I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling like I am in some way bad, wrong, or just plain weird because I just don’t seem to be ABLE to do the normal everyday things which are expected of me, let alone any BIGGER sort of things supposedly pertaining to achieving the next level of success.

It’s a funny thing to think about actually, considering how naturally driven, motivated to take action and achieve I am, and considering just how much action I DO take. On the one hand – if I believe something is worth it then it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable it is or how much pain or push I need to go through, I will do WHAT it takes no MATTER what it takes UNTIL it takes and then.keep.going. Nothing and nobody can stop me, and I will simply PRESS THE FUCK ON until I get what I want, or to where I’m meant to be.

I often think that what I have put myself through, to get to where I now am in my business and life, is not only something that only the ‘1% within the 1%’ would ever do, but REALLY it’s the 1% within the 1% OF those who consider themselves the 1% within the 1%! I know for a FACT that even those who talk a REALLY good talk about staying the course to create the business and life of their dreams just wouldn’t have been able to handle what I did. They would have opted out. Had a good innings! But at a certain point they would have backed away, easily able to justify that choice with reason and so-called logic.

I know this for a fact because I have been mentoring and observing entrepreneurs for nearly 20 years now and I have WATCHED IT HAPPEN. There are only a VERY very select few who will do what they say they will, who truly mean it when they talk about giving their life for it and being willing to lay down EVERYTHING in order to bring what’s inside of them to life.

Everybody will say it!

Most just can’t take the pain, the stretch, the facing into the void. It is what it is, and it’s why I’m only here to speak to those who, like me, ACTUALLY fucking mean they’re in it for life, no matter what. After all, how could I possibly guide anyone NOT like me. I don’t understand the mindset of giving up, of bullshitting yourself that you ‘had to’. I am GLAD I don’t understand it! I struggle not to judge it, it’s a definite practice for me!

So yes … I do the damn work, all the work, whatever work is required, and then I keep going! It’s who I am and it’s who I’ve always been, it’s who I WOULD always be even had it never led to riches, online fame, loads of fabulous goodies, a freedom based lifestyle, and more!

You too? Thought so … 

But yet –

At the same time –

If I can’t see the purpose in something, I find it near to impossible to do it.

In fact, I often think I’m one of the laziest people in the world!

I regularly ignore, walk past, avoid, even the most basic of normal day to day things that a grown ass woman should be able to do. (Such as stuff around the house, or things I classify as ‘life admin’)

And I have also proven myself to be QUITE the expert at procrastinating, in some cases, for literally YEARS on various
‘should do’ projects or tasks relevant to building an online empire.

It doesn’t matter how much I promise I will, or even think it’s a good idea or that I for some reason ‘should’, if I don’t feel and fully understand why it deeply matters, and to what end it absolutely just MUST be done – no other option, no way around it! – then it’s as though there’s some kind of natural stop button inside of me which just grinds me to a halt, preventing me from taking even the smallest action.

I might think about doing the thing …

Talk about it …

Even make plans or lists about it, brainstorm about it …

Even PAY someone to kick my ass to do it or coach me on how to do it …

But you can bet your bottom dollar that when push comes to shove? If my soul ain’t feeling it, I just won’t follow through.

You could dangle the biggest carrot in the world at me, but if my inner self ain’t buying it then it won’t matter. My soul is as stubborn as a mule when it decides to be, or should I say when it knows it is BEST to be.

In my business, this has shown itself to be a pattern over and over again when there are things that all the ‘gurus’ say should be done in order to grow, or get leads, or increase sales, etc, and yet my soul fundamentally ain’t vibin’ on it.

I used to think this made me a bad entrepreneur, a lazy one, and to be honest there are times when I still judge myself in that way! I get caught up in an idea of something I think I should or could do, it creeps up on me as a ‘good idea’ for growth or whatever, and I find myself adding it to a list, checking it not just twice but roughly a million times as I CONTINUE TO IGNORE IT AND INSTEAD JUST MESSAGE MESSAGE MESSAGE POUR MY HEART OUT EACH DAY and do basically not much else!

Yes, even after all these years and even despite that my entire multi-million dollar biz is what it is ’cause I said fuck the rules and followed soul I still do this! Telling myself off for various things where I vaguely think or maybe said I would be more organised, or get such and such new project going, or re-write the copy for a thing. A million things, really, that one COULD always be doing in business!

I do it with life stuff as well, I start beating up on myself for why I have somehow lived in my new house (for example) for a month, but yet still not managed to arrange my cosmetics nicely.

And I guess what I came here today to say is just a reminder.

To myself as well as you.

That the shit you can’t seem to make yourself do? You just put it off, avoid, procrastinate, delay, no matter how many lists or promises you make about it?

Is maybe –

Just MAYBE –


Because somebody else could do it …

(so it’s just not your job; stop trying to do someone else’s job!)

Or because you ON a soul level just know it doesn’t matter!

When I look back at the VERY many things I avoided and felt BAD about, in my business, 99% of them were things I have since proven DID NOT FUCKING MATTER.

I might have been green as an online entrepreneur … but yet my soul was INFINITELY smarter than any guru who supposedly knew what I should be doing. My soul knew – that shit doesn’t matter. And it knew – just keep on writing. Keep on speaking. Keep on letting what’s inside of you out, no BS and no filter, just focus on the MESSAGE baby!

(The other 1% was shit I was in avoidance about, resistance OF higher self, and I knew that as well … you do always know what you ACTUALLY need to do!)

So here’s the thing –

And where it gets to be EASY –

The way to just KNOW.

What to spend your time on.
What to focus your energy on.
What to give your LIFE for.

Quite simply, it’s the stuff that completes and fills you FOR IT’S OWN SAKE.

Not because of where it will one day get you, or could.

But because it in and of itself IS the damn outcome.

Yeah, you can still set intentions, have goals, DECIDE you will ‘get’ or become or do certain things. I do! I ALWAYS know there is so much more yet to step into, receive, achieve. The journey is never done. But at the same time …

Every thing I DO give time, energy, my life to …

IS the outcome, itself.

A lot of people think that the purpose of finding their purpose is to get somewhere. Make money. Achieve things. Be validated! Safe! Seen! And free.

But when you understand that there is no outcome –

And that the whole entire purpose of purpose IS purpose, it is complete in and of itself –

That’s when you realise you already have everything.

ARE everything.

And are,




A shortcut, a hack, to have it all, on your terms, the business, the body, the life, more – !

Quit doing shit you think is gonna get you somewhere, or that somebody said you should.

And do stuff that reminds you that actually?

You’re already there.

You have it all.

You ARE it all.

And this moment, right here, is complete.

I promise you –

When you give in to purpose being simply about purpose, to art being just for the art, to living each moment being just in order to live each moment, when you realise you have EVERYTHING already in you, you’ll suddenly find that everything you one day hoped to GET just becomes a natural outcome of who you are being.

Really, how did you expect to ever get anything –

When you’ve been living as though it’s not in you already?

You can only have what’s in you.

You can only be who you are.

Quit doing shit that proves you don’t know this. And look within, to where it’s all waiting and has always been.

Don’t forget …

Life is Now. Press Play.



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