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How to Earn 10k An Hour, On Repeat

10k hr

I’m like most busy Mums, I don’t have a lot of time to work.

I’m lucky in that I haven’t held down a job for nearly a decade now, so I’ve never had to battle ‘going to work’ with doing my work. But I sure as heck have to battle doing my work with being asked to watch My Little Pony videos on repeat, with breastfeeding WHILE working, with putting a supposedly happy and at peace child down only to get halfway through a thought and have the screaming or demands begin and, of course, with the endless questions on repeat that I already answered 30 seconds ago. And that last one is just from my husband not my 4 year old! Kidding. Maybe.

Anyway – time. I don’t have as much of it as I’d like for my business. I’ll be honest, I would be quite happy to work 40, 50, 60 hours a week. If I didn’t have kids or a partner my life would look like this, in no particular order –





Red wine


Bikram yoga



And that is IT.

Seriously, that used to be my exact life. And I THOUGHT I was busy as well! (Do you ever just want to laugh when friends who don’t have kids and an online business say they’re busy? I know I know … you might be reading this and have no kids and of course I have no idea of what you’re actual life is like, but I can’t help it, that’s just how I feel; I truly do wonder now how I EVER felt busy or tired before kids!)

So here’s the thing, okay? You might have 20, 15, 10, however many hours a week available to you in your online business. Whatever it is, it is. So you need to be working in a way that is friggin effective and highly profitable. You need to be smashing those home runs with every moment you spend, and your hourly wage needs to be within 1-10k not $10-$100, or you will never create the business and lifestyle freedom you want.

Here’s how to make that happen.

AKA my top ten 10k an hour productivity secrets.

AKA how to get a LOT of sh*t done, that matters.

AKA a reminder to myself for my week to come

1. You have to do ALL your first stuff first.

For example, I have a personal commitment to myself to write for an hour a day, writing for my Amazon books. Actually it’s 50 minutes a day because I work in 25 minute blocks followed by a 5 minute break. But the first hour of the working day is ALWAYS writing, even if I am mid-launch, even if I’m on some crazy important deadline, even if it means nothing else actually gets done in the morning as I run out of the limited time I often have.

But what I’m learning now is that that’s just Stage 1 of doing first things first. I have a pretty massive product and program library in my business and the creation of all of that stuff doesn’t just ‘happen’. At the moment 90% of my creation focus is on my Rich Chick Mastermind, so I’m now dedicating the second hour of my working day – whenever that may happen, which sometimes is not till the afternoon or even evening – to Rich Chick creation. This means I have NOT checked in on emails, my to-do list, admin or indeed ANY OTHER TASKS.

Essentially it means I’m willing to sacrifice everything in my business but the stuff that matters most. Once I’ve done my hour writing and then my hour of Rich Chick content creation THEN I will look at my list, check in on my forums and so on.

2. Have a secret productivity hack

You want to know why I get so much done seemingly so easily? Firstly, it’s not easy I do push myself damn hard. But when I say it’s not easy I DO still love it. I love to create, to push, I feel at my most alive when I’ve written something amazing and sent it out into the world. I feel more SATISFIED doing that than if I were to tick off a bunch of smaller tasks. But all the stuff you see me creating? I do NOT create all that stuff from scratch.

I take excerpts from my Amazon books and turn them into blog posts. A quick edit, and voila.

If I write a sales email that is particularly compelling and tells a great story, I re-use it for one of the books I’m working on (as relevant) and maybe for a blog post as well.

When I create a worksheet or content for one of my programs I often re-purpose some part of it back into one of my books. And the whole process begins again …

Heck, even my newsletter intros I often re-use, as a social media update that maybe turns into a promotion or just to get people thinking.

Everything I write is used more than once. And so I become a content machine.

3. Work really really fast.

It’s taken some time to discipline and be okay with, but I write and work at super speed. I VERY rarely pause to think about what I’m going to write or do. I give myself a topic and GO. Occasionally I can tell what I’m writing is utter drivel, and I’ll bin it. But it doesn’t happen often. I set my 25-minute timer and BOOM; I’m off. A race against the clock. I don’t stop to think about whether it makes sense or is any good, I just get into my flow state and I GO. If I’m publishing it to my blog I’ll do a quick edit, but seriously QUICK. Yes this means I have the occasional spelling mistake. Which annoys the heck out of me. But not as much as not making much money because I faff around perfecting stuff would annoy the heck out of me.

4. Are you working for $10 an hour or for $10,000?

Make a list of everything in your business, or at least look at what you’re doing today in your business. Some tasks are worth $10 an hour, others $100, others $1000 and others $10,0000. If you really want to understand the power of this, actually take the time to assign all your tasks into a category. Creating and launching stuff – that’s a 10k an hour task. Editing, fiddling, email, admin, that’s $10 an hour. So why are you playing dogsbody in your own business?

[pq]Do first things first. First things are 10k things, or you’ll never GET TO THAT 10K AN HOUR.[/pq]

5. How much is not outsourcing costing you?

Which leads me to this. You’re not superhuman. You can’t do everything. And leaving a lot of that busywork undone does over time make things messy and can also cost you money. Once you start doing first things first repeatedly you’ll realise how much stuff does NOT get done. It can either NEVER get done, or you can stay up half the night trying to do it all or you can PAY someone to do it. Maybe even $10 an hour! Wouldn’t it be worth it just to clear the mental clutter, never mind what other outcomes it will have?

6. Kill the dead wood

You have to be willing to kill your business babies. I recently launched 2 new membership programs at once. Both took a similar amount of time to get off the ground. Both, I thought, had great potential. But one had over 80 members on a monthly recurring fee within less than 4 weeks, and the other had 13 initial sign ups who immediately started unsubscribing before they even paid their first monthly fee! Why? Who knows. Okay, well in this case because that program, while full of amazing value, did not really have my passion in it and the other one did. But the old me would have pushed to MAKE IT WORK, and I certainly could have. I know how to get a failing program going, I’ve done it a million times. But it would take me just as long to do that as it would to focus on creating more awesome content for my program that IS working.

Making money online is not magic, it does take time to get your stuff off the ground but if it’s a complete uphill battle something’s wrong. There should be SOME sense of flow, of effortlessness and rightness about what you’re doing. If there’s not? Kill it and move on.

7. You can always do that extra hour, and you can train yourself to handle the push.

You say you have an hour, two hours, three, but are you pushing yourself to do that extra hour at night? Imagine if you did an extra hour a day, 5 days a week. I bet you could create some 10k hours that way! The thing to understand is, even if you are tired, exhausted, over it, and have no motivation or energy for doing that extra work that’s just because you haven’t trained for it. You can train your body to be able to handle the extra push, it’s the same as training at the gym. What feels tough and uninspired at first becomes natural over time, and you just do it automatically.

8. Don’t forget to live – you’ll never get this time back

At the same time, you can’t afford to always be pushing. Nobody went to their grave saying “thank God I made every hour out of 24 a 10k (or whatever) hour”. You can’t get these moments back. The age your kids are right now. The time building your relationships. Looking after your health. If you’re really not LIVING then refer to point #5.

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9. The stuff that is messy, angry, ranty is the stuff that will make you the most money

Stop trying to be so damn polished and perfect. Just stop. Stop THINKING about what would make a good blog post, video, webinar and just bloody speak your truth. Get ANGRY. Take a STAND. Say what you really think even if it is damn embarrassing and even if it makes you look like a completely unprofessional fly-by-the-seat of her pants type person. I can tell you with certainty that when you speak honestly about what you struggle ewith and how you feel, and when you share your own stories, you will never have to try to sell again. Combine this sort of unparalelled honesty with immense value and your tribe will find you and pay you over and over again. So stop being so boring and say something that makes people sit up in their chairs; fall of their chairs, pick up and throw the damn chairs. Even if it’s at you!

10. Stop saying you can’t

Every time you say you can’t, a little piece of your business future dies. What if you just stopped saying I can’t? What if you replaced it with “I wonder if I can …” or even “How can I …”? Everything you want to do is doable, you just gotta decide to take that leap of faith and DO IT. Start now.

The difference between running a business that makes you dollars per hour versus thousands of dollars per hour has nothing to do with your knowledge, skill, or even with your sales and marketing processes. It has everything to do with how good you are at getting sh*t (that MATTERS) done. So stop waiting till you ‘have time’ or ‘know how’ or ‘feel inspired by the new moon’ to take action. Get out there. Create. Do it first. And do it now.

Repeat that every day for a year and you’ll be writing your own 10k an hour pay cheques, no two ways about it.