Success/Success Mindset


Be grateful to the people whose light shining so brightly has in some way knocked you off course, because it shows you the parts of yourself you haven’t yet dared to own.

Be thankful to those who have triggered TF outta you, because it gives you an opportunity to learn, and lean into, a deeper groundedness in knowing who YOU are, and simply, being that.

Be grateful to those who are too loud for you, too demanding, too audacious in their overt insistence that they get to have it all, because if it’s gettin’ your attention – maybe there is something within you that SHOULD be getting that attention, and perhaps now you’ll notice, where it is you get to FOCUS,

such that what anybody else is getting up to doesn’t really bother you, you don’t even NOTICE, because you’re so busy getting on with the job of doing YOU, boo.

Be thankful to those who told you that you couldn’t,

who sneered and said you WOULDN’T,

who implied that you definitely SHOULDN’T,

WHY SHE TRIGGERS YOU SO MUCH ...because you got to use every stone cast at you as another activator to just DO THE THE DAMN THING ANYWAY, and if you didn’t use it for that, if you let it break and bleed you? It’s not too late. You’re not too old. Opportunity hasn’t been lost. GET ACTIVATED NOW AND JUST DO THE DAMN THING ANYWAY.

Be grateful to those who you obsess over, fixate on, can’t figure out, alternately wish you could be like and then praise God you are NOT like, because anybody who is receiving THAT FUCKING MUCH OF YOU,

has clearly figured out how to be THAT FUCKING MUCH OF THEM,

that it is like a whistle to your soul to finally, eventually, take charge like THAT, of who you are and what you’re here to create and what being ALL in would look like for YOU, and when you DO?

Trust me when I say you’re going to be SO fucking grateful for how irritating, infuriating, intriguing, or WHATEVER, that bitch was.

So, I mean, you know –


Why not make a list. Check it twice. Of all the people, ideas, ways of being, modes of operation in your industry, your so-called niche (didja forget that the niche is you?!), this SPACE, of everybody who annoys the fuck out of you, who somehow leads you to in some way feel LESS than, who makes you feel ragey as fuck at times, and, of course, who you just look at in wonder and awe,

and then ask yourself:

what is SHE simply saying yes to within HER,

and what would that look like for me?

Then, y’know –

eyes back on your own damn path and GO CHOOSE THAT.

Your triggers are a straight up reflection of the fact that there’s a dormant fire within you,

and that it’s time for it to be lit.