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If you truly made a decision to be unavailable for bullshit, and to honour your boundaries, standards, requirements, you do realise that life would be a whole lot easier than what you let it be right now?

Think about it –

The VAST majority of ‘issues’ in your life, where you find yourself feeling pissed off, taken advantage of, disrespected, or in some way infringed upon, or where things just feel OFF, come about as a result of not sticking to your guns on what you will or will not allow.

For example –

Maybe you have a vision in your head of who your ideal soul client is and also how they behave, show up, communicate with you, do the work, etcetera. Who they ARE at their core! Probably, they’re a person who sees the world in a similar way to what YOU do, yeah? And who shows up accordingly, also has their shit together in the areas that matter and doesn’t GIVE a shit about the areas that don’t!

This person, because of who they ARE, will completely understand when you are all over the place in the way us crazy creators are … they don’t fuss on everything being kinda all over the place in terms of structure or how you do your mentor thing … and they EXPECT it all to be intuition not planning based. (They sound like a dream! Haha).

Anyway, you’re clear, right?! You’ve decided – 

This is my perfect client! She is a 1% within the 1% revolutionary fucking badass leader who does the WORK, gets killer results, gets that it’s ALL an inner game, and is also super fun to work and hang with. Oh, and she LOVES to pay you, and is also (important!) ABLE to pay you.

You feel so good about yourself for having locked that vision IN, and you FULLY know it’s available. Of course it is, whatever you see inside of you is real, available, available specifically for YOU, available NOW! We know this.

And then what happens, huh?

Well, you tell me.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs out there, yep even the ‘on my terms from soul and nothin’ less’ ones, somebody comes along who is, well … not QUITE that. They have some ‘perfectly reasonable’ requests about how they want you, or your approach, or the arrangement to be just a little bit different. Or, they talk the talk but then repeatedly show they don’t walk the walk. Or they just don’t FEEL like an actual fuck yes, and you know it.

But homegirl says she can pay you, so … y’know.

You say yes.

Knowing full well you’re going against your SOUL, you out of integrity so and so! Oh well, I guess you just REALLY NEED TO LEARN THAT LESSON AGAIN HUH? The one where life kicks you right in the cajones because you put fear ahead of faith, because you SAID you had standards, requirements, boundaries, and then you SHOWED that actually –


Not so much.

And yet for some reason you wonder why you find it SO hard to find great soulmate clients! Really?! Because YOU’RE REFUSING TO HOLD TRUE TO BEING AN ENERGETIC MATCH FOR ‘EM GURRRRRLLLLLL.


Want another one? I got more! If you’re feeling like you need your ass kicked a lil bit extra today then keep reading!


Could be friendships, of course clients are a relationship also, but how ’bout lovers, a PARTNER?

You say you dream of this and that and ALLLL dat over there.

You are clear on what your soul desires and KNOWS is aligned.

You know what feels expansive, lifts you up, FILLS you, you can feel it, taste it, maybe you’ve had it.

And you know what shrinks you down, contracts you, feels sad, or heavy or just UGH.

You know what the damn RED FUCKING FLAGS ARE, and there is NO bullshitting yourself on that. The stuff where, if someone shows up that way, it is LITERALLY ‘thank you for showing me who you are, and no THANK you, we are not a fit’.

And yet –

You DO bullshit yourself.

‘Oh, it was just that once, oh, he said sorry, oh, it was probably my fault, oh, it wasn’t so bad, oh, it’s fine, I just need to blah blah blah insert conscious bullshit about how YOU just need to be more woke when really what’s going on is it’s NOT A FUCKING FIT’.

And you wonder why your heart feels so empty, why you’re still not where you want to be in this area, why it feels so HARD.

Yeah … I have some experience with this particular form of bullshitting myself!! As you may have guessed 

In this area just as in the client area, guess what? Change, and getting what you want and know you’re MEANT to have, is only available when you FULLY opt out of the bullshit.

You can’t call in your dream life by pressing play err day on the shit which is categorically not that!

And you’d have to be NOT the good kinda crazy to think otherwise …


The good new is, it is VERY simple, actually, to create a life of excellence in ALL areas.

You can have the business you want, the money you want, the body you want, the LOVVVVERRRRRR life you want, the clients you want, the social life you want, the respect and flow and alignment and fuck yes across the board!

ALL a direct brought-to-life copy of the blueprint of your soul!

God doesn’t send you these dreams to TAUNT you, it’s because they’re available for you!! They’re yours! But, if you WANT them to pop out of your mind your heart your soul your head and into your physical reality, then guess what?

You ARE gonna have to quit letting your bullshit be bigger than your dreams.

You ARE gonna have to get extra clear on your boundaries and standards.

And –

Deal-breaker alert!

– you ARE gonna have to then stick to them.

No exceptions. Black and white. Crystal fucking clear. Every damn time. For the rest of your life.

But if you think about it, really – isn’t it just SO much easier to be the damn person, fully and with no room for negotiation, then to sorta maybe half-ass pretend you are?

And if you can’t fuck yes on THAT, then it’s really really simple:

Stop bitching that you’re getting sorta maybe half-ass results. Or none at all. It’s literally what you’re transmitting.

That’s all!



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