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Success Mindset


“I laughed out loud when you said you need to have more discipline to do what you want. Haha! So funny! I love it”

Well as much as I do love to make my best friends laugh, and do so whether or not I try (if not through my wittiness, then the clumsy ass vibes will do it), in this case I was being deadly serious and reminding myself of something I’ve been bringing my soul back to for YEARS!

The ultimate discipline? Is flow.

I remember teaching DEEP dive on this at my private mastermind Sydney event last year for HOURS. I remember my passion, my fire, my soul yes CERTAINTY, my burning desire to it. But REALLY get it? I wanted to shake those badass ladies in the room!


How without it you have nothing, nothing, NOTHING, DO YOU?

The ultimate discipline is flow.

So yeah,

As I was saying, and as I imagine I’ll never STOP saying, ’cause apparently I myself need to keep hearing it again,

What I want, what I CONTINUALLY bring myself back to, what actually gets the EVERYTHING I desire and see inside of me and know is FOR me, is discipline, but from a place of doing what I want.

Noticing the habits and routines where I ‘make’ myself do them (often these are self-care ones, interestingly!), and calling myself out on them.

Canceling them with zero fucks given!

Oh, what’s that Kat? You think you HAVE to go to hot yoga, that you NEED to get that massage, that you GOTTA journal ‘or else’? Fuck you! You don’t get to now. Not until you let go,

get back to ‘it’s whatever, whether or not I do it, and either way is cool’,

and then from THAT place, you decide. What you WANT to do. What your soul is actually GUIDING you to. FROM expansion and trust and surrender! Not from trying to get TO it.

Same same with messaging.



All of it!

And yes.

Don’t worry!


But you get my point 😉

Or, if you don’t, no problemo. MOSY ON YOUR WAY LITTLE SOLDIER.

Back on your horse.

Because those who know? They KNOW. And what they know is this –

The discipline to surrender to, and to give your life to and FOR, is being brave enough, strong enough, bold enough, daring enough, TRUE enough, and YOU enough, to submit first and foremost and ONLY to what’s within.

To what you are shown. To what you are COMMANDED to do, from soul.

Soul of course,

planted in God 😉

Which brings us to the question of – HOW TF CAN YOU TRUST LIKE THAT?

“If I only did what I want I wouldn’t get shit properly done! My whole life would fall apart, the wheels’d come spinning off and rolling all over town, and I’d discover that I’m naturally actually a truly lazy person who creates nothing, does nothing, IS nothing. Halp!”



I mean,

Freaking REALLY?

I don’t think so.

That’s a bullshit story that YOU BOUGHT INTO. Who sold you that shit, anyway?! No need to answer, it doesn’t matter.

But what does matter, is this –

Aren’t you willing, at THIS point in your life, to TRUST?

Or, more brutally:

Can you really afford continuing not to?

In the end, it’s VERY black and white and OH so simple:

You either did what you came here to do, being exactly who you always knew you must, or, well –


That’s all.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


✨✨ Success Frequencies.

Let’s talk about them. Breathe them in. ALLOW them in. And then dial them TF in.

Are you ready?

There are certain ways of being, of operating, of thinking, and perhaps most in particular of expecting which are currently dictating your outcomes in every area of life.

You are, quite literally, coded. Programmed. Running on a frequency of … X.

With X being, well – whatever you see around you most days. Whatever you experience. Feel. Know to be true. Receive and hold onto. Receive and do not hold on to. Or do not receive at all.

There are certain things in your life which right now you can click your fingers and command to replicate, on repeat, and they do.

And there are other things which SHOULD be in your life, which you yearn to have in your life, which sometimes you get a glimpse or a taste of or even an entire mouthful, and then they’re gone, into the night, maybe never to return again, shrouded in mystery and frustration but yet at the same time that deeper part of you knows –

it’s not supposed to be like this.

It shouldn’t be.

I don’t accept it!

And I WILL move past.

You look into the future you see inside of you and you know that it is ALL real, ALL available, ALL true, ALL there for the taking. A virtual sushi train of wondrous life options, every one of ’em just a choice you can pluck off as it rolls on by! Don’t see what you want, not exactly? All you gotta do is ASK, and it’ll be freshly made for you!

Your belief around the impossible is OFF THE CHARTS.

And it always has been.

Your PROOF, of CREATING and ALLOWING the impossible is also pretty darn off the charts, if you do say so yourself. Which you don’t have to, because others do it for you!

It’s ALWAYS been this way for you, you’ve ALWAYS been able to dance between realities and choose the one you wanna keep.

But yet –

it feels, so much of the time, as though you’re teetering.

Teetering on the edge of will I / won’t I let myself FULLY go and receive, create, allow, BE –

or will I fall back into normal, into rules, into worries, into shoulds, into the dreaded dreaded fear that it’ll somehow all just stop working and I’ll find out there was never anything special about me at all, never anything wondrous about what I could do, and that I just somehow … fluked things for a bit.

Sometimes you’re CERTAIN which way you’re going to topple.

And other times you’re terrified you have no idea at all, and if you did you wouldn’t want to know.

But what you do know is this:

When things are working.

When things are flowing to and through and from you in the precise ways they should be.

When things are OH so yes.

When it’s all just coming together, the different areas of your business your money your life and YOU just rolling PERFECTLY, like a beautiful and impossible to replicate orchestra, pure MAGIC –

it’s not because of what you did.

It is not because of how you planned, followed the plan, did it right.

It’s not a list you ticked off that made it that you got to then GET.

It’s not because you followed RULES for success.

Or really anything at all.

It’s because you were playing life on a certain frequency. You were tapped in, dialled in, LEANING all the way in to something you can’t even fully describe but you KNOW when you’re in it.

You were, not to be too corny or cliche about it but we’ll say it anyway ’cause it’s true – one with life itself. Dancing the most beautiful dance of BEING FULLY YOU with the wind beneath your wings nothing other than God and truth and the very fabric of the universe, what else could it be?!

Put simply:

you had those Success Frequencies switched on to high AF, and you were using ’em.

Want to know how to do that more, in fact any time you choose, in fact with complete calm understanding of what it is you ARE doing and how to tap in and BE in that energy, that place, that receiving, at will?

It’s always been available.

It’s ALWAYS been right there for the taking.

EVERYTHING you’ve suspected this whole time is true.

And now?
We’re gonna get you understanding it (every last bit).

Living it (as naturally as breathing).

And UTILISING it to let life unwind to the places you’ve been waiting to be (the way it’s meant for you).


Success Frequencies with Katrina Ruth, beginning February 1st.

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