Get in the habit of assuming that greatness is yours.

If you want to continually question and worry on your worth, your enough-ness, your deservedness, or whether or not you’re making the right rules, you’re saying yes to a game you’ve lost from before you even made the first move.

Don’t you understand now?

It was never a question of your value. It was never a question of whether or not you could achieve or have or do or be ‘that’. It was never about what if you accidentally screw it up, or ‘what do I have to do to make sure I get what’s mine?’.

It’s already YOURS. It is DONE. It is WRITTEN. How can you pursue, earn, or prove worthiness around a thing which is already yours, already granted to you, already coded IN to you.

The truth is –

You came here for purpose.
You came here for destiny.
You came here for GREATNESS.
You came for a life less ordinary, and that is just how it IS, so why –

pray tell –

would you need to keep on running scared that you’ll accidentally end up ordinary?

It’s literally not possible.

What IS though, is that you live REACTIVE TO YOUR FEARS AND WHAT IFS.

This will never be the true you.

But yes. It absolutely can dictate your reality. For some people, the sad cold hard truth is that fear consumes their entire time on earth.

We already know that this whole journey is simply one of remembrance.

Remembering who and what you always were. In God. In soul. In truth. In purpose. In KNOWING. In you.

And I get that it’s hard. FUCK IT’S HARD. At times. To exhale … to trust. To expect YES.

But isn’t it a helluva lot motherfucking harder to not?

Isn’t it exhausting to continue to live from an idea that it is your own will, effort, managing of energy and time and space, CONTINUOUS fucking attention, which will either make or break your success, your happiness, your ‘getting’ of the life that’s there for you?

You don’t have to worry about getting what’s already bloody yours!

You do have to choose to be the person who trusts that it is.

This IS a practice. It IS a discipline. And most of all – it is a CHOICE.

It is a choice to stare down the barrel of fear. And uncertainty. Of raging insecurity from past hurts or falls screaming at you and telling you to WATCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH OUT or to control freak the whole damn situation.

To open your clenched fists,

and let go anyway.

It’s not a question of whether or not you’re gonna accidentally fuck it up. Or whether you have to prove you ‘get to have’.

Breathe with me. And come back with me.

To knowing that the life you came for was already always THERE for you,

anytime you chose
nothing you needed to do
or prove
or fight to be enough for
already written
already yours

Now opt out with me.
Of fighting for an idea of what fear told you to chase
desperately seeking a representation of success

and a life
that could never shine as bright
in a million years
as the one
that was always


now wake UP with me,


and remember –