When you think about the business and brand you’re really here to build, what is ‘meant to be’, where the sales are meant to come from, the growth is meant to flow from, the elevation and expansion of your message, your soul work, your truth – !

Is it or is it not true that it really all just hinges on you plugging people in (but daily!) to the vortex of being you?

Don’t get me wrong – for some people, the not us people, the straight-up ‘I just came here to market some shit’ people, this absolutely is not the case. Hell no. Goodbye!

And nor am I implying that this is a required thing in order to maketh the monies. GOD no. Why would it be? Goodbye!

But for those of us who, quite simply, came to BE the work,
(and you do KNOW whether this is you; may as well stop trying to fight it)
the whole entire point is that we are MEANT TO DO WHAT WE CAME HERE TO DO.

The money thang, growth thang, EVERY thang flows FROM that,
us being ALL of us, but daily, and pouring out whatever TF is meant to come out, BUT DAILY, is the GATEWAY
and we flat.out.will.not.ALLOW ourselves to receive properly

(money OR other thingzzzz)

if we’re not first giving ourselves over to what it was we came here for.

You may well wrestle back and forth with whether or not you ‘have to’ show up daily. But that is hardly the fucking point! You’re getting DISTRACTED from soul, from purpose, from you. Freaking stop it!

Of course you don’t HAVE to do anything, for business or money outcomes. You could automate TF out of something that doesn’t include YOU. Money, pah. It’s a LOT easier than what you think. It just doesn’t feel easy because you have it all tangled up and attached to ideas of you HAVING to perform / show up / bare your soul. And you fundamentally know that

a) that is some next level bullshit, your soul work bows NOR dances to NO man, and –
b) YOU don’t have to do ANYTHING. YOU IS A QUEEN WHO DOES WHAT SHE WANTS. This is not ego. This is FACTS. You are MEANT to trust and back yourself to live your life damn free, and know that you choose RIGHT.

all of which equates to –

c) Stop fucking doing shit for outcomes. You CHOOSE outcomes. You go and do shit based on who you are meant to BE. And you know that the outcomes can’t NOT show up when you chose ’em, and then you did the bit of you being you.

The flat out reality for those like US, is that this looks like:

Plug ’em in daily to the vortex of being fully freaking you, do it through your message, your madness, your random, your soul rants and downloads, your CRAYYYYYYYY –

and do it breathlessly endlessly relentlessly ’til you are ALL the way poured out –

and do it fucking DAILY, because if you don’t? If you don’t?! GOD, you are a horrible bitch to have to live with just inside your OWN head. Let alone for anybody else!


And go tear STRIPS off the world by being fully you. ALL OUT ALL THE WAY ALL MESSY ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE.

And if it happens that in the vision of you doing THAT there exists millions of $ and millions of peoples impacted … then thank the dear Lord that it just SO happens that an outcome of you being you is that!

NOT ‘why you do it’. Just ‘what exists in the space where you do’.

Do what you’re meant to do because it’s what you’re meant to do.

And quit fucking looking for a better way to be something you never came here to be, and are not remotely magnetized by in others.



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