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Things which are straight up demonic + I do not endorse. Or no longer endorse.

Trigger warning. This is what I just posted in my members group The Secret Garden.

Things that are straight up demonic and in NO way part of what we do here:

Cards. Crystals for healing or anything other than pretty rocks. ANY energy or spiritual work or healing outside of God. Ceremonial anything. Cacao. Plant medicine. Yoga. Tantra. Manifestation/ law of attraction the worlds way. Which is to say all LOA. Witchcraft. Divination. Psychic anything. Yoni steaming. Numerology. Astrology. Angel numbers. Intuitive readings. ‘Knowing’ in any way. Magick. Anything shamanic. Any use of your spiritual or supernatural gifts outside of God. All New Age practices. Following your hearts desires or your soul if you don’t have God in you and a NEW heart in Him, with your soul firmly PLANTED in Him. Even then no no no to following your soul. Follow Gods SPIRIT, in yours. Yes I used to say follow your soul all the time. I actually meant spirit, I had the wording wrong. And I also have banners in my members dashboards about this and about now being fully faith led.
I’ve no doubt missed some things.

PS YES you have supernatural abilities and knowings IN God, and these should be rightly used! So if you have been psychic … seeing .. divining … intuiting … etc … you’ve found your supernatural gifts. NOW TO DROP THE COUNTERFEIT version. Tools of the New Age are never ‘brought over’ to God. I.e. cards. And there is no ‘God’ version of satanic practices or rituals, often called New Age or light or conscious entrepreneur. There is a lot to learn. Thankfully we get to learn it from the right place, which is God, His Word, and the Holy Spirit illuminating it! But we will not be deceived or confused and we will not try to BLEND.

If you are not filled with the HS you may well be triggered ragey or just confused by this. Even if you are and you are NEW on your journey you may be.
This place is BIBLE AND HOLY SPIRIT AND THE ONE TRUE GOD led. There is no ‘your interpretation’ of what that means or of a different Jesus.
This is ACTUALLY all in on Gods way. Not an adjusted for the world version.
Said with love.
I still need to do a full training on this and perhaps sooner than later (ps I am adding this to the group this week).
The above things are straight entryway to the demonic. It’s not a full list.
If something in you wants to attack me for this or you get passive aggressive at anybody in here pointing this sort of stuff out… or you just don’t wanna hear it… I love you AND you have company. If you are using or have used these things you have company. As did I from a few of these things before I had the deception lifted. Mainly yoga. And trust me the demons all up in you are not gonna be happy with this. Satan is going to stir you in whatever way he can to keep you not seeing. ESPECIALLY since you joined here. Be vigilant.

Let’s go as WOMEN OF GOD. Actually though. Let’s seek and find HIM. And shed all that is not Him!

YES you are welcome here if you’ve been led to join and you do not deeply know the one true God nor have Him IN you. Which is several people.
But understand this space is what I said it is and it is GODS WORD FIRST and nothing nothing nothing which does not match scripture. All of us here have things which need shedding. So nobody is saying you need to be spiritually perfect. Lol. But perhaps part of why you’re here is learning what Gods way actually means.
And the terrible path of destruction and pain you’re headed down by allowing anything outside of that. His way is absolute freedom and you deserve it. And we WILL glorify Him and NO OTHER god or ungodly spirit or practice.
I don’t post this to judge. We have all been deceived. I’m posting for CLARITY and a call to arms.

We are here for the one true God and nothing else.

Additional notes:

I am not playing. I am all in CONVICTED ON GOD AND BY HIM.

There is no gradual slipper slope into things which are straight up demonic. The personal development world will have you say God and do things which are straight up not of Him. I was part of that problem. I’ve posted about this several times, and will continue to as led. I will not blur lines anymore. All all all said with love and a knowing that the deception is SO so real. You may be doing a REALLY good job at convincing yourself (and others, eek) that what I’m saying is the extreme version of God. There are no versions of God. Otherwise you just invented what suits you and whacked a feel good word on it.

The only answer to all of this is simply..

True relationship with God which comes by accepting Jesus, which is believing he died for you and rose again, and repenting for and asking for forgiveness for your sins, confessing you are a sinner and that you want to follow Him now and obey Him. You don’t need to figure out what to do about the above stuff… or about anything which will change in your life. His grace is what then empowers and equips you, by His Spirit. But you do need to lay down who you ARE, that’s the confessing bit. It inherently includes things you’re not yet aware of, this is true for all of us. If any part of you however you may feel by this post is just… wondering. Something. Knowing in your spirit. That these things above are NOT right and certainly not filling you up. Ask Him for a revelation. Start seeking. And if you mean it- you will find Him. He’ll show you. It all becomes very inherent.

The Secret Garden is for those who want to be consumed by the fire of the Lord. And you are willing to lay down ALL. And to learn and understand all led by HIM what this means. He is patient. But He will not be mocked.

This is not just ‘oh, yeah, I want to throw the word God or Holy Spirit in more and know the thinggsssss Kat, about biz and life’. lol. This is ALL in with God, and biz, money, purpose, identity, the supernatural, flow, you, ALL of it through that lens but WHOLLY.

I have any number of courses which are straight entrepreneur fire and you won’t get me spitting Holy Spirit truth at you as the SOLE foundation of how I teach. Many of which have already come down haha. And more WILL, as He shows me. But if you join this one … you are getting the thing where I partnered with and was given it FROM God. So don’t expect me to soften that fire or platitude you through by HIDING the truth and LYING to you. I won’t do that any where. But sure, in my older stuff, you can get biz without God. lol, enjoy.

I was made unapologetic for a reason. Now that it’s rightly in God first … yeh stuff is gonna get uncomfortable sometimes. This is a good thing. But as always it’s either for you or NO.

So if you want the full God thing … and to see biz money purpose the supernatural your identity flow ALL of it pour forth rightly …


That’s all.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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