There Is No Strategy To Being Fully You


“Kat I’ve been told by previous coaches that it’s all about me getting better a planning social media and having a strategy for it and pre-recording everything and so on … but when I have something to say I want to say it. I don’t script it, I only ever record once and feel better going with the flow of what my heart tells me to share … but am I missing a trick? Should I blend the two approaches for my content and marketing, or go with one strategy?”

I was asked this question earlier today on an Instagram question thread I posted, and I want to expand on my answer as this whole thing about STRATEGISING to get results? It’s kind of something I’m passionate about. And what I feel most of all?

The interpretation of strategy gets to be redefined.

Here’s where to start thinking about this in a different way, a new way, and perhaps –

a you way.

You know – the way your soul has always suspected it should be, and seriously? The way it WOULD be if you were already all in on backing what’s inside of you and that THAT is what will lead to the places you’re meant to go. Just saying

So here now:

Which would you prefer in a relationship, pre-scripted love lines and intimacy conversations, pre-scripted intelligent discussion, or for the person to share and show who and what they are as it occurs?

Which would magnetise you more?

Keep you around, and wanting more?

And then –

as for pre-planning content. Recording and scripting. Mapping it out in advance. Following a content or creation strategy. Well –

this depends on what kind of person you are, and what it’s actually all about for YOU. Perhaps this is one way that can work … personally I couldn’t tell you. I tried for brief periods to do it the ‘normal’ online way, but I didn’t want to and in the end couldn’t BRING myself to. So I just kept putting stuff out there as it came out of me … trying to stuff it back down, tell myself it wasn’t appropriate or relevant and then having it kind of pop back up; ooze forth.

Eventually? This became the strategy.

It’s helped me to make nearly 20 million dollars online. And to this day 80% of my ‘strategy’ is say what’s inside of me. Let it out each day no matter what. Add a call to action (which I also see as part of the messaging). Repeat.

To this day if I think about the idea of doing the pre-plan thing even as PART of my online approach to marketing. It would feel like death to my soul, stale, lifeless. I DO however repurpose my flow content strategically, so in the end … me just letting what’s inside of me out each day BECAME the strategy.

Why would you want to do this though? When you could just create some replicable content, figure out what people respond to with some planned out copy, run ads to it, cash in, repeat THAT?

Well. You could. Many people I know look down on the whole ‘messaging’ approach to online marketing. They see it as more time consuming, harder, silly. ‘Why not just run ads and repeat?’ they chuckle, shaking their head in despair at us sillies who think messaging makes sense as a strategy.

To which my reply would be … who TF said it made sense? Not if ‘sense’ is based on the dominant thought of the collective, which it hell is NOT. Assuming it is actually is ‘that easy’ to just run ads and cash in (good luck with that without at first knowing how to effectively message to your soul peeps FROM your soul!) … what this really comes back to is WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU HERE TO DO?

For me, it was ALWAYS about write, speak, repeat. Okay fine-  write, speak, make money (why not?!), repeat. But I would do the daily writing and unleashing every day for the rest of my life whether or not it ever paid me. So it was never a STRATEGY to make millions online and impact millions of people with my soul vomits all over the internet each day. It was following what was within me.

I followed the work that was within me, and the work found my soul people.

I followed the work that was within me, I chose to have a rule to just TRUST that everything that comes out of me is true, aligned, right, and MEANT to come out.

I followed the work that was within me and accepted that it’s a responsibility to let it out. Irresponsible to the WORK not to. It gets to live, and that’s on me.

Because of this realisation, as I followed that work that was within me and LET THE WORK LEAD, I found I never needed to filter or critique myself … because it’s not ABOUT me. And because otherwise I’d never publish anything!! So instead I just chose to trust, and then kept myself accountable to follow that trust with action.

So now … when I talk or think STRATEGY … I think, well, yes. I have awesome systems, strategy, tactics which are replicable, proven, and simple to repeat for each new launch, funnel, or whatever it may be.

But the question is – what is that strategy BUILT on? Where did it come from? And it sure ain’t from a foundation of trying to think, plan, script, or what most people would call strategise. It came from THROWING MYSELF RELENTLESSLY OFF THE CLIFF OF MY OWN SOUL, AND LETTING WHAT WAS IN ME LIVE.

TRUSTING that that would show me the way to the money … impact … everything. Which it did. Not to mention my absolute soul expression and my own ability to be in ultimate beingness.

Now, every ‘proper business’ or marketing move I make comes FROM that foundation. Run through a filter of ‘does this reflect me being fully me’?

So is there a strategy required to ‘being fully you’?

There’s certainly strategies which can be APPLIED, and become relevant. It’s up to you to have the discernment to see these, and allow them to float to the surface and become tangible along the way.

But let’s be freaking clear –

the youest of you does not need to be told what to do.

So if you wanna go against that … just know you’re choosing an entirely different outcome from the one you see inside of you. You want what you see inside? Follow what’s inside.