Business online used to be so simple.

I remember when we used to post and email simply because we had something to say.

It was a genuine conversation, and nobody had even thought of doing anything differently to that.

We were all new to this whole social media thing and it was just a fascinating new toy which we didn’t even consider using as a marketing ‘tool’. Sure, maybe there was some sort of idea of it being helpful in business and I’m sure there were front runners out there strategising and funnel-makin’ long before the rest of us, but I’m literally talking the era where we thought it was actually RELEVANT to reply to Facebook’s daily question of what was on our mind that day and there really wasn’t much more to it!

When I started using Facebook for business the idea of intentional or curated content just hadn’t even occurred to me. There was no NOTION even of posting for engagement, for growth, with any sort of consideration of whether or not what we were saying was even of interest! We LITERALLY just posted our thoughts.

And things we thought were helpful or interesting to whoever it was we were speaking to. The whole thing was quite childlike in its beauty and naiveté in that you genuinely assumed the whole world (whichever world you were speaking to) was listening and you posted as though in an active and very ‘everyday’ conversation.

It was speaking WITH people, not to them.

Somewhere along the way, even those of us who have always genuinely wanted to be just about authenticity started to think about how to do our content.

Somewhere along the way, even those of us born to just naturally write, speak, pour forth, express, started to take into account the ‘right’ way to do this in order to match the requirements or trends of the platform.

Somewhere along the way, we noticed that one thing seemed to work better than another. Or that some young whipper snapper out there was all of a sudden gettin’ a whole bunch of attention by posting something shocking, or controversial, or just wildly interesting, and we started to think –

about how to be.

Can you imagine having a really great group of friends, maybe some super close ones, maybe a bunch of good acquaintances, perhaps a big ole spread out group where you all meet up regularly for whatever reason, and it’s just a GOOD time.

You feel comfortable there, you can be yourself, you let it out, you’re naturally funny, engaging, witty, can go deep, you’re YOU.

And then bit by bit more people keep joining the group. Which is cool! More conversation. More connection. More community. Yay!

But then a couple meet ups down the line, you start to notice something. It’s kind of … hm, well, crowded. But actually that’s not really the issue, it’s more that, hm … well.

You feel less … noticed. What’s weird is, you’re still having great conversations. Going deep. All the things! Yet you are just … AWARE. That maybe there are hotter / better / more fascinating / more INTERESTING people.

Maybe you’re missing out on some convo across the room? Maybe somebody is missing out on YOU? Let’s be honest, you’ve been used to being FULLY seen, known, accepted, wanted, and also to standing out in a room. Just a lil bit! And it’s not that you’re not, it’s that, well – shouldn’t you be MORE? In all possible ways?

All of a sudden you’re aware of a whole bunch of other ways you could be bringing your best to these gatherings.

You could dress differently, dress more to impress. Nothing wrong with making a bit of effort, is there?!

You could prepare a few great stories. Nobody needs to know if you embellish just a teensy bit.

You could be LOUDER, that’s it! Louder and also LAUGH more. People like laughing, right?! And besides, last time there was that crazy funny girl and everybody seemed to REALLY love her. I mean, you’re funny! But maybe you could be MORE funny.

And just like that,
bit by bit,
without it remotely being necessary because you simply rockin’ who you are was ALWAYS going to be natural magnetic juice to the people who are for you,
you’ve gone from simply hangin’ out, sharing, conversing, communicating, connecting, and being part of a natural community –

to thinking about how to be.

It’s still you! Just … dialled up. More intentional. BETTER. You’re sure of it.


Except –


Just one thing.

Those meet ups you used to feel so relaxed, happy, lit up by, they’re just a LITTLE bit tiring now for some reason. Teensy teensy bit. You notice you have less natural leaning to attend in the first place. You never even used to think about it! And now it’s a hem and a haw and a convincing yourself that of COURSE you wanna go; you’ve always loved going, you LOVE having a chat and a drink and a laugh and seeing your peeps! So surely you DO want to go? Why wouldn’t you?! You can’t figure it out.

So you keep going. You try harder to be peppy, happy, on. You put more EFFORT in. Maybe even take a little course on how to better win friends and influence people. That’s a smart thing to do, surely?!

And bit by bit,

month by month,

moment by moment,

it just gets … harder.

Less rewarding somehow.

But yet still something deep down you DO know is for you. It’s not as though you don’t want community?!

Yet the reality is that even though you don’t want to leave,

you don’t know how to stay.

And somewhere deep deep within, in a place you’ve almost yet not quite forgotten existed, you just remember when it used to be as simple as opening mouth,

and letting things out.

And you wonder –

‘could I ever dare to just go back to that?’

Knowing deep down that you MUST. Yet so tangled in who you’ve made yourself to be that you wouldn’t know where to start.


is the difference between being somebody who was born to create message and share,

and being another content creator on the internet, making sure that their hoops is the prettiest and shiniest for people to jump through.

I promise you,

there’s a different way.

Pretend you don’t even know the whole thing exists,

that there are no rules and no way to be,

and return to the basics.

Open mouth. Pour out things. And let what it was ALWAYS actually meant to be about not only ensue, but also become the foundation you’ve been looking for, for a business that TRULY lets you just show up and be you.


That’s it.

Just something to think about today,

as you remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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