Make an appointment with yourself to become the person who you’d be, if you were already the person who you’re planning to one day be.

Make today the day that you book in that BECOMING as though it were simply a task you say yes to,

and then complete.

Consider the activities that she or he would be rocking on the daily and then simply – book it in. Like you mean it. Then go do it. Like you MEANT it. Keep the appointment. Like you have no choice. REPEAT and add to these appointments with whatever you notice or realise should be added as you go. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. REPEAT.

Do you think success can’t be methodical like this?

That an identity switch can’t be as deliberately cultivated as this?

That becoming ‘that girl’ is anything OTHER than this?

You can wait til it kinda sorta just happens accidentally …

You can wait til your mindset somehow magically adjusts itself and all of a sudden you’re just motivated to get up and do HER work, live HER life, think at HER level, play LIFE like that …

Or you can pull up your socks and stick out your tits TODAY and just book.it.in.

Now I do THIS, and THIS, and THIS, and let’s get THAT shit on the calendar, and THAT, and THAT, and THAT! Bam bam bam bam BAM, watch me just BE her because I DECIDED to!

But sure, maybe it’s not romantic enough for you. Maybe you wanna wait for the day when it just takes over you. Maybe you think you should ‘feel’ more before you can BE more?

Maybe you should sit down and take a good hard look at where that sort of way of creating your life is gonna take you. No need to future project too much, you can just look at the current reality it HAS taken you to, and ask yourself:

Is this filling me up? Do I feel FULL? Am I SPENT each day, in the best possible way? Am I giving my LIFE each day, for what it was given to me for? Am I BEING each day,

the me who my soul is screaming at me to release to the world?

It’s a yes or no question babe, and if it’s not a WHOLE-hearted yes? It’s a sad and lonely and lost little was-always-gonna-but-never-did-girl NO.

So if you want romance …

if you want MAGIC …

if you want to feel and know you’re being swept away be a wondrous BECOMING, the way it was always meant to be for you …

then close your fucking eyes with me,

squeeze ’em EVER so tight,

and repeat after me:


>>> Word to the wise, and a smackdown from soul I know you need today:

Appointing yourself means: make a fucking appointment. And then attend it.

More than likely,

make a few.


What, you want it to be more complex than that?

Cool, keep on waiting til lightning strikes and you get given your dream life for not choosing it.

Except wait –