for example, I might tell myself on the one hand that it’d be nice to have a day of doing nothing, a day where I could choose, to do whatever I want, and on my terms and it sure WOULD!

And then I ask myself, well, what would that look like then?

And I come back to pretty much (well, fully!) precisely what I’m already doing!

I’d like to write.


Teach or coach or asskick’ on something.

Inspire and be inspired.

Move my body.

Feel uplifted and excited by stuff.

Uplift and excite others!

And it’d be cool to do all of this from some kind of shit hot beautiful location, coffee and wine on hand all day every day.

In other words, exactly the day I am scheduled to live today!!

So, yay for you Kat, I hear you thinking, but what about me?!

Well, exactly, right? I didn’t come out of the fucking womb making the money I make now or being able to do it on my terms!!

And nor did I start out this way in my business.

In fact, for all the years I spent trying to separate my list of what I really wanted to do, or create, or teach on, or sell, from what I thought I HAD to do in order to get ahead or just survive in my business, I continued to struggle!

I didn’t realise that the way to quote unquote MAKE IT was to be true to ME.

To do what I wanted to do in the first place!

And refuse to cheat my customers or myself by trying to do ANYTHING less, or more.

But that also doesn’t mean that once I decided to be fully ME, and fuck what the world thought about it, that it all just WORKED.

If you think that when I teach about being unapologetically YOU I mean that all you need to do is to rip the fucking bandaid and the riches will come, you would be reading that WRONG.

I RIPPED the fucking bandaid.

I made the decision to go ALL in at being me!

I then showed up and DID so, and I did the fucking work!

You wanna know what happened then?

It’s MIND blowing. Apparently! Since hardly anybody seems capable of doing it!



I put IN that time and effort.

I did NOT back down.

I got ever BETTER at showing up as me.

Gradually – not instantly!! – people started to see me as a leader, an inspiration, someone to learn from and buy from and follow ON THE ACTUAL STUFF I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT.

Through all of this, I continued to juggle debt and bills and fear and frustration. I was a whisper away from bankruptcy and my last few dollars – literally – for years! PLUS I had debt, over 100k!

Do you know what I did?

I kept GOING.

How long, you might want to know?


Wanna know something else?

It STILL takes time and effort, consistency, constant showing up and a refusal to back down!

I know!! The idea! The horror! Outrageous!

That in order to be able to live the rest of your God damn life on your terms you should have to be willing to give EVERYTHING to it, until you get there, and then keep GOING, until you DIE?


Clearly, that’s too much for most people.

Because here is what I see –

A bunch of you are living under the VERY mistaken idea that the scary (and it is scary!) process of admitting what you really want to do and who you really are is the OUTCOME, or will GET you the outcome.

You finally did it!

You ripped the bandaid!

You’re going all in!

And you message and you blog and you rant and you show the world who you ARE and then you sell ’em something you know is AMAZING!

And then, short version, for MOST of you … like 99.99% … you FALL THE FUCK APART when it doesn’t just WORK, when 100 people don’t buy and maybe not any.

And you disappear for a few months or maybe you come crying to me, wondering what you did wrong. Annoyed, frustrated, scared, but yeah – ANNOYED.

Why isn’t it working?

I’m being the real me!

This is what I was BORN for!

Well, let me ask you a question that’s BOUND to hurt and I hope it DOES, enough to wake you the fuck up:




Who CARES about your soul-felt message, your wrenched out truth, the powerful shit you KNOW you can help with?


Have you given them REASON to care?

Do you know how?

Have you shown up and proven yourself over, and over, and over again until you actually get noticed?

Have you CONTINUED to show up until you start to be WANTED?

Have you then KEPT on fucking showing up until people are desperate for you and will buy, on repeat, and you can not only do what you want, on repeat, but get PAID for it, on repeat?

Have you done all of that every day, no matter what. Every day, through the fear. Every day, with or without money. Every day, when it seemed never-ending. Every day, because you actually fucking believe you’re gonna make it and you refuse to NOT?

Because if you had?

I’m going to tell you straight:

We wouldn’t need to have this conversation.

You need to understand that while it all BEGINS with decision and intent, and you can’t get here without it, you also need to do a HELLUVA lot of hard fucking work. You miss a day, you DERAIL. You let fear rule you, you go BACK. You fall the fuck apart when something doesn’t work, you don’t have what it TAKES.

We say all the time that there’s a reason most people will never get to here.

It’s NOT because they don’t have that power and truth inside of them.

It’s because they expect the world to bow down before them just BECAUSE of it.

It’s time to stop fucking around here. If you’re serious about being known for who you are and going all the way big, then YES – rip the fucking bandaid on your message and show us who you are.

But also?

Do the fucking work.

All the work.

Every day.

No matter what.


And if that daunts you, then maybe for you you DON’T really have that power and truth inside of you, ’cause if you did.

You wouldn’t be so repeatedly making failure not even an OPTION, but a choice.