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The FASTEST Way to Dominate Your Niche and Become a 7-Figure Coach!

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Do you ever feel like the world of online marketing is just getting a leeeetle bit (just a little!) –


And (let’s face it) –


I know it’s not just me who notices this, but seriously, if I get another scripted email inviting me into an awesome opportunity for only X number of people, well. Well, really what I’m gonna do is nothing so dramatic at all, unless of course you’re a business owner who wants my money and attention, and that is to is press delete 🙂

Because people?

I can tell when you’re just rolling shit out for the sake of rolling shit out, because somebody told you it was a good SYSTEM or a magic SCRIPT, or because it’s the STRATEGY you need to use to make money.

And there might still be a few folks out there who haven’t seen this same old same old marketing approach so many times that they could probably re-script it for their own biz in their sleep, but for the most part?

We’re onto you, and we expect better.

I mean really, I’m all for using scarcity as a ‘tactic’, so long as it’s the TRUTH …

And there’s nothing I love more than a persuasive email or letter …

But for the love of God! Stop churning out other people’s content, ideas, marketing (yep, even if you paid to be ‘allowed to’) and claiming it as your own.

It’s not just me, right?

We’re tired of this, and we want better!

We EXPECT better.

We DESERVE better.

And regardless of whether or not you agree with THAT, hear THIS –


I love the coaching industry. I love helping my clients design EXACTLY the kickass business and life they desire. I LOVE online marketing – both DOING it, and TEACHING it. I am a PROUD sales person at heart, through and through. It’s in my blood! And like I said, there’s nothing I love more than knowing I’ve written a GREAT persuasive email or sales letter …

But the stand out stuff in all of this? (And I know it’s not all meant to be about “me”, but this is just the truth) –

What makes it all WORK, so damn well in MY business and life, is really simple and should be really freaking OBVIOUS as well –

It’s me.

My words.

My ‘scripts’.

My marketing.

My sales processes.

My way of coaching, teaching, inspiring, leading, educating and EMPOWERING you to create the business and the life you want and to help you make MORE money online, faster, doing what you love.

But if you want to know the TRUTH? Since I’m kinda bagging out my own industry here and all –

I wasn’t always like this.

To this day, I continue to pay tens of thousands of dollars each year to learn from the best in the world. I do this because it forces me to a higher level of thinking and a higher level of action. It helps me to become more of ME, and to create the success I want on MY terms. But if I’m being really honest, there was a time there when I thought that paying the best meant COPYING the best.

Generally when you work with a coach they will let you copy their exact systems, strategies, even scripts. I do this for my clients as well.

Which is all well and good, and I guess it’s a STARTING point, but that’s the thing. It’s a STARTING point. It took me a few months or so to really get that, and during that time I did what I see SO many other coaches doing right now-

I used the same subject lines as my coaches. Which were sometimes from their coaches. Which, regardless, all the other clients of my coaches were using. And then THEIR clients. And then MY clients …

The same copy, “tweaked”.

The same strategy, “tweaked”.

The same sales and marketing, “tweaked”.

My entire BUSINESS was basically a photocopy of somebody else’s. Which was a photocopy of somebody else’s. I guess at SOME point it was original, but really, what did it matter?

It wasn’t ME.

Not fully.

And it didn’t WORK.

Not fully.

I don’t blame myself for going through this process, and nor do I blame the coaches who are doing it now. It’s like a kid copying their parents before deciding on their own opinions and ideals, right? But sooner or later every kid has to grow up.

For me, it was impossible to find TRUE success and really EXPLODE things financially and also FALL IN LOVE with my business again until I shook off EVERYTHING that wasn’t COMPLETELY me, and started doing biz – and life – on my terms.

And I have to tell you – if right now there is ANYTHING you are doing in your quest to “make it” online that is NOT aligned?

You’re setting yourself up for financial failure, at best, and for soul destruction through and through, at worst.

So let’s talk about how to NOT do that, yeah?!

It’s time for the coaching industry to stand up and pay its dues.

It’s time for you and I – AS coaches but also as CLIENTS – to DEMAND originality and true service.

And – and this is the BIG one – it’s also time for us to DELIVER it ourselves.

I know that you are like me in that you KNOW you have an important message to share with the world. A legacy, even. So if you’re going to do that and you KNOW that your calling is one in which you will impact on the lives of thousands of people for the better?

What better time to start than now, right? And what better WAY to do it, than all out! 100% you gorgeous.

Here’s how.

Throw Your Copywriting Scripts Away

It’s great – and often fascinating – to learn how people write to sell, and it’s always a gift (even if a paid one!) when somebody allows you to benefit from their genius and experience, but no matter which way you play it, using somebody ELSE’S copy, no matter how ‘tweaked’ it may be, is NEVER going to be as good as something that shot straight out of YOUR soul into the soul of your client.

Yep it is DEFINITELY going to be harder this way, and take longer, but did you know? That’s only in the short-term. In the long-term it is EASIER to be you than it is to be someone else, and you will make a LOT more money selling ‘you’ than what you could make selling ‘sort of you that is actually a copy of you sitting on a copy of somebody else’.

Hot tip: If you don’t know where to start with writing your own copy, use stories about stuff you have overcome, learned from, failed at or won at, and after you share the moral of the story, do a lead in to your thing, and how it can help the reader. Simple.

Say In Public What You Think in Private

Another way to write good sales copy – marketing magic – anything – is by virtue of the ‘passion plea’ aka the rant. This is pretty much taking the stuff you’d normally only think, or maybe say (bitch about, shriek about, jump up and down about!) to your partner or BFFs.

Why would you want to say the often somewhat snarky or embarrassing or just plain OUT THERE stuff you think in private in public? Because when you do, you attract people who think like you and will be both awed and THRILLED that you are saying this stuff out loud. At the same time you will REPEL people who do not think like you.

Yes, they will think you are the WORST kind of awfulness in some cases. But so what? Are you here to try and make the world LIKE you, or to find the (however few but often MANY) people who flat out ADORE you?

I can tell you that it’s the ones who adore you will invest in your stuff over and over again, and tell all their friends about it!


Okay, so you’re not the ‘top’ expert in your field yet, you don’t have a ton of kickass testimonials to share and frankly sometimes you wonder if you even know WHAT you’re doing … and if everyone can tell as well! Newsflash: this situation might be partly just getting over your own insecurities but it is ALSO taking the ACTION you need to take to support that.

Don’t know as much, haven’t done as much, don’t have the results to show yet? Stop wishing that situation would change and whatever you do do NOT fall into that smoke and mirrors bullshit trap that a lot of coaches do, and just get out there and learn HOW to be an amazing coach in your niche. And then KEEP doing that. And if you just KEEP on keeping on? You CAN become the best. Certainly you can become – and SHOULD be – the best for YOUR perfect clients. You know … the ones who are turned on by you speaking your truth loud and proud.

Inject Outrageous Personality Into All That You Do

When it comes to investing the BUCKS to work with a great coach, nobody wants a boring one who is ONLY about the ‘how-to’. You might have the VERY BEST knowledge and strategy in the business, and your results might kick BUTT. But honey? If you don’t DELIVER it with a big old bout of YOU, then I can tell you your battle will ALWAYS be uphill.

It’s not school! People aren’t here just to LEARN (by force!!). People want to be MOVED. Inspired. Yes, educated. But most of all EMPOWERED to feel something, to believe in something, to see themselves as PART of something. If you want to develop a tribe of clients who see you as their leader and can’t WAIT to brag about you, love just being ASSOCIATED with you and of course will BUY from you regardless of what you’re even SELLING but just because it IS you, then you simply MUST sell them what they really need. Which is first and foremost you. The knowledge and how-to you spout is just what comes after that.

And really, this is just commonsense, but how are they going to BUY you if they don’t get to first EXPERIENCE you?

I know.

Huh, right?

The Only Sales Skill You Really Need

If you are struggling to get the sales you want, think about this –

People don’t buy your thing because of how it looks …

Or because of the whizz-bang features it has …

Or because of the awesome membership site …

Or the carefully crafted sales page …

Or because of all the multi-media included …

Or even because of the cool bonuses …

They buy it, quite simply, because they believe in it. They believe in you.

And because of it – and you – and the fact that you’ve made them FEEL something – they are able to believe in THEM.

How can you move people today? How can you make them FEEL something? How can you help your tribe believe in them SELVES?

Figure that out, and you’ll never struggle to sell again.

Believe Nothing Until You Know It

Just because such and such awesome leader/coach/guru/spiritual guide said it is so doesn’t mean it is for YOU. Yes, there are approaches to making money online, to lead gen, sales, marketing, launching that WORK. Obviously. God knows I teach ’em!

But if you’re looking for the ‘one magic thing’ and you’re telling yourself you ‘can’t’ get the results you want in your biz until you ‘figure it out’, you’re chasing a mirage. Everything that DOES work was just figured out by people. Some stuff works better than others and is passed down again and again. But it was still designed by ordinary PEOPLE. And tested by them. And sometimes – amazingly! – people even come up with NEW things. Because they, I don’t know, want a better result, or they think the know their own community better than any ‘strategy’ does, or they just love testing stuff out, or they refuse to just ACCEPT stuff they haven’t first TESTED.

Maybe YOU could be one of those people in YOUR business. Who knows, maybe you could even start a movement of your own and have OTHER people copy YOUR stuff!

Just a thought.

Stop Being Afraid

What it all comes down to, is this.

If you want to really ‘make it’ in the big old world of online biz, and by make it you KNOW I mean design not just the income you desire but every PART of the kickass business and life of your dreams, COMPLETELY on your terms, and you want to do it in such a way that you are KNOWN for your greatness and the impact you have?

You gotta just cut your losses and take that leap of faith.

The leap towards doing what you’d do if you ALREADY had the success you desire.

The leap towards saying what you think if you knew you couldn’t fail.

The leap towards shaking off the rules and musts and shoulds and just creating a NEW kind of normal within your industry, heck within the internet and even the world.

It’s an incredible world we live in, and you truly can do anything you desire, be anybody you choose, have anything you like.

But if you WANT it all you have to be willing to TAKE it all and that also means you have to be willing to MAKE it all HAPPEN your way.

It’s not just about the fact that you GET to live that way, on your terms.

It’s the fact that if you truly want to be GREAT you have to BE GREAT.

And [pq] YOUR true greatness comes from inside of you. [/pq] Ain’t nobody else out there who can tell you how to do it. So next time you find yourself either by accident or design spouting out something that is not ALL you, stop. Just stop. And ask yourself if it’s possible if there’s a better way.

A more authentic way.

A more BALLSY way.

A more ALIGNED way.

But most of all a more ALL OUT YOU way to be.

I promise you, if you go looking hard enough to find it, there’s usually a more ‘you’ way to be. And when you do find it? Nobody else stands a chance, and you can write your own pay cheques. After all, nobody else can win at being you!


5 responses to “The FASTEST Way to Dominate Your Niche and Become a 7-Figure Coach!”

  1. Tiffany Huff says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post and agree 1000% that you have to be ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, and start with your WHY because your clients are buying YOU regardless of what it is you are offering as a coach. Thank you for sharing your tips and insight

  2. Ana Goncalves says:

    Love your post, Kat! I agree with you wholeheartedly, that in order to thrive one is here to be their true self from the inside out and share their gifts in a way that is unique to them. I have been guilty of following people and being completely out of alignment that it has thrown me out of whack with myself. Now I’m feeling more in myself to put my gifts out there in a way that is authentic and in alignment with who I am.

    • Kat says:

      Excellent! We’ve all been guilty of that at times, just great that you recognised it 🙂