Live Your Passion


In your rush to be a wildly successful entrepreneur, don’t be the person who wakes up one day and realises, huh – I forgot to be an entrepreneur.

I forgot to create.

I forgot to go within.

I forgot to make space to dream, and to be, and to allow myself, to see.

You know that thing you did? When you were little, or when you first started, or when it was all just a game of make believe imagine?

“If I was all grown up and could do anything I WANT, I would – !”

And then you’d daydream about it, muse it over, fantasise, idea-storm possibilities, laugh about it with your friends, before eventually getting back to your day, and what was.

Maybe what you didn’t realise, maybe what you still don’t realise, is that the daydreaming is creation unfolding. The musing and pondering is activation of soul truth. The fantasising is where you reach into the heavens, start to lay down silky energetic cords, start bit by bit to BECOME. The idea-storming is you MAKING POSSIBILITY REAL. The light-hearted energy of laughing about it opens up still further your ability to see, to dream, to begin this whole process again, and to therefore go deeper.

The NATURAL progression of being that person, if you follow your true natural path as opposed to being swayed by every conditioned idea or ideal of who or what you ‘should’ be, would be –

to create.

To build.

To become.

And ultimately, to be in the dance with your own soul, the dance of looking within and then letting it – and by definition you – come into existence with – OUT. Out of you. Into the beyond you.

And yet, somewhere along the way, on your quest to be like the others, to be the best, even (admirably, perhaps!) to be the best YOU, you’ve forgotten that what an entrepreneur must DO, at SOME point, but most definitely consistently, is DREAM.

Go within. Look beyond. Play ideas over. Do I like this, or that? How about that, with THAT? Nah, I’m gonna tear it all down again, and start fresh!

The most incredible creations, the most powerful brands, the most thought-shaking messages, the most magnetic PEOPLE, all of this – compels us because it came from some place beyond just us. It was new. Different. Fascinating. Mystical, perhaps. Exciting. And so on.

These energies cannot come to life from … watching and following and emulating and trying to keep up and trying to DO your way to success, or trying to DO enough to keep up and stay on top of what you’ve already created.

These energies come to life, plain and simple, because LIFE WAS BREATHED IN.

To the person.

Their ideas.

Their message.

The creation.

The product.

The brand.

These energies can therefore only come to life, these energies of magnetism and fuck yes … when the person,

the creation,

the idea,

the product,

the message,

the brand,

is plugged in.

Not plugged in = the power exists, but it can’t get through. Like an electrical cord pulled out of an outlet.

Plugged in = holy what now is THAT, let me at it!

How we get that = GET.PLUGGED.IN.

What this means as an entrepreneur = stop the fear train that says you need to keep up, stay vigilant, stay watchful and MAKE SPACE FOR ONE OF THE MOST CRITICAL PARTS OF TRULY BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR.

To dream. To play. To imagine. To BREATHE. To be in the dance, with nature, with God, with life, with your own SOUL, with what is meant to come through you and change the motherfucking world, starting with yours, if only you’d LET IT THROUGH.

Don’t be the person who is fighting so.damn.hard to be a wildly successful entrepreneur, and who is staying alert to everything they could or should do, trying valiantly to do it all and do enough –

and who forgets to be an entrepreneur by definition of what that actually means.

You came to create. To pave new ways. To dream. And to let forth from your BEINGNESS, such that those who your work is here for are left wide-eyed in shock, or wonder, or glee.

You cannot let forth the you that will change the world,

when you choose no time to let her free.