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Success Mindset


If you’re not a killer you can build a nice little hobby business. But if you wanna go to the top you HAVE to be a KILLER, and do what it takes.


You can’t blame the ECONOMY for your lack of growth.

You can’t blame your MENTORS for your lack of growth.

You can’t blame your COMPETITION or the person you think stole your idea.

You can’t blame your CUSTOMERS.

You can’t blame MERCURYFUCKINGRETROGRADE for your lack of growth.

You can’t blame the changing business ENVIRONMENT.

You can’t blame the fact that you didn’t get the business investor, partner, support.

You can’t blame that you got sick.

You can’t blame that you have kids.

You can’t blame that you were already too far in debt and the stakes were too high.

If you’re not GROWING right now today, increasing your sales and your reach then YOU ARE TO BLAME.

ONLY you.

And FULLY you.

And if you can’t SEE that and OWN it?

You deserve to fail.

Be a fucking killer.

Never stop swinging.

Do what it takes.

No MATTER what it takes.

UNTIL it takes.

Be a fucking KILLER.

Or watch your business DIE.


Life is Now. Press Play.



Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x



Next Level Empire is officially open for late November intake! 💜

I’m calling in my next intake of driven badass LEADER women who want to work with me 1:1 to FOLLOW SOUL and achieve ALIGNED AF fame, income growth, more.

Yeahhhhhh … this is about unapologetically claiming your place as one who is MEANT to be seen and heard by everyone!!

Next Level Empire baby!

Multi 7-Figure Empire Expansion For Unapologetically Badass & Driven Women Who Are Ready to Be Seen By the WHOLE Damn World

6 weeks.
You and me

This is for the women who already have a message, an audience, and are making money online and who are now ready to put some damn WHEELS on the thing.

We will be going deeper into message clarity
We WILL be nailing down what you’re selling, and how you’re selling it, for maximum conversion and flow
We WILL be getting you fully connected to the badass leader within who KNOWS she is meant to run the damn thing

But these things are just the warm-up, because let’s face it –

You already message
You already show up
You already sell
You’re already ROCKING what you’re doing right now

So what you’re here for, and what I’m here for with you?

Is to blow the damn thing up.
MAXIMUM reach.
RAPID growth of audience
MASS visibility
NEXT level leadership status, and being the one who is KNOWN as the Queen

I’m taking what I’m doing in my business to CONTINUALLY claim my place at the top, and to take my message to the masses whilst also RAPIDLY growing following and income,

And showing it all to you
Exactly how we do it
What precisely is in place
What we had to have in place for it to work
What we do day to day to elevate fame, income, purpose, ALL of it

And then I’m going to work with you personally to roll it out

Next Level Empire baby:

For the women who were born for more,
And who are done with circling repeatedly around the same damn pond and kidding themselves they’re gonna find it there.

Ready, and know it’s time? It just might beĀ 😉💜

PM me now for the full overview, and to know if it’s for you. x