You have to understand that the only thing between you staying stuck where you are now, wishing and dreaming, and getting the life you want, REALLY want, is your ability to dial it the fuck in and actually ask for what you want.

Get real –

You may very well set intentions or goals, journal, even take ACTION, but are you actually asking for everything you REALLY want? And then holding yourself energetically as well as physically accountable to do what you’d do if you really meant and believed it?

It’s safe to say no.

And what’s next level crazy – not in a good way! – is that a big huge part of that is simply because EMOTION is winning over desire, and soul alignment.

Emotional DRAMA, I mean.

You know … the bullshit side of it.

The shit that comes up and tells you that there are Very Good Reasons, Very Good Reasons Indeed for you to not be able to DO that yet, ASK for that yet, follow through TODAY.


We all are!

And yet we continue to in some way allow it to rule us.

What a bunch of fakers! It’s not like we even BELIEVE our excuses are justified, and yet day after day when we go to bed at night, once again –


Didn’t do the thing.

Yeah, I’m lumping myself in here as well, because there are still things I do NOT step up to do in my business or life. There are still areas where I allow my BULLSHIT to be bigger and more powerful than my dreams.

Thing is –

There will ALWAYS be something. There’s always another layer or level to drop into, isn’t there! So in that regard, it’s not about trying to get to DONE, or PERFECT.

You will die and still not be done!

I let go of that idea years ago … it was a HUGE relief!

But what’s also a huge relief for me, and what truly allows me to go to bed at night feeling SATISFIED, as well as already excited about the next day to come, is that a long while ago I learned to remove emotion and just do the fucking WORK, when it comes to creating the life I want, the VAST majority of the time, and also in all AREAS.

The inside work, of course.
And the practical freaking action, too.

Of course the more you do the INSIDE work, and you consciously choose to see yourself as already being that version of you who you dream of being, and having the life accordingly, the more the practical work just FOLLOWS ON.

Resistance or excuse-making might still try to rule you, of course. There are many times I really really REALLY don’t feel like it! I did NOT feel like getting up at 530am and journaling then beach-walking this morning. I felt like more sleep! And just now, I stared at the screen here for ages thinking about whether I could really be arsed writing yet.

But in both cases, I did what I’d decided to do, because it was what I knew was ALIGNED to do, and because I’m far more interested in my emotional state AFTER taking action or not doing so, rather than my reactive fear-based or ‘I don’t wanna’ emotions which try to rule me and stop me from pressing the fuck play.

Even in those moments of resistance or I don’t WANNA, the thing is, when you continually and day after day tune in to the visions and downloads you see inside of you, and DECIDE to be that person, the doing of the work kinda sorta just happens.

You might THINK about not doing it; not showing up …

And of course anytime you really want to or it’s aligned, you DO take a rest.

But 99.99% of the time? You’re already stepping forward before your excuses even noticed it 

This is an outcome of the IDENTIY you carve out for yourself.

I’ve sculpted myself over decades now into simply ‘being’ a person who shows up for their life, and presses play.

It’s far more natural for me to just DO what I said I’d do, regardless of how I feel about it in the first step moment, and certainly regardless of whether or not I think I know HOW, or am ready, than what it would be for me to flake out and stay stagnant.

I’ve literally made myself into somebody who AUTOMATICALLY FUCKING UPLEVELS, just by virtue of who she is. Across the board, too!

And I bet you’re the same, in certain areas of your life.

I’ll bet there are aspects of how you show up where growth and leveling up is your NORMAL. It’s just who you are … it’s how you vibrate, baby! So, success is easy, basically.

Doesn’t mean you don’t ‘bleed or sweat or cry for it’. Or what the fuck ever it takes.

But it’s easy in that you’re already DOING the damn thing before you even notice.

Other people seem to carry on like a bunch of yabbering chickens about how ‘hard’ it is or how they caaaaannnnnn’tttt, or WHY can’t they, and while you try to emphasise with them or perhaps even guide them, if asked, the truth is you just want to roll your eyes at them.

What the fuck are they on about?! Just do the damn thing already, it’s NOT THAT HARD! Just be that fucking person!

I’ve felt this way for over 2 decades now, with fitness. It’s SO EASY. Just invest a little bit of time and energy each day; that’s it! I can’t even comprehend how I would NOT do this.

And, it’s the same for messaging, selling, showing up in my business, receiving money and ONLY working with soulmate peeps, also for years now.

Same for my WRITING, which God – is my everything! Imagine if I wasn’t doing this! Imagine if I was letting my life pass by without PRESSING FUCKING PLAY on my PURPOSE.

The horror.

But in all of these areas, and many others besides, in order for me to get to HERE, where next level badassery is my normal and just who I AM beatch, I had to first DO THE FUCKING WORK OF MAKING IT MY NORMAL.

I had to go through the awkward phases.
The clumsy phases.
The I don’t WANNA phases … okay, those still come up, as do awkward or clumsy or ‘it’s not WORKING!!’

And yet I still show up.
Every damn day.
At the start ’cause I’d made a COMMITMENT, and I MEANT it.

Now because it’s habit.

If you think about it … if you yourself have done this in ONE area, you can do it in ANY area.

The question is not EVER ‘how’. The question is simply WILL you, yes or no, and the answer is only ever for NOW.

Yesterday I was painting a teacup set with my 8-year old daughter, Alyssa.

I got quite creative with my rainbow love hearts 

She lost her SHIT, several times, when her painting went messy; the paint run, or she ‘messed up’.

“I have to start over AGAIN!!”, she said, and kept trying to wipe it all out.

I let her do that a few times … but she was seriously stressing the fuck out.

“It has to be PERFECT!”

“Alyssa”, I said – 

“Art is messy. The most beautiful art often comes from it NOT being perfect, and also not being like you first saw it in your head. The best and most true art just comes out however it comes out. And if you just keep DOING art, if you like it, then that’s how you get to where it’s easy and you’re GREAT at it. It’s about realising it’s already amazing NOW though, just as it is”

She kinda didn’t get it … still wanted ‘perfect’ … but did actually listen anyway, and created what came out.

So many adults seem to be waiting till where everything just fucking works, and it feels like flow.

Well, guess what?

You can wait till you’re fucking ready, and what you create or do or how you show up feels ‘perfect’.

Or you can create your damn LIFE; the one that’s inside of you.

You can’t do both.

It’s time to remove emotion gorgeous.

And do the fucking work.