Success Mindset


“Kat, what do you do when you have a client arguing about how your payments work, or basically telling you they want you to change your policies for them? Does this happen to you? How would you respond?”

“This woman just isn’t honouring her payments, it’s making me SO ANGRY, like, how TF can people make a commitment and just not follow through? I don’t get it; who does that? It’s SO annoying! What would you do in this situation”

“This company is screwing me over, they’re such assholes!”

“That guy is SO BAD at getting back to me, why do I keep attracting in men like this?!”

“So many people commented and said they would want it before I launched it, but then once I did – crickets! I have hardly ANY sales, and even the people who reached out haven’t responded when I answered them. Why do people do this; they SAID they wanted it! Should I follow them up?”




Personal policies.

And being the motherfucking Queen you SAY you are.

Let’s talk about that, yeah? Let’s talk about how to show up in every area of your life in a way which results in life showing up for YOU the way you want.

Let’s talk about the energy you’re putting out there –

Who you’re showing yourself to be –

What you’re making yourself available for –

And what you’re just not, no matter how much you jump up and down about it and say you a damn Queen honey.

Have you noticed how some women just seem to be automatically treated, honoured, REVERED as a Queen?

You can sense her presence when she walks into a room … there’s something about her that is not only gorgeous, beautiful, breath-taking, but more than that – STATELY.

This is a woman who knows who she is.

And she ain’t afraid to be it.

Instantly, you feel both fascinated and intimidated. She’s throwing you off balance a little, which gets under your skin; awakens that part of you where you KNOW you’re not stepping up and being clear on who YOU are.

There’s a slight trigger there around this for sure, but the desire to be close to her, to be in her energy, to ABSORB of it, overweighs that trigger and you are drawn in,



You can’t not be; a woman like this is a light to all who come across her and her natural power is so strong that it AUTOMATICALLY draws to it all that is good, positive, expansive, and also ALIGNED.

It’s also so strong that it naturally REPELS all that is not for her, not relevant to her, not of interest to her, and NOT IN KEEPING WITH HER PERSONAL STANDARDS, EXPECTATIONS, RULES OF BEHAVIOUR OR LIFE.

A woman like this, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, has little need or concern with having to tell anyone who she is –

What she wants –

How she gets to be treated –

What her requirements and desires are –

And just how to deliver them!

Why would she need to tell or explain or bother herself with ANYTHING like that?

She’s the damn Queen, and it is evident for all across the land to see. Mountains move accordingly, the seas part, the heavens are opened, and God himself is right there behind her delivering on ALL His promises for her life, as is always and only can be the way, when a woman steps into all that she always was and is and knew she must be.

So no.

No, I don’t find people asking me to change my policies for them, it is VERY clear energetically who I am in business and I simply am not an energetic match for anybody who isn’t going to honour their OWN truest soul expression as well as MY Queenness, in how they show up with me.

It happens so rarely that I can barely remember any such problems, but I’ll tell you this – if somebody did ask me to go against my policies of behaviour in business and life, knowing who I am in this area as I do, it would be a very simple matter of ‘Thank you, no thank you, here is how I operate, Amen and I wish you well’.

Or something to that effect.

And no.

I don’t find a situation occurring where people ‘promise’ or state they are going to show up in a certain way with me –

In sales
In any other area of business
In dating
In life

– because they can feel who I damn am, and they simply know not to behave in such a manner. More than that, I simply don’t attract in the ones who would even consider behaving in such a manner. IT’S AS LITTLE ON THEIR RADAR AS IT IS ON MINE, which is to say – not at all.

^^ energetic matching baby; you always get what you’re showing up AS.

And no.

When clients on occasion default on payments, as is wont to happen in a business turning over hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue each month, it does not anger me. It does not annoy me. It does not result in any sort of emotional charge within me at all, is the truth of the matter!

I’m the damn Queen, why would such things impact me? It gets to be worked out. My team have a process for this. It is what it is, and that’s all it is, why would MY equilibrium be in any way rocked by somebody ELSE’S behaviours?

This of course has nothing to do with whether or not you can currently ‘afford’ to have people default on you, and it has everything to do with whether or not you are showing up as the next level royal freaking version of you.

Let’s be clear:

The Queen does not justify.
She does not explain herself over and over again.
She IS compassionate.
She IS clear.
She communicates with love, and grace.
She does not capitulate or in any way adjust the energy of who she IS, because, well, that makes no sense. It would imply that she is not the Queen, that it’s simply an act, a pretence, a ‘wishing to be’, rather than a thing which is true to the very core of her.
She is not shaken or even moved by the behaviour or choices of others.
Not in any way.
Not at all.

She is SO clear on who she is, and how life gets to show up for her, that no matter what she encounters through her day, it is always and only a simple matter of –

Does this align, yes or no?

If no, there is never any neediness.
Anger, annoyance, frustration is not activated; because she long ago opted out of allowing her emotional state to be dictated by others, by the world around.
And there is certainly no worry about lack or ‘losing’ something, because, again – SHE KNOWS WHO SHE DAMN IS AND HOW LIFE JUST HAS TO SHOW UP FOR HER.

She’s the motherfucking Queen, bitch, and this is how it is:

Doors open.
Seas are parted.
Mountains move.
Absolute respect and deep honouring of who she is and of her value and worth is AUTOMATIC.
The heavens rain down blessings upon her.

She’s a first class VIFP and ALL OF LIFE KNOWS IT, she doesn’t have to TELL ’em, why would you ever have to TELL what you clearly ARE?

People who are flaky. Who don’t follow through. Who try to wriggle their way out of things. Who are not at a state of conscious evolution such that they can meet her needs, desires, requirements AND SHE THEIRS TOO OF COURSE, they just don’t SEE her.

She is a match ONLY for fuck yes, that’s just how it is.

So how do you be the Queen? How do you become this version of you? How do you get to where you are able to be so unshaken, so sure of yourself, so easily able to turn your back and INSTANTLY walk away from something which does not meet your standards or requirements, thank you, no thank you, with love and zero fuss or muss, on the VERY odd occasion you even have anything which is not a fuck yes appear in your state?

It’s very very simple:

You be the damn Queen.

You stop giving fear a voice. You stop saying yes to fuck, maybe. You stop buying into a story that where you’re at now necessitates you showing up as any other version of you aside from who you’d be if you were THERE now.

You MAKE YOUR ENERGY CLEAR. You do this by being VERY finite on what you allow and require, and NEVER going against it, no matter what.

You breathe deep and be willing to lose it all in order to gain the true Queendom which is already in you. You decide what you are available for, and not, and you MEAN it. You also show up for OTHERS as a Queen. OBVIOUSLY.

And so on.

And so forth.

But really all there is is this:

You GET what you EXPECT, and allow.

So, how to be the Queen?

You be the damn Queen.