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Business Mindset


Tick tick motherfucker –

Everything you need is already inside of you, it’s already there and it’s available, and if you allow and believe for it to be, it’s also already DONE.

This means –

Logically –

The more you chase the flow (for example), the more you push away the flow, because hey – ! If you had the damn flow already, you wouldn’t need to be chasing it, would you now? You’d have it, you’d be living with it and in it, and you’d BE it.

Same goes with MONEY, gurrrrllll, with love, with being hot, with being happy, with feeling the thangs you think you’d feel if you were ‘there’.

The second you go looking for it, or trying to figure out ‘how’, guess what? Boom, game over, or at least for this round. It was right there waiting for you the entire time, as well, just around the corner and ALREADY YOURS, but yet once again, with your energy of ‘why am I not THERE yet’, you pushed it away, and said –

“Not today baby, no not today. Today I choose to continue on in the story that I’m NOT there yet, and that there are things I need to do –

Oh so many things!

In order to be enough, have enough, have done enough, be GOOD enough, and maybe, one day, prove myself enough to be rewarded with the bountiful gifts from heaven above.”

You’ve GOT to get out of this mindset that there is a single thing you need to prove, work towards, or even, dare I say ‘make happen’.

Unless you can start to wrap your head around the idea that ‘make happen’ really means ALLOW to happen, by stripping away the bullshit, and realising that it really IS all already within.

How did I become a leader, ‘famous online’, where everybody knows my name and buys my shit?

I decided to. I appointed myself. And then I stepped the fuck up like it was already the CASE.

This is not ‘fake it till you make it’. This is ‘BE what you already ARE, and drop the motherfuckin’ story that you gotta first do or PROVE shit’.

Let’s get real here about why you WOULDN’T just go to that place / be that next level you / appoint yourself and show up accordingly …

There’s REALLY only one answer to this!


You can spin and twist it a million different ways, and come up with all the fancy ass reasons in the world as to why YOU can’t yet, not yet, not now, you don’t know how, and you didn’t GET appointed, but all of it boils down to fear.

‘Who am I to …’

‘What will they think …’

‘What if I can’t back it up …’

‘What if I fall flat on my face …!’

‘What if it’s HARD or it HURTS …?!’


Let me ask you to ask yourself something more useful:

What if you just started to ACT as though you WERE already that person?

What if you just BECAME the hot as fuck badass loved and in love HAPPY and free and HIGH ON LIFE leader who you see yourself as one day being?

What if you just dropped (now!) EVERYTHING that did not match up to that image?

And what if you just embodied (now!) everything that WOULD be true if you were already that person?

THIS is how it’s done.
This is how it’s always been done.
There is no other way.
Stop trying to complicate shit.

At the end of THIS VERY DAY, it’s very fucking simple –

Either you were the person, or no.

And at the end of your LIFE, it’s very fucking simple –

Either your days added up to one thing –

Or they did not.

What are you gonna choose then, huh? Or should I say – what are you gonna KEEP on choosing?

Tick tick.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


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Never forget – you are the fucking flow, and you are ALWAYS exactly where you need to be…
If you’ve forgotten that, perhaps it’s time to sit. Surrender. And be.



Stop Being Such A Pussy About Selling And Make Money Now!


Here we go, here we go, here we GOOOOOOOO!

I REVEAL IT ALL!! —>> My ENTIRE launch process!

 From ‘go’ to ‘woahhhhh!’
And everything in between, reverse engineered and broken down for YOU, with examples or templates for EACH step, totally yours to model / do-over and make your own

 How to tease / pre-launch!
And learn how to build anticipation, so that when your offer drops people are HOT AND EAGER AF TO BUY … then do!

 Pricing shit, gettin’ it right every time 

 Content and delivery shit!
Knowing exactly what to do and exactly how to do it so that it is PERFECT for your tribe and also your SOUL every time

 Sales page shit!
How to copywrite from SOUL, also what to include, and also when to use or not bother

Speaking of which –

 When to ignore ALL of all of the above and just randomly break all of the rules, even your own!

 Using intuition as your highest guiding sales force …
and also to kick your own ass

 Blocks to selling!
How to identify them and also ‘see’ them for what they are

 Getting over your ‘too much selling’ or ‘too much launching’ stuff!

 BECOME the person to whom daily selling is inherent, natural, and ‘just how it is’

 Switching on RECEIVING mode!

 Allow wealth to actually come to you … pretty critical so that all that selling actually pays off!

Special thingz ya need to know about –

 High vs low ticket,

 Membership / monthly subscriptions vs one offs

 Snazzy tricks like upsells / downsells, and

 How best to use payment options

 Tricks and tips on launching live events and retreats successfully

  Ideal launch time frame and daily activities as well as one-offs to include in that

 PROGRAMMING yourself to be the damn person who does the damn work and makes the damn money – the real mindset shit which I myself have done for years to be this person!


 My super cool ‘Launch Cheat Sheet’ for you to have as a handy reference and process tool to help you remember and implement all this!



I’m sharing DAILY implementation tips and strategies for the next 7 days to help you implement everything we go through in the deep dive training workshop.

I devised, downloaded and designed this for YOU!

LET’S GOOOOOOO!…/Launch-It-Motherfucker

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