Success Mindset


If you’re not a killer you can build a nice little hobby business. But if you wanna go to the top you HAVE to be a KILLER, and do what it takes.


You can’t blame the ECONOMY for your lack of growth.

You can’t blame your MENTORS for your lack of growth.

You can’t blame your COMPETITION or the person you think stole your idea.

You can’t blame your CUSTOMERS.

You can’t blame MERCURYFUCKINGRETROGRADE for your lack of growth.

You can’t blame the changing business ENVIRONMENT.

You can’t blame the fact that you didn’t get the business investor, partner, support.

You can’t blame that you got sick.

You can’t blame that you have kids.

You can’t blame that you were already too far in debt and the stakes were too high.

If you’re not GROWING right now today, increasing your sales and your reach then YOU ARE TO BLAME.

ONLY you.

And FULLY you.

And if you can’t SEE that and OWN it?

You deserve to fail.

Be a fucking killer.

Never stop swinging.

Do what it takes.

No MATTER what it takes.

UNTIL it takes.

Be a fucking KILLER.

Or watch your business DIE.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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