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This morning I asked God for an answer on a particular thing, I wanted a sign, to be shown, plans revealed, if not in full then at least enough to know I am on the right track with what I’m thinking.

“God, please show me what I need to know, as I need to know it!”

The truth is I’d have kinda sorta rather not have added that last little bit. My PREFERENCE would have been to leave it at ‘please show me what I need to know!’. But given that surrender is inherent to receiving … and I like to receive … I chose to practice surrender a little, and cut away once more at the chains of attachment which are so often creeping up, and trying to form, trying to BLOCK us from God and soul, especially around stuff we really really want!

I believe and know and have seen that, if He so desires, and you’re open to be shown, God can ABSOLUTELY tell you exactly what’s up about something.

You can ask for a sign.
Lay out a fleece!
Be shown.


Let’s just remember that God is not a magic 8-ball. Typically, at least from what I have observed, He will show you exactly what you actually need to know, exactly when you’re ready to know, and even then only sometimes.

Of course you can keep asking.
Hold the faith.
Be more insistent perhaps.
Why not?!

Nothin’ wrong with asking over, and over, and over, and over, again!


It can also be useful to look at what it is you’re being guided to know BEFORE you get to know. You know?

Today, for me, the answer from Him, from within, was swift, and simple:

“Do you have faith? Are you willing to trust me?”

Even as my human AF mind felt like shrieking back at Him that that is not a direct answer, answer the question which was asked, please, I also instantly answered “yes. I will keep CHOOSING faith. It’s the only way.”

Lean on God.
Do today’s work today (take any actions you’re shown to take day by day, moment by moment).
Surrender the rest.

^^^ It really is a simple guide to lifelong success, and having it all.

And here is what you need to remember –

It’s not about whether you FEEL like it. Do I FEEL like being in the unknowing? No! I want to be in the knowing! I want to know exactly where I’m at, exactly what is going to happen next, exactly what I need to do (in advance!), and, well, that all is taken care of!


But –

Actually, when I come back to TRUST, to SURRENDER, to FAITH, I do know that I’m taken care of. Fully. Abundantly. INFINITELY.

So, do I really need to know the particular details right now, about this, or that, or the other thing?

Actually –


Not so much.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1) – well, I can CHOOSE to have confidence in what I hope for, and assurance about what has not yet been shown to me, AND, I can also choose to release (repeatedly) all of my own ideas about what needs to be in place for a particular area of my life to be taken care of.

Is it easy, to release, and release, and release? Is it easy to hand over your human wants and desires, to surrender them and say ‘do with me what you will’? To trust in a path yet unseen? To trust that if you let go, God will let flow, what was always yours, and that your only job is to ALIGN TO THE MOMENT?

Well, we could say NO! It’s NOT easy! It’s mofo HARD, and SCARY, and ANNOYING!

But then again –

If you fast forward out of fear,


After all, you either trust or no and if you do then you’d have to be a stone cold idiot, or just somebody who really really enjoys letting life be hard, to not ACT from trust.

Because beyond all the fear, here is what you can know for sure, in trust. In God. In soul. In faith.

There is a plan for you.
You are taken care of IN ADVANCE.
Everything shown to you is available to you, so if you don’t yet FEEL worthy of it and you’re all bent outta shape worrying about how, just DECIDE to decide ANYWAY that it’s coming for you, and hand it over. Decide daily!

But what do I DO meanwhile, what do I gotta do TODAY even, and what if I do just REALLY REALLY REALLY still want a sign, some clarity, to be SHOWN, even a little, please?!

Well –

What if you woke TF up and realised that it doesn’t make very much sense to keep asking God to show you shit,

when you refuse to be in a daily conversation with Him.

You want to know more of what God has for you, of what your soul says to do, of where intuition is leading you, so that you can have the things and do the things and be the damn thing?

Uhhhh … then start damn well listening.

Daily stillness.
Daily dropping in.
Daily leaning on what is already THERE for you within.
Daily practicing of patience, of faith, of trust, of surrender.

What’s funny is, the more you drop in like this, the less you will worry about knowing the details.

After all,

worry cannot co-sign with surrender.

And since surrender is inherent to receiving,

in the way where it just shows up like woah, and you really didn’t even DO anything,

best you get to practicing these things.

The way to know and be shown everything?

Realise you need nothing.


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