Success Mindset


Let’s not beat around the bush here, there’s no time left to keep living the wrong life, and today I think we get to have a lil bit of a smackdown around your BADASSERY.

You know –

The not-yet-fully-tapped part of you who is confident, relaxed, calm, certain, magnetic as all get out, the unchallenged QUEEN of the damn thing, and whose results are reflected accordingly.

There’s no two ways about it:


You want people to pay you for just being you, hang off your every word, be inexplicably drawn to you, unable to look away?

You KNOW you best be owning your Queen-AF-and-she-knows-it power.

You also know that this same principle applies to every.single.part. of life!

You’re either magnetizing your dream life to you –

Or you’re pushing it away.

Right now, quick, don’t think about, first answer – !

Which is it sister?

^^ It’s a black and white sorta thing, there’s no in between here. The DOMINANT DIRECTION IS THE DOMINANT DIRECTION.

It is what it is, and that’s all it is.

But hey, let’s break this down a little bit.

Maybe right now there are some areas of your life where you OWN it. You are da boss and there’s no two ways about it. BOSS? Ugh, don’t love the word. QUEEN, please. Or King, if you will.

Anyhow –

You are confident.
And relaxed as a lizard on a rock about the whole thing. Why would you NOT be, when you know your outcomes are a cert, the things you want just show up for you in this area, on repeat, without you really doing ANYTHING.

That’s just how it is.

And then there are the other areas; maybe one in particular.

In a word?


It feels so HARD in this area! Like navigating through a minefield which is also quicksand AND has flying swarms of ninja bees every fucking place.

You question yourself on EVERYTHING.
You analyse, so much! OH, how you analyse.
You dilly-dally.
You second guess.

^^ Do you see what’s going on here, is it not BLINDINGLY obvious here what the actual freaking problem is?

One thing baby –


The GREAT news is that in any area where you don’t yet have what you want, YOU are the fucking problem.

Isn’t that a relief, a joy even, to know?!

I think so 

Because here’s the thing –

Take that area where you feel oh-so-stuck, unsure, and SO far away from where you desire to be.

Now, bring to mind a person you know who NAILS that area of his or her life.

They are the Queen or King, EVERYBODY KNOWS!

MAYBE they were born like that –

Maybe the created it.

Me, I was DEFINITELY born as a natural storyteller and entertainer. The little girl in me never questioned that shit, and she OWNED it! The older me learned she as an introvert, shy, ‘not cool’, and became worried about what people thought while at the same time buying into the idea that there is a ‘right’ way to captivate people and sell to them, and so she pushed down her natural talents and gifts for a bit.

But, the raw material was there, and so once she gave back in to being fully her, and became unapologetic about it, her business blew UP and she OWNED BEING SOMETHING SHE’D ALWAYS ACTUALLY OWNED.


I hereby announce myself The Queen of Captivating People and Calling Them to Whatever Action I Choose.


And so it is and always HAS been, I just chose out of it for a bit when I chose out of being anything other than all that I am.

So, this was an area of natural talent for me, and I got to learn over time to cultivate it, water it, let it grow.


There are other things in my life which I flat out SUCK SUCK SUCKED AT, and really had to learn from the ground up. Well! I don’t know if that’s really true, I believe we have the natural abilities and skills in us to own ANY fucking thing. It is ALL, always, a remembrance.

But yeah, in our human AF state, in some areas, for each of us, more than others, it feels like a very fucking far away thing to try and remember.

For me, one such example is being ‘cool’, and a ‘badass’. It’s fair to say I’m very well known, in my business, for being both these things! Those who follow me would consider it FACT, and just who I am. I know for certain that MANY people who are in my online community bemoan the fact that it’s going to be harder for them to get results because they just don’t have that confident badass cool factor that I do.

While I appreciate the props on this, I also find it, without exception, every time I hear something like this (which is a lot!), to be ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HILARIOUS.

A few years back, one of my best friends, who has known me since we were both 22, said to me – “it’s SO funny how people actually think you are cool!”

“Shut up!”, I said. “How rude!”

Followed quickly by – “I KNOW!”

And we giggled about it like you do with an in-house secret. Not that in-house at all, since I’ll happily tell all of you over and over again – I was never cool, I’m NOT naturally cool, or ‘badass’, or any of those things, and if there’s anybody reading this who went to school with me they will definitely attest to that.


I stepped into something that of COURSE already existed SOMEWHERE within me (as all things do in all of us).

And then I BACKED IT THE FUCK UP, basically by being unavailable to be anything OTHER than these things.

I re-wrote the damn codes.

And eventually?

I became the thing. Imprinted in. Such that nobody would ever think it was anything other than my first nature, and indeed would typically NOT BELIEVE ME if I said I was ever anything but that!

I’m as human as you, and I still have some areas where I notice myself questioning.
Second guessing.
Pulling at my face and hair as I try and figure out the perfect next move to make.

And then I remember –

It’s all just a fucking decision.

Who TF is Katrina Ruth anyway?


And that applies in all areas.

Wanna become the motherfucking Queen at something, or at all things?

It’s simple baby:

Become the motherfucking Queen.