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This is Part 3 in my Live Your Dreams in 2014 (#liveyourdreams2014) series. Read Part 1 of this series over here (Will You Die For Your Dreams?), and Part 2 (Stop Being Scared to Follow Your Dreams) over here!

If you had 6 months left to live and you knew you could achieve only one more big thing in that time, what would it be?

I’ll bet something jumped into your mind straight away, didn’t it? You’d write that book, finally spend more time with your kids, create the program you really want to create, quit the job, maybe even quit the relationship. You’d stop worrying so much about money, and keeping the house clean, and staying on top of email and social media and ticking things off your list and you’d just throw yourself wholeheartedly into creating – no, living! – that dream and enjoying the process.

Am I right?

You don’t have to answer. But do consider answering this –

Why in God’s good name are you not already giving everything you have to making that dream your reality?

We spoke recently about the fact that you have to give your life for your dreams if you want them to become true; about the reality that you are already giving your life for whatever it is you spend your time on.

If you had 6 months left you sure as heck wouldn’t give that life to list-checking, home duties, email or any other mundane busy-work task but even more than that there is no way in HELL you’d give that life to spending another damn second on a project, career or job that doesn’t light you up inside.

So why are you doing it now?

Are you really so arrogant as to believe you have all the time left in the world to do the stuff you REALLY want to do, to be the person you truly long to be and know that you could and SHOULD be?

I hope not.

And I don’t think you are that arrogant either, although I can say I know I personally have kind of acted ‘as if’ that were true on occasion!

I think that what is more likely is this –

You feel stuck.

You’re circling around and around, day after day, as fast and as furiously as you can and you’re desperate to jump off. You WANT to jump off even though you know it will be terrifying and you have no idea what’s beneath. But you just – can’t.

And as much as you want someone to push you (HAPPY to do it by the way!) you’re desperately clawing to hold on.

You feel equally secure and trapped by the way your life works right now.

You depend on your current income even though you suspect you’re limiting yourself and that if you truly gave your ALL to doing what you want to do you could make it.

You worry about what it would mean to others, to you, to the world at large and how it might change if you sudden;y started chasing your hearts desires with wild abandon.

You worry it would be selfish, silly, that other people wouldn’t know what you’re on about and worse still that you’d have to face the possibility that you gave it a shot and it didn’t work out.

You worry about all this stuff at the same time as your soul tells you that you are being RIDICULOUS, that if you really wanted it badly enough you’d be doing it and that of COURSE it would be worth it even if you didn’t end up with the results you think you want.

And the thing that you worry about most off all, really, is this –

What if you never manage to summon the courage to give it a go?

What if your dreams remain on the shelf of your mind for EVER, gathering dust and rust and eventually disintegrating. Into nothing.

So. Let’s NOT go any further down that morbid path. We both know that the horrible reality is that most people DO die with their song still inside them, and that that has nothing to do with their potential and capability and everything to do with what they allow themselves to believe and chase after with a refusal to say die.

Most people, yes.

But you? Not so much. Not any more.

Because here’s the thing.

If you want to get aligned with success and making this year, this month, this week, this day, this MOMENT your best one ever, you simply have to say yes.

Yes, I’m going to take action right now even though I don’t know what action I should take! I’m going to do something.

Yes, I’m going to do that something even though I kind of don’t even know what I really want! (Hint: you NEVER have to know exactly what you want, it’s enough to know that it’s different to what you HAVE)

Yes, I’m going to give that dream go. A red-hot go not an ‘I dipped my toe in and ran away shrieking because it was too cold’ sort of go.

Yes, I’m going to cut the ties to the job/relationship/belief system that is currently binding me and keeping me stuck in a place where I’m just not happy, fulfilled, alive or in flow.

Yes, I’m going to opt for a life less ordinary even though it will be hard, even though it may feel IMPOSSIBLE at times, even though others may mock or simply not understand me and even though I know my own resolve and belief will at times waiver.

The truth about success, about being one of those crazy people who actually lives their dream is (and this is a secret so keep it quiet) you don’t have to know how to create it. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a line. You don’t have to have a goddamn CLUE about what you’re next step is and you certainly don’t have to in any way earn or deserve the right to live the life you really want.

The truth is that if you want to be aligned with success and making sh*t happen you ONLY have to choose to be aligned; to make that shit happen. And then you have to do something. Another something. And another one.

But here’s what a lot of people who realise this DON’T yet realise, or at least don’t fully acknowledge.

You have to make that choice every day and sometimes every moment of every day. Make it once – say as a NY resolution kinda thing – and it will end up just another ‘one day’ long-lost dream. But make that choice every single time your foot hits the floor and with each breath you take and you will be unstoppable and you’ll achieve things that most people can’t even comprehend as POSSIBLE.

I don’t know if your journey to success is that you need more skills.

Or if it’s more about dealing with your success barriers and sabotages (PROBABLY!)

Or if it’s going to require you to forge some new connections.

Or quit that job so you have more time.

Or stop frittering away your life on stuff that isn’t super meaningful to you.

I don’t know where you need to start, and YOU probably don’t know either.

But here’s the kicker.

It doesn’t matter. Because when all is said and done your success lies in dealing with ALL of that stuff and equally with none of it.

It lies in creating a plan, in deciding on a course of action, in getting over your shit and sabotages around what you’re allowed, in knowing your why, in finding your purpose and passion, in going deeper into what you want, but if you take away ALL of that and bring it down to just one thing it lies in this –

Do something.

And do it now yeah?

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