I know, I know, another one 😉

Well – not really. But maybe? We’ll find out.

I got off a zoom with a client just before, a zoom in which we discussed all manner of outlandish things which people like us discuss … ppl like us being those who actively choose to live by God’s spirit and not the … various … spirits of the world … the outlandish things just being fairly normal day to day supernatural things, but things which are, well, not normal. If you don’t look much beyond the physical. And we were laughing about a couple of ways in which you really DO just get to that line in the sand realisation of OH –

I kinda fell through the looking glass at some point and now I CAN’T SEEM TO GET BACK BUT I DON’T KNOW IF I WANT TO KEEP GOING AND WHAT.IS.HAPPENING, and as PART of that?

Um. Yes. You now appear to be saying and doing things which KIND of ostracize you. lil bit. Or potentially could. lil bit. And to top it all off YOU kind of want to ostracize some parts of you. lil bit! And as I got off the zoom I just thought hm.

I probably should just write a post and tell you what I actually think. ABOUT EVERYTHING. Ha.

That way I can just gracefully allow you to mosey on out of here (yeah I love that word too much, I know!) if you find that well HUMPH Kat. I don’t like how you think! Or, you can stay if you’re more like oh WOW. I don’t know about that but hm. Nup! Not leaving. Might view you a bit suspiciously now and again though. Or you will of course also stay if you’re more like oh YES GIRL LOUDER PLEASE!

Now firstly, it’s funny to me that I’m making a whole announcement about writing a post that may cause you to leave. Or about saying or doing or being a thing which causes people to turn away from me. If you’ve been in my online space for more than a minute you’ll know that I’ve only done that oh – about a million times. It’s just part of who I am. The things come out. And my entire BRAND has for years now, even before ANY of you knew me or I even HAD an online brand, been about me unapologetically standing up for what I stand for. Which by definition includes saying things that some people don’t care to hear! Or DO care to tell you that you shouldn’t have said. Or DO care to advise you for free (so kind!) on the WAY you should have said it.

I mean … if you consider the fact that you came here to be a leader … you’d also need to consider that at some point you REALLY might wanna unapologetically lead in the way you are MEANT to. You know – take a stand for what you stand for and all?

Just an idea.

Anyway. Secondly – please don’t be that person who messages me to tell me I don’t have to explain myself. I KNOW that. As I said in my blog yesterday – I NEVER write ANY thing in order to elicit ANY sort of outcome. I let the message be the message, and I don’t question it. Repeat daily. Add sales call to action. The end! It’s really not that complicated. If some of you would have listened to me on that 10 or 17 or 5 or 3 years ago you would have made your millions already by now! lol.

So here is the message which is coming THROUGH me today. Which I am writing for precisely … that reason.

These are the things I believe. PS you are certainly not required to tell me if you’re out, staying but a lil suss, or staying with BIG love. But you can if you want!

– I believe you were born for a reason. I believe you have a destiny, a purpose, and that you have been for your entire life CALLED in a way you cannot even explain. I believe you have something within you that propels you into a deeper knowing and you don’t even know what you mean by that! But yet you just … know. I came here to do, pour forth, let out, unLEASH something – amazing. Beyond. And yes.

– I believe that just because you have a destiny … it doesn’t mean you will ever live it. I believe you can tell yourself for years that you ARE going to do or become that thing because because because it’s WHO you are and so you will! And that it can take decades to wake up and realise ohhhhhh – it MIGHT NEVER HAPPEN. I still have to CHOOSE. And for some people they then STILL don’t choose. Or they actually stay in the delusion of thinking it will just occur.

– I believe that to TRULY live into your destiny you will have to be committed to a level of ruthless truth that will take your breath away. Partly in shock as you realise the things you’ve been deceived with. The ridiculousness of where time and bits of your life have gone. And the awesomeness of all that is AVAILABLE to and also THROUGH you when you walk forward in that truth.

– I believe that uncovering whatever that truth looks like for you … meaning the bit where it turns into a business that is actually THE thing, a way of life that is the RIGHT life, a way of being that is the WHO you came here to BE thing … requires you to have your blinders on and be FIRMLY gaze fixed on what you know IS true. This may be as simple as ‘God is God’ and you feel like you don’t know ANYTHING beyond that or what that would even mean for you and perhaps things you will need to let go of … but yet you start there. Start with what you DO know. And let your knowing grow. But no, don’t look look look everywhere else outside of what IS truth.

– I believe that we are indeed spirit beings in a physical realm. That all that we see and know here physically is a manifestation of what already occurred spiritually. And that as Ephesians says, we live in a spiritual war. I do not believe this means we need to be solely fixed on the spirit realm, nor on the warfare. But I believe we CANNOT be blind to it. And we CANNOT turn God, or truth, into what is convenient, comfortable, or allows us to remain socially acceptable or normal.

Since when did you desire or remotely consider yourself normal anyway? 😉

– I believe that being steadfastly fixed on what is right and true is a heart posture, that kneeling and reverence to He who designed you is a daily posture of BEING, and also though that there is a discipline required in your mind which you GET TO CHOOSE DAILY, to stay true to what IS.

You can either live to placate your own or others self-consciousness. Or you can live to serve God who designed you, who is good, who wants ONLY wonderful things for you, and who has a purpose for you!

There is no in between area.

– I believe many, even many who call themselves Christians, are deceived into thinking there is an in between area. I believe this is a dangerous reality of our times which will lead to eternal DESTRUCTION, and a life on earth which is not remotely heaven on earth.

– I believe you were designed to live in heaven on earth and from the AUTHORITY of heaven on earth.

Here is what else though. Because I know many of you have seen the things I have said about what is spiritually okay, or no. Refer to my post, or my 10 minute reel on my IG @katrinaruthministries, which is a clip from a 75 minute training for my client groups.

– I believe that YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. It is up to you. It is up to you. It is up to you. I believe nobody can tell you what to think, and that none of us are here to judge or to tell anybody what to do relevant to who they are and what they believe. This is as true for our own children as it is true for our clients, friends, or anyone.

YOU get to decide. YOU get to choose. YOU can put down or grip tightly to whatever YOU decide.

You have the right of infinite choice. You have the right to reap your just rewards, whatever they may be. HOW GOOD IS GOD THAT WE GET TO CHOOSE?!

– I believe that even within my God-led, God-given. God-partnered groups and programs, such as my Secret Garden, if you are led to be there and you have in your life things which are scripturally not of God. Which I have perhaps spoken about or actively stood against or am teaching on through His Word and His Spirit … that you are where you’re meant to be. I believe it is not on me or anyone to tell you you HAVE to do ANY thing. lol. How could I?! I don’t have that power NOR that desire. I believe that if God led you to be in my space, and your life or business is FILLED with things I DIRECTLY speak against … you are meant to be here.

– I believe it is not my job to say ‘you must put these things down because I said so!’. And that it IS my job and my desire and my truth to love you. As part of that –

– I believe it is my job to say GOD says put these things down. GODS word says such and such. This IS the meaning or spiritual reality behind such and such thing. This IS a counterfeit of the supernatural wonder and awe God designed you to walk in, and also to perform in. This IS a satanic or ungodly practice. This IS costing you true relationship with Him. And so on.

– I believe you can then do what you want with that. That I must speak what God puts in my mouth which will continue to empower and equip and soften and surrender you as you open your heart and / or hand yourself fully over to RECEIVE … or, ultimately, not. And that at any point you have the right to stay or to leave. To listen and to muse and to seek God and to rant and rail and ask ask ask ALL the questions if need be. Or to harden your heart and say no! I refuse to believe that! You’re wrong! That’s not love, Kat!

– I believe love without truth is a lie. (Lisa Bevere)

– I believe God has GIVEN me a place in The Secret Garden and indeed in ALL of my God-led courses and indeed in ALL of my business which is … simply … HIS space. And so I will not DARE to say or not say anything outside of or against what He leads. I will not say things for the sake of it. In or outside of that space. In my public arenas or private. But I WILL say what I am led to, regardless how uncomfy-making that is for me OR for you.

– I believe you can absolutely keep doing what you want AND still be led to be in my space. But that nope nope nope we will not be celebrating or accepting the promotion of any tools, practices, ways of being which go against God. We will DISCUSS them. Understand them more. But no, in my God given SANCTUARIES, we will not be turning our gaze from any celebration of or mis-led use of ungodly practices or ways of being which somebody may wittingly or unwittingly bring into the group as ‘this is so cool / this is what I do / this is how I connect with God’.

I will speak and stand firm in Gods truth. You can then do what you want with it. You may choose to continue certain things in your business or life. But there are things which are not acceptable in our space.

– I believe it is fine if you do not or did not know or are confused as to whether something is okay! I believe you should openly share that and I will God led and with love answer or sit with you on it! As will my other God-fearing clients.

– I believe we have ALL sinned and we ARE all sinners. Which means that yes I too CONTINUE and will ALWAYS continue to fall short of Gods glory! I will continue to learn and have made known to me! So in no way shape or form am I a) judging you for what you have in your life which God is still working on in you or b) am I expecting you to somehow be spiritually or otherwise perfect!

– I believe that if you are SAVED however … and in any form of rebellion or defiance or refusal to lay down something God has made clear to you … you have a serious problem, and need to lay yourself down before God, and REPENT. The scripture is clear on the wages of rebellion, unforgiveness, refusal to obey God.

– I believe that if you have Christ in you and you are in HIM these things WILL become known to you. The Holy Spirit WILL strip your desire for them. It WILL be a process and not all ‘overnight’. You WILL be given a new heart, you have been! And your mind will CONTINUALLY be being renewed! So … these things will just GO.

– I believe that if you continue yourself saved and you have no FRUIT you need to check your salvation. If it looks smells talks walks and sounds like an ungodly person … well. PS I believe that this was me and also I knew it. I believe I was OH so very deceived and deluded and that I had walked my SELF right out of my salvation! I am going to write on all the ways in which this was so soon.

– I believe that if you have NOT accepted God but yet you genuinely desire to know Him more and to understand Him and His ways then you will find Him when you keep seeking Him

– I believe that if that is why He has led you into my space you are in the right space and I have ENDLESS love for you and am so honoured to walk alongside you as you draw nearer to Him!

– I believe God desires you to be His child. That He designed you AS His precious daughter or son. And that He is just waiting, more eagerly than we could ever imagine or know, for you to come home.

– I believe there is NOTHING you have done or could do which would make God hate you. Yes God hates sin. But He loves YOU, ME, ALL of us endlessly. And He has a place for you.

– I believe it is never too late to turn to God. And to say to Him – “Lord, I have nothing but all that I have and all that I am I give you. Would you come into my heart now Jesus? I believe you died and rose from the dead. I believe you did so for my sins. I confess I am a sinner in ways beyond what I will ever even know! And I hereby LAY DOWN MY ALL BEFORE YOU LORD. I love you. And I want to follow you. For all the days of my life. Would you help me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and show me. Guide me. And comfort me. I want to live for you”.

– I believe that when you do. Or when you do again. He will wrap you so firmly in loving arms which have always been waiting to hold you and say “my child. Welcome home”.

– I believe today can be that day.


Whewwww, how good is God?! How powerful is the work He works THROUGH us, when we give our selves over and surrender our RIGHT to live our life our way!

The best decision I make each day is to thank God for the day and for my right to do it my way and then to GIVE IT STRAIGHT BACK TO HIM.

Yesterday I closed intake to The Secret Garden.

But in the flow of the day I did not yet adjust or remember to have my team adjust the page.

I feel to give this one final call and say to you that if you are supposed to be in this place with me, which God has given us, for the faith-led entrepreneur who KNOWS there is a different way and who desires to see all that God has FOR her,

come through –

then, well, this:

You’re supposed to be in.

The page will remain open. The price adjustment will however be made TODAY. My today. If you still see it as $999 for the year / $129 / month by month it has not yet doubled.


Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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