The manifest presence of God all around and IN you, consuming you, should be your normal.

It is not audacious, extreme, self-serving or self-glorifying to think that YOU receive His presence and a Holy Spirit outpouring.

It is LITERALLY what you were designed for.

It is not only OKAY to expect the Spirit to wash over you, rain to fall from heaven, a supernatural WHOOSH which carries you away and FULLY shows the way … it is how it SHOULD be.

You can hardly expect to walk in the design God has for you when you refuse to walk in His presence and to CULTIVATE IN AND AROUND YOU AN ATMOSPHERE WHICH WELCOMES HIM.

The Bible does not say God draws near to us, wakes and shakes and rightly breaks off of us the things which should not be there, such that we can become who we ALWAYS were … when we ignore Him. Put Him on the back-burner. Or in any way act as though it would be rude to ask and that frankly,

we shouldn’t show need.


our every waking breath should be a demonstration of glorifying God and SHOWING HIM WE NEED HIM FULLY, WHOLLY, MADLY, DEEPLY, FOR EVERYTHING.

Not just when we are breaking.
Not just when we have first accomplished our own work.
Not just when we are carried away in a meeting of praise or prayer or learning with others.
But as a way of BEING.

The only way …

And here is what else:

Your casual incorporation of God in your life or your false reverence of who and what He is is just … not a thing.

It is not okay to throw the word God around as though you have a relationship with Him, with His Son, with His Spirit, when in fact you simply placate yourself by using the Name of somebody you have no knowledge of, no holy fear of, no reverence towards, no reality of outside of a word that makes you feel in some way comforted amidst your whirling and twirling world of doing WHATEVER you want,

and finding reasons it’s okay,
or even needed!

The truth is what you consider comfort is straight up deception. You are dishonouring and separating yourself from God more by using His Name and speaking of Him as somebody you know while your ever breath shows you do not … than if you had never heard of or referred to Him at all.

You cannot speak of a God who is the God of the Universe and Creator of all things whilst simultaneously bowing before the altars and gods of … whatever and wherever and whoever pulls you. Saying you know God and then seeking healing, freedom, alignment, knowledge, success, intimacy, happiness, joy, in every place but Him!

A relationship with God is an all in thing.

Woe is the person who has convinced themselves there is another option, and that by speaking of or even to God they are safe. Greater woe is upon the person or persons who told them that this is so.

I know you may think I am being incredibly judgemental here, even superior, but in actual fact I am desperate for you to WAKE UP AS I DID and realise you HAVE to give Him everything and only then can you receive –


I was like you, so bound, so deceived, so deluded. It is astonishing to me, my mind daily tries to comprehend it and can’t, that I actually thought I was okay. I cannot relate to that version of me anymore because I am NOT her anymore. She couldn’t see what is now so clear, so blinding, so consuming, now. And I can no longer see what she did.

And so yes, I watch you. I see. And what I see is a widespread DELUSION in which the coaching + entrepreneurial world is BOUND AND DECEIVED AND THROWING THE WORD GOD AROUND AS THOUGH THIS MEANS SOMETHING.


There is not ‘I have faith and love God’ without obeying ALL that He says, without confessing ALL of your sin, and without laying ALL of you down before Him. Understanding that your humanness will continue but that in Him,

you are made new.


You have to give up ALL of the healing + spiritual + New Age stuff you’ve depended on, even made a livelihood from. You have to give up sex outside of marriage, and everything that goes hand in hand with it. You have to stop seeing people to get insights about your future, your now. You have to QUIT TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THE SUPERNATURAL WITHOUT HE WHO CREATED IT.

Is it too much? Too dastardly? Fire and brimstone of yesteryear? I’m just getting started 😉

But the good news is … the GOOD NEWS IS … the Good News is JESUS. And the fact that He came to die for your sins and take ALL of it. And He left His Spirit behind for you, for me, for all of us. To lead and direct and correct and reveal all of it!

So when I say ‘you’ have to give up / quit / go all in … well yes, you do. But when you truly hand YOU over, guess what happens?


So whilst it may still feel ‘hard’ in some ways … that is only when you revert back to your flesh and don’t walk by the Spirit you’ve been given (once saved) which equips and empowers you in all of this.

I did not come on here to preach today.

But I cannot continue to write things which speak of Gods love and kindness and mercy and desire for you to rightly walk your path of destiny, free and abundant in every way, without also sharing what that mercy is actually given for, and what YOUR part of this covenant is.

Contrary to what the world at large would have you believe: God is not a cuddly teddy bear who wants to rain blessing on your head because you speak of Him, say you love Him while clearly demonstrating you don’t understand Him OR loving Him, or even because you believe in Him.

He asks for everything.
You have to give up EVERYTHING.
Stop being scared that this will cost you EVERYTHING. It will cost you whatever is required in order to SET YOU FREE and allow you to now walk IN that freedom,
and in the supernatural authority we in Christ have over EVERYTHING ON EARTH.

You’re fighting furiously to understand the supernatural, to play life in such a way where you can have what you want and say, and you no longer need to endure the things which you sense you should not need to concern yourself with.

The thing you have to understand is … that’s not your fight. It’s not a fight you will ever need to figure out. Nor is it one you can win.

Everything God has for you is right there for your IMMEDIATE AND ONGOING RECEIVING when you come to Him.

But there is only ONE way to come to God.

It is through Jesus. Accepting Him into your heart. Believing He died for your sins. ADMITTING them. Renouncing (turning from) EVERY thing outside of Gods way. And LETTING HIM MAKE YOU NEW.

It is not by saying God on the internet,
or even when you pray,
but then going about your merry way.

YES God loves you and wants to take care of you, down to the tiniest detail. He wants to fill you with the SAME POWER THAT RAISED CHRIST FROM THE DEAD. But, put simply, He will not do that when you don’t give Him,


Stop selling it
for a future you can’t depend on
and absolutely don’t want anyway.

There is a different Kingdom.

And a different way.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



The Secret Garden is my all in membership and the space God GAVE me for the faith-led woman who is ready to GO ALL IN ON BEING HOLY SPIRIT LED IN BUSINESS,






(Ps the price is doubling … v v soon. I had thought today / tomorrow. I now think: end of this week. It certainly won’t be later than that)

It is … not for the faint-hearted. It is EVERYTHING done through the lens of a DIFFERENT KINGDOM AND A DIFFERENT WAY.

You do not have to be born again / saved / Christian to JOIN … but if you ARE joining and not: let’s be clear you are CHOOSING in doing so to draw near to God and WATCH WHAT HE DOES when you actually surrender YOUR way.

> Yes what I teach in here is biblically backed
> It is all Holy Spirit led
> In fact the entire thing was shown to me by God and me saying yes and creating it has been me PARTNERING with Him on this. Guess who is in charge of that partnership? Not me!
> Yes this is the practicalities of business and money as well as the inner | identity | supernatural | ALL of it. Meaning, yes I teach sales. Growth, Automation. Messaging + marketing. Etc.
> But yes. It is a daily flow and regular new trainings on deeply understanding how to live from the supernatural and the spirit realm such that your PHYSICAL becomes what it should. In all areas.
> OH YES. There is correction and an ever ALIGNMENT to Gods will way and thoughts as part of this

YES it is a live membership, meaning I teach live typically at least once each week.
YES you receive immediate access to all existing content + bonuses when joining.
YES there are quite a few entire courses as bonuses … and my ongoing new ‘core’ courses are given as a gift to my Secret Garden members. (Whom we call Warrior Queens. Because they are, and are walking around the Garden as such).

^ EXAMPLE: my next new course will be on Money the God Way, it will be $199 outside the Garden, but free once you’re in.

YES you can still sign up at OG launch pricing, but YES this is truly just for the next few days. You can pay upfront for the year or pay month by month if you prefer. It is a rolling membership not a 12 month thing, but if you do pay for 12 months upfront you just get the best deal 🙂

What else?

Hmm. YES. Just this.

If you are called by God and simply know it is time to go all in … whatever that looks like right now for YOU, wherever you ARE right now (or are not, as the case has certainly been for some of my members) … because you simply know you cannot continue the way you’ve been going … and you are, also quite simply, feeling the CALL,

then yes:

The Secret Garden is for you.

And here is what it comes down to most of all. Because all of these things in the end ARE as simple as this:

If your spirit OR God’s Spirit is telling you that you’re supposed to be in?


And act accordingly.



My door on IG is always open if you have questions. LET’S DO THIS THING!



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