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You still don’t have what you want because you compromise, you settle, you cop out on the true vision and you make bargains with yourself and the world in places where there was never meant to be a grey area.

Would you like to know what it takes, to have it all, but TRULY?

It’s a plain and simple refusal to accept anything that is not that, even for a flicker of a moment.

It’s a very straightforward case of knowing – which is to say admitting – your true vision, and then holding out as well as perhaps at times holding ON, for dear life, until that exact thing shows up.

Or, of course –

Something even better.

Hey, nobody ever said the vision was going to come to life the way you initially thought, it will come to life however and in whatever format it is MEANT to, so long as you stay the course, be the version of you who already LIVES such a life, and refuse to accept anything which does not match.

So you’re mean to simultaneously stay true to the EXACT vision of all that you desire (details, please!), while also understanding that you’d better be willing to surrender to it being something totally different than that?

Yep … exactly!

Don’t be confused, it’s actually very simple. We’re talking about ALIGNMENT, and submitting at all forks in the road to SOUL, and to what is being shown to you IN THIS MOMENT.

Alignment, if you think about it, is by definition a continual process of adjustment and change.

Continual fine-tuning.

Continual checking in.

Continual looking in.

And making small adjustments based on the information which is received in each moment.

So, when you are true to you and when as part of that you hold out and refuse to accept ANYTHING other than your ideal vision, knowing clearly and full well what you are available for or no, and being ABSOLUTELY firm on your refusal to compromise, settle, sacrifice or forego, you do it from a place of understanding that what you’re refusing to back down on?

Is not about the specifics at all, actually.

It’s about refusing to back down on SOUL.

What this means is, that when you sit down right now, and write out your vision for a particular area of your life, this is what you are being shown in THIS moment. Write that shit down. Go deeper into clarity. OWN it. Decide that it is done, and you will do and believe and be what it takes, no matter what it takes, UNTIL it takes, in order to bring it to life!

Be a warrior! Know that you will die trying!

And then, in the very same instant, let it go.


Hand it over, detach from it FULLY, and remind yourself that it’s ALL just –


This or something better, remember …

After that of course, or at the same time, more correctly, you GET TO WORK DOING THE WORK AND BEING THE PERSON IN ORDER TO BRING IT TO LIFE!

It’s just that the place you’re doing that from is a place where you understand you will be revealed only what is meant to be shown to you as and when it is meant to be shown, and that there could be something even MORE yes which you just don’t know about yet.

Your only job therefore, in order to be sure to stay your aligned path and bring to life EVERYTHING which is inside of you, is to STAY THE COURSE OF ALIGNMENT.

Truth and adherence to the NOW.

Continual attending to and submitting to soul.

If, through this process, you find your vision shifting and changing and you end up in a completely different place from where you thought you wanted to go, you know that you’ve DONE WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO DO.

Peace is absolute.

Certainty complete.

You can go to bed each and every night feeling absolutely fulfilled, and KNOWING you are being all that you can, must, are.

This is WILDLY different to a vision shifting or never coming to life because you DROPPED THE DAMN BALL ON FAITH.

And yet, that’s what you continue to do, isn’t it?

Oh, the vision changed, I guess it was never meant to be …

No girl, you just flaked out, copped out, BAILED out on your SOUL.

You couldn’t take it, could you? The uncertainty … the not knowing … the WAITING, the God damn waiting!

You gave in to doubt, to fear, to maybe I’m not worthy, maybe it’s not possible …

And so instead of digging your heels in, holding on, and REFUSING to be swayed, you adjusted. Not an adjustment of alignment, not a fine-tuning to soul, but an adjustment of responding to, in the end, NOT BEING INTERNALLY STRONG ENOUGH TO STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF.

Which is just completely VILE, if you think about it! Or even if you don’t 🙂

And you see what I mean, don’t you?

How vastly opposite this is to an adjustment guided by soul.

I know you do.

Here is the thing –

In the end, it’s very very black and white –

You either do what it takes and be who it takes, no matter what it takes, and UNTIL it takes, in order to have EVERYTHING you desire and know is available … in order to roll with the shifts and changes and deeper reveals and adjustments of alignment which will of course NEVER stop or be done –

And so you play out your days with purpose, with passion, with peace, with flow!

Or you stay down there mucking around,

Back and forth, back and forth –

Continually backing away from doing the true WORK because you got an OUCHY when it DIDN’T work –

And so you go into a lil phase of licking your wounds and pretending you didn’t really want that anyway –

Before then coming back and having to start all over again, meaning momentum COMPLETELY died off and you are literally back to square one except with less freakin’ self-belief each time you do this, because it’s hard to keep on trusting someone – you! – who continually fails to be who they said they would –

And then eventually just giving up and accepting the gradual decline of life with the rest of the world, telling yourself and anyone who asks that it was obviously never meant to be –

And basically just living a life of bullshit.

All because you couldn’t choose to have the discernment to know when to dig your heels in and be strong enough to hold out versus when to follow the flow of life and allow the next step to be revealed.

So what’s it going to be?



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