Money Mindset


I just took about 15-20 minutes to write about my beliefs, affirmations, and intentions, for my my money, my business, my body, love, and life.

As I closed my journal, and sat for a moment just staring at the ocean across the road from the beachside cafe where I write each morning; my children playing at the table in front of me, I thought about how this simple daily practice has, quite literally, resulted in me making millions of dollars, and living with complete lifestyle as well as location freedom. It’s also the ‘tool’ I’ve used to create every other possible result you could imagine –

Body stuff, happiness, relationships, creativity, flow, soulmate clients, all of it. 

I felt like putting a small post up about it, something like – ‘hey! Do you realise that even a few minutes each day to consciously vision, imagine, and implant beliefs around what you desire will get you EVERYTHING YOU WANT, and does?!’

Sometimes when I want to write about manifestation, choosing your beliefs in order to create your reality, the power of journaling and intention setting, I stop myself because I feel like –


Everybody already knows that.

Is it boring for me to write about this stuff again?! And besides, are people going to actually really HEAR it, or will it just be another thing to ‘hell yes’ about on social media, and then return back to a day of NOT-so-purpose-driven hustle, reactivity, and keeping up?

A day?

Let’s be honest. For the vast majority of people, it will be a week, a month, a year, decades, a LIFETIME.

Of being AWARE of the powers that are available inside, and of how life really WORKS, but yet continually not choosing to TRUST in it, and so instead, giving your life for every other fucking thing, and for the push push push of HOPEFULLY if I DO it right I’ll get rewarded … achieve something … get ahead.

So, I didn’t write the post.

I get sick of my own repetitiveness sometimes!!

And maybe you do too; maybe you’re sick of hearing me go on and on about doing the God damn inner work, and how you can have it all!

And then I realised:

Precisely because I DO repeat myself, over and over and OVER and over again, in my journaling, as well as the vast majority of my thoughts each day, and also my messaging and communication with you and with ALL people in my life, is why I HAVE THESE RESULTS.

With ease AND flow. Beatch 

So, I’m gonna write about it again ANYWAY, so there!

I think that one of the main reasons people don’t diligently and consistently apply this stuff, is there’s an underlying idea that getting to RICH … or indeed getting to ANY big desired outcome in life … must require some really fancy shit being figured out, and done.

That it’s gotta be HARD … almost death-defying to figure out … and complicated as fuck.

So, people might hear or even BELIEVE in the simple fucking fact that WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE WILL BECOME YOUR REALITY, and that if you JUST shifted your beliefs you’d shift EVERYTHING … but they sort of ‘yeah yeah’ about it.

Maybe journal a little.
On again off again.
A half assed ‘I don’t really REALLY believe in this stuff’ approach to manifestation and simply CHOOSING your life.

Small wonder it doesn’t work 


Running all over the fucking place like a headless chook, trying to find which way to go, but never getting anywhere.

Jumping from idea to idea, strategy to strategy, magic bullet to magic bullet, mentor to mentor, quick fix to quick fix, and most of it SHIT YOU DON’T REALLY WANT TO DO AND WHICH DRAINS YOUR SOUL ANYWAY!

Here’s a quick fix, if you want one, and something you can count on for SURE –

If it drains your soul, it’s NOT the right pathway.

You can be 100% certain that doing stuff which you don’t really want to do – stuff which in ANY way depletes you rather than EXPANDING you – is not going to get you to where you want to go.

LOGICALLY, living a life of abundance and flow and happiness and inner peace and ALL good things, cannot be built on actions which cause the OPPOSITE OF ALL THOSE OUTCOMES AND FEELINGS INSIDE OF YOU.

If you think about it –

Only an idiot would believe or expect otherwise!

LOGICALLY, the path to abundance and flow and happiness and inner peace and ALL the things, can be built on actions and choices in the NOW which ALREADY GIVE YOU THOSE THINGS.

That, coupled with the decision and commitment to receive the OUTCOMES you want (money, soulmate clients, body stuff, success in any form, etc), is how you get the things.

And live the life.


1) Decide what you want.

2) Commit to it and ask for it.

3) Choose to TRUST (choose! faith is a choice!) that it’s DONE.

4) Release it and surrender it, don’t WORRY about it, it’s DONE, you put your God damn order in, and if for some reason it doesn’t HAPPEN, then the belief is it was for something better … and also don’t worry about TIME, choose that you live in NO-TIME –

5) Live in the fucking now, and do what expands and lifts you now

6) To ‘know how’, listen to the directions of your soul. Don’t do shit that contracts you. Do do shit that expands you.


And if you want to actually believe the things which, if you believed ’em, would result in you having ALL the outcomes, then use your HEAD and do something about it.

Meaning –

Implant those beliefs!

FEED them into every part of you.

So that eventually, all that comes OUT of you is thoughts and feelings and beliefs which AUTOMATICALLY UPLEVEL YOU, on repeat.

The best way I’ve found to do that?

Every day.
First thing I do, over coffee.
Journal and state and claim what I choose to believe, and receive.

I don’t refer back to it.
I don’t concern myself with how to implement or bring it to life.
I simply train my mind, for a small bit of time each day, to think for success.

And then everything I chose fucking happens.

If you can let it be this simple –

I promise you, you can have everything.

Please –

Stop being like the 99.99% of people who will hear this –

‘Hell yes’ on it –

And then continue to look for every other bloody way to live the life they want, except for simply creating it from the ONLY PLACE IT CAN EVER COME FROM.


Imagine –

A year from now –

If you just decided, today, to spend time each day deciding the life you want, and releasing the how. Then meanwhile doing ONLY WHAT YOU WANT AND ARE GUIDED TO.

It’s only ‘how’ I’ve built ALL of this.

And it’s available for you too.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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