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Do you remember that time, I think it was a year or so ago, when you decided that your life was going to change?

“That’s it!”, you said.

“I’ve had enough!”

“NO more dancing to the beat of somebody else’s drum!”

“NO more not doing what I really want to do because what if nobody wants it/what if I suck after all/what if it just doesn’t WORK?”

“From here on out, I am going to live life FULLY ON MY TERMS and like I MEAN it!”, you said. And you stood up just that little bit straighter that day, and you held your head high, and you felt happy and light and free because you had figured this life sh*t OUT, you’d cracked the code, and although you felt a little sorry for everybody who was still out there following along with the way life ‘should’ be done (poor souls) you knew that the time had come to jump off that ship and create your OWN path.

It was the best decision you ever made, and one you simply KNEW you couldn’t ever regret!

And the great thing is that you haven’t, you haven’t regretted it for a MOMENT, because really –

How can you regret doing something when you never actually (really) did it?

Let’s get serious sister.

This thing called life? This is not a rehearsal, and you don’t get no second chance.

So why are you acting as though you do?!

Why are you STILL putting off that stuff you SWORE you’d have happening by now?

Why are you doing tomorrow or NEVER what you KNOW you should be doing today?

And seriously, why don’t you just pull your finger out of your ass and actually FOLLOW THROUGH on what you promised yourself you’d do?!

Start the REAL dream business …

Launch the thing you actually WANT to launch …

Do it THIS VERY WEEK because if you really WANT to put something out there that fast you know that you CAN …

Decide that your business is going to be 100% played now in a way that suits you …

That the way you engage with clients will be the way you WANT to …

That the way you SELL will be totally from the heart and also no BS …

That the way you communicate will be all you, guts, glory, whatever but no more trying to present an IMAGE …

That you’re going to act as if you are ALREADY THERE …

That you’re going to make achieving your money goals, your lifestyle goals, your family goals, your personal stuff, ALL of it a MUST …

Do you know what I mean when I say ‘a must’?


Not a MAYBE.


Not an I HOPE I CAN.

Not an I’LL TRY.

Not even an I WILL!

But an I AM.



C’mon then, let’s play a little game of make believe …

Imagine I’m your fairy godmother …

And I say to you:

[pq] You’ve got ONE DAY to start doing everything you SWORE you were gonna be doing in your business, your life, for you, for ALL of it, and whatever you don’t take action on TODAY you are NEVER ALLOWED TO TAKE ACTION ON AGAIN. This is your FINAL chance. [/pq]

What would you practically throw yourself off of a building to make sure you grabbed a shot at having in your life if you knew today was the final day you could EVER begin doing it?

If you knew that if you don’t start looking after your body today you will NEVER AGAIN GET TO …

If you knew that if you don’t announce the launch of that program today YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER SHOT …

If you knew that if you don’t start writing that book – or publish that book – today then that is IT, the opportunity is GONE …



How about these ones? –

What if you knew you could never take time for your kids again?

For your partner?

For you?

For God?

To travel?

To spend time with friends and loved ones?

To go on an adventure?

Of course the real question is simple, and far more important than a game of make believe –

What are you NOT doing right now, today, in THIS life, that you have been for so long telling yourself you’re going to do?

What did you DECIDE upon a year ago, a month ago, a decade ago, whenever it was, and then maybe even make headway on, but then allow to once again be pushed down, pushed away, swallowed up, overcome?

It’s a real question lovely.

So tell me –

What was it?

Seriously, stop reading for a moment, close your eyes, pull your freaking head out of the sand and face up to where your life is right NOW and where you WANT it to be?


Stop PRETENDING that it’s all going to just work out.

Yes it absolutely CAN. But if you WANT it? You sure as shit better go and TAKE it, and you know what else? It better be NOW.

Right now, I want you to commit to YOURSELF like you’ve never committed before. I want you to TAKE that commitment so far that you actually clear your schedule for today – either your mental schedule or your actual booked in schedule – and re-write it based on the life you WANT to be living.

For real, I don’t know how many times I have to say this but you HAVE TO LIVE YOUR ONE DAY LIFE NOW OR IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

So go on, grab a pen and paper, and write down the hours of the day ahead of you, or for tomorrow if it’s already late for you right now, and then play a REAL LIFE game of fill in the gaps.

What is the one day NOW you going to be doing at 6am? At 7am? At every single hour through the day?

And just as importantly, what would NOT make the cut that currently is? You have to get rid of it NOW, you absolutely are NOT allowed to keep doing it ‘just for now’ ‘because you have to right now’ or whatever other bullshit excuses you might try to kid yourself with. Look, it’s your life and you can do whatever the hell you please with it, you’re not hurting ME by not following your dreams. I know I’m getting aggressive about it, emotional even, but seriously – what does my opinion really mean to you? Maybe something, maybe nothing, but I can tell you for FACT that YOUR opinion sure means something to you, so be honest with yourself and COMPLETELY right now –

Do you have your own respect?

Do you actually still BELIEVE the promises you make to yourself?

And if the answer to BOTH of those questions is not ONE HUNDRED PERCENT YES, then what are YOU going to do about it … NOW?

Plan out your dream and then damn well go and DO the dream because I think we’re both adult enough to accept that planning dreams does little to nothing to make them come true if you don’t also take NOW action on those dreams, yeah?

There’s a revolution that’s going on all around the world right now.

Women everywhere are rising up to say “no more!” and “yes”, and “no”.

We live in an era of infinite choice, freedom, money, fun, adventure, indeed EVERYTHING.

So to not CHOOSE the choice, freedom, money, fun, adventure, legacy, indeed EVERYTHING that you really want and to not do so NOW is not only a shame it’s downright irresponsible.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m simply not going to stand for it anymore.

So wake up, gorgeous.

Turn on the light.

Get out of the dusty dark corner.

Live like you MEAN IT.

Live like it’s your VERY last chance.

And perhaps for the first time truly EVER, make a promise to yourself that you’re not only GOING to keep but that you already START KEEPING, today.


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