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Stop selling for self worth points, stop chopping and changing your energy, mood and offerings because you’re chasing validation that you’re enough, stop getting hung up on it being ‘all about you’ when results are not what you want them to be, and consider quitting completely –

namafuckingste! –

the idea that your business is in any way a vehicle to prove your own worth.

The grounded reality and truth it’s time to lean into, and OH, what an expansive and beautiful blessing it will be to do so, is that you are who you are regardless of your success, your income, your proof in ANY way of having ‘made it’.

None of these things make you MORE you or less you, and they’re also not an extension of you.
They’re just things that were either achieved or chosen,
or not.

And whilst a personal brand, or any messaging based brand, or indeed any human to human experience, is likely going to result in aspects of what’s created being filtered through human experience, impacted by a lens of how you see yourself and the world …

you have a calling, and work to unleash, which is bigger than that. Which transcends your wounded needs to be made enough. And which was never meant to be about you just therapising yourself publicly ad infinitum instead of going all in on your TRUE greatness.

Don’t get me wrong – a great lesson to share is a great lesson to share.
A breakthrough GETS to become part of your expression at times.

But ask yourself:

is it really true for me to adopt this model of ‘perpetually make the whole message about where I’m at’, which seems to be the ‘go to’ thing for most of the online messenger and coach space?

Or is it that what you have inside of you IS bigger than you, and so you should FUCKING ACT LIKE IT?

Imagine, and ask yourself:

– what you’d be selling if you truly owned the power of the WORK?
– how consistently you could show up and build a powerful marketing machine if you didn’t flurry here and there based on what part of you needed soothing or salving or selfie-ing?
– what it would look like to be so committed to the growth of what you’re here to serve the world with that you just unapologetically showed up for IT, rather than unapologetically showing up for your mood of the day?
– would you actually have anything to say create or sell right now if you decided you were no longer allowed to make it about self worth points, or having a bunch of equally disgruntled or wounded people yassssss Queening at your rant?

Better still, ask yourself:

What is the business I’d build, the money I’d make, and the people I’d serve if I went all in on the work I know I can most change the fucking world with?

Hot tip:

The answer is you’d probably change the fucking world.
And your own alongside it.


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