Discipline & Flow, Success/Success Mindset


Here is the truth about getting to a multiple 7-figure per year and fast growing online business, or at least the truth as I know it, which is for sure the only way I can tell it.

Short version: You can achieve anything you set your mind to and take DAILY action towards, so long as you understand that ‘doing the work’ means doing ALL the work every DAY no matter WHAT, and UNTIL it works.

99.99% of you, or more, will simply never do that, and you may as well admit now that you’re not willing to go through the actual pain it takes to grow to this sort of place in business (or life) and give up NOW.

Those of you who WILL and know who you are, trust me:

I fucking SEE you.
In most cases I’ve told you.

Longer version:

I always find it astounding when people cry and moan when they’re not yet making money or ‘serious’ money within the first year or so of online business.

A guaranteed way to piss me RIGHT off is to tell me you’ve been doing everything I do or preach (for example) for WEEKS now … or even MONTHS now … and why isn’t it WORKING now?! I go from zero to a hundred in about 0.3 seconds 

And also, by the way, when you tell me you’ve been doing the work I assume you mean every day.

No matter what.

Every day.

No matter what.

EVERY day.

No matter what.


THAT is the truth about what it takes. Oh, and when I say every day? I mean every.fucking.day.

See here’s the thing, about my business, about this successful | badass | rich bitch chick who I show myself as online and indeed AM –

I created every single element of who I am, what I do, what I’m now known for, the money I make, the impact I create, the FLOW I create FROM, and all that I have.

I simply locked my eyes on my dreams.
And refused to give in.

I refused to let my big vision(s) out of sight (or to keep growing them).

And I took daily aligned action towards them, as best as I could, and no matter WHAT.

And see here’s the other thing. The thing you maybe don’t see or know about me when you see the #VIFP life, the wildly successful business which continues to expand so fast even I can hardly keep up with it, the position I have as a leader, the empire I get to run, and the fact that I do it while honouring ALL areas of my life that matter to me and also simply by being me! –

The THING is, the thing which I damn straight KNOW there are only a very very few of you who will ever get it let alone do it, I went through the FIRE to do this.

I started my online business in 2007.

I made about 11-12k in 2008.

About 25k in 2009.

About 50k in 2010.

About 150k ish in 2011.

About 300k in 2012, but meanwhile I had been investing every single penny back into extremely high level mentoring and also not paying my taxes or student debts, and somehow found myself over 100k in debt.

Broke AF to where I couldn’t even buy COFFEE … where for months and months on end I never knew if I’d be able to even process a transaction at the grocery counter … and seriously contemplating bankruptcy.

The only thing which stopped me was I was too proud to let go of being able to be Director of my own company! You can’t be a Director if you’re bankrupt.

And here is where I REALLY stepped up and did what most wouldn’t or won’t – I could have got myself out of that debt and extreme broke-ness by selling high ticket stuff which I HAD previously sold but knew wasn’t fully ALIGNED for me, was sucking the soul out of me, was stopping me from really ever having a shot at creating the business and life I really wanted and dreamed of, aka THIS one.

So, I refused to sell shit I knew wasn’t purpose based.
My income wound down down down as a result.
I stayed the fucking course and refused to give in.
And I continued to take DAILY FUCKING ACTION in faith.

In 10 years online I have NEVER missed a day of blogging that I committed to. At every step on this journey I have made commitments to what I WILL do. On content. On messaging. On tribe growth. On selling.

And I have KEPT those commitments.

I kept them through the what seemed liked ENDLESS times of drought, when idea after idea I put out there flopped, when I could barely manage to keep my head above water, when I had to yell at my then 2 yo daughter for asking for a treat at the mall because I didn’t HAVE the $2.50.

Eyes on the big vision.
Keep moving forward.
Do the fucking WORK (inside and out).
I seriously never skipped a BEAT, and not a day, because I saw where I WOULD end up if only I refused to let the pain and fear get me.

As a result of this, ever so slowly, EVER so slowly, things turned around. Millimeter by millimeter. ENDLESSLY. And as they did, I also learned, all of the things which you need to know in order to be ABLE to sell like this, lead like this, create like this, show UP like this.

What, you think there’s any other way to know what’s gonna work except for doing the work and figuring it out BY doing it?!

Sigh …

So anyway.

In 2013 I floundered all over the place and barely managed to eat. It was my rebirth through fire year. I made some money but my expenses were crazy high and there was all that DEBT to deal with.

I sold my house, I put the money back into the black hole of debt.
I sold my car, I put the money back into the black hole of debt.
I sold my meagre share portfolio, the money was gobbled into debt.
I sold my at the time husband’s motorbike which I had bought him, the money disappeared.
I even sold my fucking HANDBAGS on eBay.

And meanwhile:

I kept blogging.
Showing up.
Creating free content.
Bringing my ideas to life.

Some worked.
Most didn’t.
Because I was committed to only doing what was ALIGNED and to creating a business and life doing what I LOVED and living my PURPOSE, but unfortunately at the time I didn’t yet know what that WAS (well I knew it but didn’t know how to express it or get it out), so I could choose between

1) Going back to selling shit out of alignment … not BAD … just not 100% YES

I stayed the fucking course.

I wanted to curl up and CRY.

Day after day after day I lived in FEAR.

And yet I continued to do the WORK.

In 2014, at the start of the year, the damn broke. I could write a whole thing about that and I have done so but suffice to say – my relentless commitment to showing up EVERY day UNTIL it worked no matter HOW long it took paid off.

In 2014 I blew shit up from alignment, started FULLY speaking the truth I’d been coy about up until then, made a ‘fuck this shit’ decision to just go all in on the business and message I REALLY wanted and I made about 600k I think.

Every day.
For 10 years.
I have shown UP.

I do not personally know a single other person who has been as relentlessly committed as me online, except for Gary Vee.

And so when people come to me …

And they are upset or frustrated because they’ve done it for 6 weeks or even 6 months …

Which was NOT by the way EVERY day

And they wonder why it isn’t WORKING …

I think two things:

1) Who the hell do you think you ARE?

2) Shut the fuck up and get back to work but you might wanna do the ACTUAL work which means ALL The work UNTIL it works, or else just accept you’re not gonna GET here.

This is a REALITY.
It’s true in every area of life.
You want to excel and be the best you absolutely CAN but it has to be how you live your LIFE.

Every day.
Every day.
Every day.
FOREVER, not even just until it works, as then you obviously gotta keep going!!

So I want you to know:

I believe in you and I believe in your dreams.

But I really REALLY don’t think you’re doing the work you could or should be doing.

I’ve fucked a lot of stuff up in the past 10 years, and there’s things I would have done differently.

But the reason I’m here, plain and simple, is this:

I decided where I wanted to be.
And I did the fucking work until I made it.

And now?

I just.

Success is simple baby.

It’s just a motherfucking habit.

But you gotta be willing to ride it out, through the pain, through the fear, through all of it, and as MUCH of it as God decides you’re able to handle and need.

There’s no way around it.
Stop making shit so fucking complicated.
And get back to work.