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If you think about it, life is, for the very most part, just a series of things happening which you’d already seen in advance, and knew would.

The very fact that we use the expression “I didn’t see THAT coming!” when something sneaks up on us from left field is a mostly not understood reference to the fact that usually we see EXACTLY what was coming. It’s such a rare and noteworthy occurrence to have something happen that we didn’t on some level already expect, that we have a whole entire expression around it!

But yet –

How often do you actually take the time to either tune in on what you DO already see, and know is coming, or – and this is where it gets really interesting! – to practice seeing further.

When I extend my ability to perceive,
I elevate and fast-track what I WILL achieve!

Considering that half of the so-called spiritual world walks around with t-shirts or memes or whatever spouting the truth that “I’ll see it when I believe it”, you’d think there’d be more of a practice around this shit!

I remember doing an experiment to do with neck flexibility, back in a strength and conditioning type class I was taking in about 2008, and we had to measure our far we could take our vision to the side without moving our heads. We then did some kind of eye stretching thingamajig, and then did the test again. It felt like I could almost see completely 360, and still my head didn’t move! We measured neck flexibility before and after the eye stretching, and saw what a VAST difference it made to the movement of the cervical spine (neck area) just by doing the eye stretching.

I found this so fascinating at the time, and still do. What a powerful reminder that the ENVIRONMENT you operate in -in this case the neck, and by default therefore the rest of the spine – can shift COMPLETELY just be shifting your ability to see, stretching your vision.

When did you last stretch your vision?

When did you last sit down, and ask of yourself “what is it I can see right now that I just KNOW is coming through for me?”

And then –

“if I sit with it for a moment –

maybe blur my gaze a little –

just drop in –

What can I now see BEYOND the edges of what I thought I could see?”

There’s always more there for you, if you choose to go looking for it.

Here’s what I think is actually up, so much of the time, when you don’t go looking:

a) maybe you don’t know to (ok, well we fixed that now 

b) I bet you DO know, I do NOT think that what we’re talking about here is a brand new revolutionary concept for you, even though sure – it may have somehow been ‘forgotten’ in the recesses of your mind.

c) it either feels scary or too hard to try and see further. You feel as though you don’t got time for that, it’s kind of a nuisance or a bother, because, really, ‘what’s the point’, but if we were to dig into it, let’s get real:

A part of you wonders if it’s actually available for you, the stuff you want, the stuff you don’t even LET yourself fully see, because maybe if you look it straight in the eye –

It will look straight back at you and tell you that you’re not good enough, and you don’t get to have it.


better to avoid
better not to look
better to stay busy with whatever else you’ve got going on, basically just re-circling in the same position again and again and again, re-creating the same motherfucking reality day after day after day until you get to where you’re so damn over the entire thing you can’t even acknowledge any success you HAVE created and you basically want to rip your own face off with boredom.

Here’s the reality:

If you refuse to look into your FEARS, you are very fucking unlikely to find your true big vision.

And more unlikely still to ever EVER become that next level version of you who has been waiting in the wings for so damn long now she may well nearly have turned to dust.

You have to face in to the damn void, but also the fear or even TERROR of ‘what if’ in order to be able to look BEYOND it.

And if its apathy that’s the issue here, or just that your lazy ass never thought to look beyond your current reality even though you DEFINITELY DESIRE SOMETHING BEYOND YOUR CURRENT REALITY, then guess what? You STILL need to look, in order to see!

It’s not rocket science 😉

How to do this? Do you have to try and go straight to some kind of hyper dream, and lock THAT shit in?

Nah … calm down yeah? I think that trying to get ‘crazy’ with your dreams is a big reason that so many people get their ass stuck in perpetual Groundhog day-ing of their life. No bitch, you don’t need to prove how driven or cool you are by trying to fix your whole life at once … make up for your inaction of the last 10 years in one hit … or show that you can keep up with the craziest most badass peeps in the world all at once!

What you DO need to do though, is to be honest with yourself about what IS being shown to you already –

tune in on that shit regularly, and write it down



You feel like it would be normal or expected to get one sale, well, practice into seeing two, or three.

You think maybe you’re good enough to get some sort of basic romantic attention at level ‘x’, decide you’re going to actively look inside of you to the place where your eyes aren’t used to looking and actually it’s a WHOLE ‘nother deeper thing.

There is something there for you, in every area of your life, beyond where you are currently allowing yourself to see.

Either you’re going to be a total soft ass about your LIFE, and never ever dare to venture beyond your current sights, therefore ensuring you slot just perfectly into the hallowed halls of Nobody Ever Remembered Them or Gave A Fuck

(you’ll fit right in; plenty of company),

OR –

You’re going to wake the fuck up and look into whatever is necessary in order to see all that is available for you.

And when you get it?

Look a-fucking-gain.

There’s more still.


Life is Now. Press Play.


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