Live Your Passion


How ’bout we take a moment to talk about how it just IS for you, and how life should therefore get to show up?

Excuse me, how life DOES get to just show up.


YOU are a certified and laminated, signed and sealed and delivered to earth in one SPECTACULARLY fabulous package, badass extraordinaire.

It is what it is, and that’s all that it is!

As such,

what you decide goes

you get to have what you want

it gets to be on your terms

YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT AND THAT IS OF THE HIGHEST FOR ALL!and there is NOTHING you have to do ever, in order to go against your innate YOU-ness, so as to get some place, be some place, know or have or become something!

You wanna make millions? Impact millions? Change the freakin’ world with what’s inside of you? Create epic cool art which is a continual unleashment of the raw, wild and crazy that’s inside of you?

You SHOULD. And if we’re being honest about it you MUST. It’s what you came here to do!

But do it by jumping through HOOPS? By doing shit you ‘should’ have to do in order to build or grow? By following INDUSTRY or BUSINESS rules or indeed ANY rule other than ‘the rule is I do what I want and THAT is of the highest for everyone?!’

I think not.

Quelle idee!

No, how it works for you is this:

You decide the thing. You say yes to the thing. You then ONLY do the thing or things that are truly true and soul led and all the fuck yes for you to do. You become or get or have or complete the thing. Voila!

Now let’s take being in killer shape. FINE AF AND ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN AND INSIDE OUT.

Firstly, um, hello – WHAT ELSE WOULD IT POSSIBLY BE?!

Secondly, um, hello – why would it need to be anything other than that here also you DO WHAT YOU WANT?

Because you fundamentally believe that this is how it gets to be.

Because you were not BORN for the do bitch life.

Because you just know you can have what you want because you decided to.

Because YOU being left alone with your own self to do as you please is always in alignment, integrity, value-based, so yes!

Which means?

You get your sweet butt into great shape and stay there because you said so. Decided so. Gave yourself permission to now do whatever TF you want. TRUSTED in that. And let the good times roll!

Apply this same process to your relationships. Your physical energy. Your emotional and energetic fabulousness. Your producing of random thoughts into flowy ideas that create even MORE cool shit for you. Apply it to EVERYTHING!

Unless –

Well. Unless you prefer to stay subscribed to a belief system that says this way of thinking is idealistic. Ridiculous. Childish. ‘That of a dreamer’ (and you made that a bad sad thing). Just not how life works.

In which case, BABE –

Maybe that’s not how life works for YOU.

But I’m talking about me. About my people. About US. And actually, if you’re here reading this, c’mon –

I’m talking about YOU.

Only thing left for you to do?

Fucking choose what you already know is real.

And come play life on this side of town.

I promise you it’s a helluva lot of a faster and more fun ride. Just don’t be surprised when you realise it’s that brakes off their rails crazy sort of who KNOWS where we’re going but we DO know we’re getting exactly what we said we would shit!



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