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When your gift is as a leader and a light, you came here to glow for others and let the truth of all that life really is and can be shine THROUGH you, and yet you’re repeatedly fail fail FAILING, indeed FLAILING, all around and all over the places, doing all the possible things except for taking care of YOU –

but really, not in an ‘I do self care’ sorta way –


we got ourselves a problem.

Do you actually think that taking care of you is:


eat ‘right’


watch your funny show and laugh laugh laugh, oh! I can pretend I’m a normal person, a whole person, too. I used to do that.

We’re not talking about going through the minimal motions to make sure the vessel you’re walking around in doesn’t cark it early.

We are TALKING about fanning the flames of the fire within, about putting oil to the light, about turning the damn thing ON.

Can I ask you something?

When you look in the mirror, do you see that light burning so damn strong that all who encounter you can’t help but to be moved, transformed, shifted, UNCOVERED, just from a brief connection with the essence of YOU?

Do you see a woman who is lit up, shining, on fire with love for life and God and soul, who can’t help but to let it all bubble out from and through and all around her?

Is it EVIDENT, without ever saying to say something, that here is a Queen who gave herself permission to LIVE?

Who has her frequency so damn dialled in to fuck yes that you can’t help but wonder what on earth she is ON?

Life baby.

She’s on life, the real stuff though.


when you look in the mirror, when you catch a glimpse of your soul as you pass by the reflective windows of the shops, when you accidentally really SEE yourself in the rearview mirror of your car, do you near gasp in shock,


and deep deep sadness, at who you’ve become?

Who you’ve become?

Who you never allowed yourself to be.

You, the woman who was born for more, called for SO much, came here to shine and light the way for others, you –

Pushed down


Locked in to soul contracts she never wanted to say yes to in the first place

So much ‘proof’ of success,

yet all the proof in the world right there in her eyes, and impossible to hide, that despite achieving and creating and doing and finding EVERYTHING she was supposed to in life, the one thing she has not found yet is her.

The thing about life is –

You have to give yourself permission to live it fully.

The thing about permission is –

It’s very very easy to bullshit yourself that you did.

“Oh, I do self care! Oh, I’m happy. Oh, I have a great house / car / relationship / trips. Oh, no no no, I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing, look, here’s my list of reasons and proof and evidence, now see!”

No girl, no.

When you’re living the life you came here for, and being all that you always were, there is no list required.

You would only laugh uproariously, hilariously, if somebody asked you for one.

“A list? Reasons? Accomplishments? Evidence? Proof? Hahahahahahahah, what?”

And merrily you’d dance dance dance on your way, twirling and spinning breathlessly as you perfectly move with the steps God himself laid out for you.

Every day a brand new and breathtaking dance with God, with life, with soul, with FUCK yes.

The evidence of the fact that THIS IS A WOMAN WHO IS BEING ALL THAT A WOMAN CAME HERE TO BE, leading from soul and truth, tapped in, dialled in, LOCKED in on source itself, WRITTEN ALL OVER HER.

You can’t hide that shit if you try 😉

Once activated,


A woman who is fully in her own beingness, her calling, her purpose, embodiment of the gift she came here to be, and also ALLOWING herself all that is available, and divined, for her, shines in a way that is simply not of this world.

Just as you can’t hide that shit, the real thing, you also can’t FAKE it. No, not even with all the filters and ring lights in the world.

And here is what it comes down to

and what I came here to say to you today

you know already if or where you are continuing to walk the wrong fucking path and hope against ALL hopes and all God-sense that, despite the fact that it’s already been REPEATEDLY proven that THIS IS NOT THE ROAD FOR YOU, that what?

somehow continuing FURTHER down the path of the wrong life will wind you up at the magical Kingdom you dream of?


you know already

where you are lying to yourself

where you are ‘making do’

and where you are telling yourself a story that somehow you’re actually getting away with kidding the world and yourself that you’re happy, content, no really, HERE’S MY LIST OF PROOF


you and only you have the ability to flick the damn switch

become who you always were

and turn on your God damn light


this will not happen by continuing to say yes to a life that is please, no.


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