Purpose, Resting in God


God has a plan and a man for me, and it is better even than what I could imagine.

Lord help me to just write real quick what you would have me write

God has a plan for you and a man for you, and both are better even than what you could imagine.

Fine, you can take out the man bit if that’s already known and done; I was just riffing off one of my own declarations (cough: phone wallpaper), in order to say to you this:

Whatever fear or doubt or uncertainty or ‘who am I’ or ‘why would I ever get to’ you might have going on up in there?

God has an answer for it.

He has a plan.

It is a good plan, one for hope and a future.

And it is most DEFINITELY beyond what you could imagine.

I’ve had times where I’ve wondered if maybe God doesn’t have a plan for me on certain things. Maybe it IS His will for me to be single, or single for decades to come, for example. Maybe the things I dream of or see relevant to my writing and purpose work are just flights of fancy, ‘one day’ possibilities; maybe where I’ve gotten is as far as I’m going and I should be content in that!

I’ve thought that sort of stuff TONS of times.

I’ve had times where I’ve been ravaged or temporarily derailed or even numbed out and jumping into destructive patterns because loneliness got to me, or frustration, or an idea that if I was gonna get things moving it was on me and so I best be hopping to it.

These ways of thinking are NORMAL. Human normal. NATURAL.

That’s why we need God and to surrender DAILY to Him so we can walk by the amazing person of the Holy Spirit and look through Kingdom eyes to see what He would have us see!

And of COURSE I, you, all of us, should be and GET to be content with what we have and where we are now. I’m not suggesting otherwise when I suggest that God has MORE for you.

Being content now actually has nothing to do with knowing that of COURSE there is more to come. Of COURSE if God planted a desire within you then He has a plan for it. And of COURSE if God said it – it’s happening!

“Oh, but did God say it, did He say it to me, I just dunno, maybe I AM that person who stops at this level of the game!”



Reach into the pocket of your dressing gown where you thought there was just fluff, pull OUT the analgesic, and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.

(If you get that ref you now know just how old school and also nerdy I actually am. And I welcome you, officially, to a level only few people will ever understand or attain).

Because here is the thing we know for SURE, in God.

There is ALWAYS more.


When our eyes are fixed on Him and we have a heart to obey Him, we can trust that our desires are RIGHT. Meaning: of Him!

Pray this prayer right now – ! “Lord, rearrange my desires to make them yours”.

It’s not about them gaily going your own way, ‘la-di-dah, all my desires are right and Imma gonna do my own thing now’. The whole point is we are submitting to and DAILY choosing His way, handing over ALL that we are or ever could be without Him.

But we need to stop worrying and second-guessing and getting confused. Confusion is of the devil. Doubt and fear and uncertainty, and a continual worry of getting it wrong – also not of God!

For me it was a steady, almost imperceptibly incremental adjustment to allow my faith to grow as I sought God, gradually learned what it meant to have my lens or worldview His, adopted the term and the way of being in Him of having Kingdom eyes in all that I do, and eventually DECIDED, based on a deep knowing He planted in my spirit, to trust Him.

As part of that, to trust that He had given me and does continue to give me, right and Godly desires.

So if I have a desire and a knowing for a godly marriage … I am believing it is done. In and of His will and timing. But done.

More than that, I am also believing I can seek Him for revelation, vision, insight, and His direct word on this. Which I did. Which did and does continue to result in: revelation. Vision. Insight. And the direct words from God and promises from Him on aspects of this. Which means I now have PROMISES from God on this topic. And we know what that means!

I’ve done this also relevant to my desire-which-I-felt-God-gave-me of more children. Of restoration and renewal in my home. Of many things to do with my current children. And yes, relevant to the furtherment of my writing, my books, my business, and all I am here to do pertaining to YOU.

And in each case God has blessed me with dreams. Visions. Words from Him, directly to me as well as via others. Prophetic downloads. Revelatory moments on repeat. PROMISES. And a DIRECT AND CERTAIN KNOWING THAT HE WILL PERFORM WHAT HE SAID.

Do you realise we can press in to receive what God has for us in a given area?

Do you realise He instructs us to do that?

Do you realise you don’t have to walk around scared and uncertain, and in fact it is something to hand over and even repent for right now if you have been?


I guess all I’m saying is –

there’s a better way.

Got it?

Get it?

GONNA go and get it?


Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



I’ve been putting off just directly saying to you the thing I actually wanna directly just say, and also?

Know I must.

And that thing is this –

The Secret Garden?

Is a place so phenomenal. A place so ‘what even IS this and how did this HAPPEN Lord?”

A place so simply … wow, and I mean a wow of holy awe and wonder, that the truth is?

I have told myself a story I don’t quite know how to talk about it in order to simply just – invite you in.

How do I articulate a space which God gave me for the faith-led entrepreneur who is ready to go ALL in on what He has for her in business, money, life, and which of course I KNEW would be beyond extraordinary, but which then became so supernaturally and divinely inspired, led, activated, and CHARGED that each and every day is a bubbling over of joy and gratitude for me as well as those walking with me in there?!

I told myself ‘I need to make it more clear’. ‘I need to explain better what it is’. ‘I need to somehow get across exactly what happens in there!’

Wanna know what I think, on reflection (and prayer!) is actually true?

I need to simply start inviting you in more.

Here is the ‘too long just give me the crux of it’ version:

If God is calling you to a deeper walk right now, my low-cost membership, The Secret Garden, is the place He gave me for you.

And it is freaking mind-blowing miracles on the daily + of course.

Oh, my new 10 day live course Warfare Prayer?

Same as all my core curriculum courses (usually one new one each month) – included.

Come drop in on the prophetic word God gave me for this place, and join us,




What else:

1) NEW GIRL IN TOWN is 30 days 1:1 with me, starting end of Jan, to completely strip out + reveal the way YOU are meant to write | speak | unleash in order to maximise da millions from flow (let’s just say it as it is). It is full highest level private. Visit www.thekatrinaruthshow.com/newgirlintown for deets.

2) WARFARE PRAYER is my new + live 10 day course, straight Holy Spirit led fire and flow which you KNOW is gonna go beyond what I could possibly imagine. www.thekatrinaruthshow.com/warfareprayer for deets. It’s $99 or pay in two! FREE when you’re in The Secret Garden

3) Feb 18-21 Gold Coast retreat for 5 women only is happening! Come ensconce yourself in the mountains with me and let’s lay down the ENTIRE thing, and then? SPEAK IT IN TO BEING. DM to know more!

4) You are totally meant to be in The Secret Garden! Just saying!


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