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God is doing a new thing and it is leaving me breathless, in awe, humbled in a wanna drop to my knees shaking my head in wonder daily sort of a way, and all in all?

Just knowing He is GOD.

In this I find myself remembering also, that even in the tough times
the lonely times
the endless times
the vast expanse of seemingly-nothing times

God is God
God is good
God WAS there
And He will always BE there

And if we let Him,
ordering our steps
making clear our path
forging a destiny beyond what we could have dreamed
or known to know
as He leads us like the good good Father He is into the place He promised for us
prepared for us
and IS for us

The prayer He has put on my heart today, for me and for you, is that we would KNOW Him as good, true, faithful, who He says He is and ready to perform what He promises He would, His words surely hitting the ground as does the rain or the snow, REGARDLESS the season.

Right now I am in a season of miracles abounding, NEW things which were dreamed and visioned and yearned for and cried over and which seems so far away still springing through the earth, God is outdoing Himself on the daily, His provision and blessing beyond what I would ever have thought to ask, at the same time there are various parts of my life which are … prickly, to say the least. Which would be scary, frustrating, painful, or angry-making without God. And yet even in those parts when I look through the Kingdom eyes He gives me ALL I see is good and ALL I believe is that He IS good and that He will do what He said.

And so I seek Him, I chase Him, I pursue Him, I go after Him and the wisdom He promises to always give generously when we ask, and then I go some more, because a little while ago,

a long lost time ago,
another version of me ago,
when I struggled to even believe that one day I COULD believe,
there was a moment in time where I heard Him simply say –

“And what if you decided to just believe me?”

In that moment everything just fell away, the thinking, the wondering, the questioning, the seeking to figure out, the doubting, the ‘but I need to know or understand this or that’ or ask 10 people and I just said – “yes”.

I can be the most infuriatingly of detail-orientated people, I want and ‘need’ to know everything, hem and haw, go back and forth a million times, but I am also the kind of person who, when something just hits me?

I will acquiesce immediately without a second glance.

If I’ve done that with entire vocations,
countries to live in,
or newly (!) in relationship,


And can I tell you? Will I? Shall I? I will!

Ah, no. Sorry! The story is not ‘then everything changed right that very day’. But it IS –

I had made a decision.
I believed my decision.
And I turned to God again and again and again when my mind or emotion wanted me to question that decision.

I just.kept.believing.

“Oh, you think you’re ever gonna meet ‘the’ man Kat; it’s probably 10 years away or maybe not at all!”

– I’m just going to believe God on the visions and promises He showed me last year, and core parts of that which were definitely not a ’10 year away’ vision. I’m just going to believe Him that He HAS given me a new spirit and heart and is renewing my mind daily in Him, that my desires are rearranged and led by Him, and that what He planted in me and I said yes to in His Name will SURELY come to pass.

“Oh, you think that you won’t have to go the long route with your kids in their teens before they come fully to God?”

– I’m just going to believe Him when He said He will disciple our children, He will restore the lost years, the latter days will be better than the former, and that I can call things that are not as though they are.

“Oh, you think YOU don’t have to personally figure out or sort out all the mess already made and now still there in the areas of your life where YOU did a thing before coming fully back to Him?”

– I’m just going to believe Him when He said cast our concerns onto Him and that they ARE then no longer our concern.

I’m just going to believe Him.
I’m just going to believe Him.
I’m just going to believe Him.
I’m just going to believe Him.
I’m just going to believe Him.

And on or in any occasion where it seems like maybe that’s a crazy idea, or I’m gonna make a fool of myself, or just be left hanging?

I’m just going to believe Him anyway.

Do you get it?
Don’t you see?

You CAN hem and haw all you like.
You can take all day if you like.
God is patient, and He is never not there.
You can take all of your LIFE if you like.

But isn’t the whole point just … NOT to wait til the last minute and get the eternity bit without the His Kingdom IN AND THROUGH YOUR LIFE on earth bit?

And what if today were simply
the day
you just

It’s just an idea of course,
as you remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Oh, God is doing a GOOD thing, a NEW thing, a WOW thing, a what even IS that thing, it is a you and me thing, well – it’s a HIM thing, it’s the thing of Him BEING Him and in that?


Honestly, I am just brimming over with His joy and peace right now and kind of don’t know where to start in bringing this into the INVITE, but here goes –

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ps you really really should be in! I am just so excited about all He is doing in there!

You can join Warfare Prayer here and wait for that HOLY FIRE & FLOW WOW when you watch that first day training from yesterday –

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DM me about that one. You know where I’m at!

Yeah He’s good 😉

I love you and I’m praying for you!

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