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There’s a saying amongst Holy Spirit led Christian gals and I’m sure it’s not just the gals and it’s also not just Christians, because duh, this is just a trendy Instagram catch-cry of 2023, but, well –

If you know you know.
And ONCE you know?
You can’t not know.

Before everybody messages me to make sure I know that YOU were saying this before 2023, lol ME TOO, I KNOW. Can I just have the segue?! ‘k thanks.

Because here is my point –

There’s a certain point on the journey of falling into God where you realise you fell so fully, so firmly, and with such absolute and final surrender, that, well –

there’s no coming back.

There is no longer an OPTION to not know. In fact that option was already moved some time ago (you realise), but you may have taken a minute to really catch up.

At this point OF catching up, no matter the so-called fallout, the shock, the horror, the ‘am I really going to walk away from THAT’ which may pertain to any part of your life but possibly a reasonable chunk of it, it really is as simple as this:

“Where else would I even be right now? Where else COULD I even be?”

I’ve been saying some version of this repeatedly in my DMs this morning, after announcing yesterday that I am quitting success.

I am walking away from my multiple 8-figure ‘self-made’ (vomits in mouth) coaching business to ONLY now pursue God, and, well – WATCH WHAT HE DOES.

If you missed that, I’ve exited stage left on my personal brand IG and am now to be found @iamkatrinaruth. If you want the lowdown on the success quitting, there is a highlights folder with the stories about it. I’ll keep adding to that. And I’m sensing there may even be a book in the works just quietly.

The short version is I am quitting ambition. The pursuit of more. Entrepreneurial gainzzzzz, which are never ever met because there IS always a next level. And the general ‘coaching industry’ lens which I have been blessed to be one of the founders and key leaders of for coming up to 2 decades now!

I am grateful for the love, the laughs, the lessons, the people, all of it, and –

the (Katrina Ruth) show has been canceled.

After a very successful and completely wondrous 18 years, the show has been canceled due to unresolvable differences.

The key one being:

I am no longer interested in building or sustaining a thing myself.

And I am now solely in the pursuit of God, not success.

So am I closing up shop? Retiring to my beachfront bookstore / cafe / wine bar, which I’ve talked about for years? Trekking to the mountains for a silent retreat with the Lord? Well, definitely the last one anytime! But, well – no. Not exactly.

Truth is I don’t know exactly what this means.

My coaching business courses will remain; I’ve already removed what God led me to remove.

And my online presence will also remain, albeit with different branding and also different locations.

My primary location will be my email newsletter (sign up still at, and then it’s IG @iamkatrinaruth as well as (newly revived, so bear with me) X @FaithFireFlow (just search my name if it doesn’t come up, as I only just changed the handle).

I may pop up elsewhere; we will see!

It might seem weird to start afresh on an IG with less than 1k followers rather than simply rebrand my larger account, but nobody said I’m in the business (now or previously!) of not being weird.

You KNOW that the way ALL of this works for ANY of us, really is – you gotta yes your yes. And it’s simply not a yes for me anymore to use my existing/ previously primary social media platforms.

This includes my business FB. Say buh-bye.

The thing which is kind of funny with this situation is – it’s as though everything is changing and nothing is changing all at once.

I’m continuing to teach live IN my current live containers, being my membership (and the place God gave me for the faith-led entrepreneur) The Secret Garden, and my current live course Become the Leader Now.

I will also continue to create my smaller home-study courses as God leads; such as (current) Faith on the Edge. These lower cost courses are included in my membership, and also sold separately.

I will STICK to what God told me 2 weeks ago though (which I then back-tracked on) and not create any more new LIVE courses.

The Secret Garden is the place to be in my space ongoing live.

I also heard God say “forget high ticket coaching ever existed”. PHEW this was good! I love this because it HIGHLIGHTED to me what all of this is really about.

We look at who we are through lenses.

“I am a mother”.

“I am a daughter of God”.

“I am a wife”. (supernaturally; introductions are pending so don’t be backward in coming forward if you gotta man of God hiding in your friend circles who you think I should meet 😉 ;))

“I am an athlete”.

“I am a writer”.

“I am a queen of the online coaching world / multi-blah blah coa – “


This is what it came down to for me. I’ve been being stripped off and crumbled to pieces all year by God, WILLINGLY, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. (God does not force!).

And … I thought we were done with the big adjustments.

After all, since May alone He has led me to create an entire new body of work comprising several signature course, both faith-centred and entrepreneurial, a bunch of smaller courses and challenges, several masterclasses and workshops, a digital event, and an entire membership!

The reason ‘nothing changes’ is that everything I AM doing currently is all fully God led and Holy Spirit partnered. It’s where I am meant to be.

But the reason ‘everything changes’ is I was still coming to God through a LENS of ‘what do you want me to do in my COACHING business next God? What is the vision for my coaching biz / me as ‘that girl’ online?’

I was seeing it as who I am.

And then I just heard God say –

“That’s not who I am calling you to be”.


“forget certain parts of it ever existed” (because I was assuming that, well … God would show me the ‘next big high level mastermind’, because isn’t that what we DO?!)


(which this one He told me months ago!)

“where we are going those things can’t come”


“the door is now closing to that season”.

I could go on.

A month or so ago, one of my best friends, who has also run my ads for me for some years, said to me “I think inevitably you’ll just go all in on the God stuff, and walk away from the business”.

At the time I thought – but that IS what I’m doing. My business IS now all about God and what He directs. I felt slightly taken aback that it could even be considered I had not already done that!

What I didn’t see that was in my heartfelt desire to surrender my all to God and ONLY walk the path He had for me … after 43 years of including God IN my plan I now submitted this year to Him BEING my only plan … what I didn’t see was that I was still assuming God saw me as who I had made myself into being.

It seemed logical.
Of course.
And at least PART of what I am here to do, to perpetuate success and the ‘aligned attainment’ of in the entrepreneurial space.

When the truth is that even my own content on ‘growing / next leveling / elevating money flow’ etc just is so MEH to me.

The truth is I just don’t care about what I used to care about.

I don’t mean I or anyone I am here to impart to / be a vessel of God to should just go hide under a rock and forget about doing big things in the world.

We are whoever God has anointed us to be. For me and many in my space I still believe that includes stewarding BIG things through our messaging, platforms, finances, etc.

But …

you simply can’t be who God is anointing you to be if you’re too busy to accept the anointing, to steward it, or to be on time for the appointment.

God is patient, and He is also unfailingly willing to allow us our own free will.

We always have the choice of doing ‘our version’ of what we think He brought us here for.

I just decided to stop making that choice, that’s all.

I don’t believe that will result in me disappearing off the internet, not least because He has poured many visions of things to pour out into me even of late. The continued and more deeply planted (seeing as how I’ve quit all money-makin’ coaching biz-niz things and will have more time and space) Secret Garden being one of them. FINALLY proper time on my books being another. And other things I won’t mention also bubbling away.

But you know what?
If He DOES pull me off the internet at some point, and plant me solely in local community and speaking (for example) I’ll say yes.

Because I have learned that the life I DON’T want to look back on is one where I insisted on who I am.

I am who GOD says I am. And I’m happy to wait as He shows me.

Right now that means putting down the thing which I picked up, namely – a persona of online ‘such and such figure’ coach.

I’m sick of carrying it.
I don’t care anymore.
I trust and know God will continue to direct me such that my message goes out to who it should go out to, and my paid work He gives me too.
But from here on out?

It’s no longer “God help me know what to do with the thing that I started” and instead:

“God, what does our dance look like today?”

It’s a funny thing when you decide to no longer be somebody who you for years have been, and who most everybody sees you as.

Sometimes there are massive practical changes to be made.

Other times it’s as simple and yet shocking as realising you were carrying around and weighed down by an entire identity which was never or just no longer yours.

All of which is to say –



I’m glad you’re still here.

One thing which has apparently not changed about me is that whatever I’m transitioning through and having raw bloody bits of me ripped off around I am simultaneously sharing with you on a silver platter via my words.

I trust,
as always,
it serves.

And that you remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



So here’s the invite.

Because 2 days ago when the Lord started dropping all this in my heart I was thinking ‘okay! cool! no new things! no things then!’.

And then He reminded me – “Kat. I GAVE you The Secret Garden. THAT is the place which is meant to be growing. That’s it right now!”.

Do you know what’s funny? I’ve been wriggling and squirming and resisting God on this for monthsssss in some way.

It’s weird, because I LOVE The Secret Garden, and am Holy Ghost lit on fire when I am in there! Which is OFTEN, as it’s my live membership on all things, well … all things. For the faith-led woman and entrepreneur who is simply READY, for all God HAS for her.

But I guess I was doing that thing where you kinda sorta shirk the call God has put on you because, well – human. Mind. The natural. And maybe also an element of ‘why would it be able to be that simple for me?’. I should create MORE MORE MORE; THAT is who I am!

Yet I just keep hearing God saying –

You are who I SAY you are.

And in order to pour forth what I want to put in you, you need to stop adding extra bits which I didn’t say to do.


Instead go deeper with what I DID give you. Let it be DEEPLY planted. And stop concerning yourself with where the business is going. IT’S NO LONGER ABOUT THAT.


Yes of course this is not a literal / full forgetting of. And it is also not be NOT being so so grateful for the season that WAS.

And yes. I get that my work and many of my clients’ exists theoretically in that world, but it is a LENS, yeah? Which impacts what you think the focus is or should be. God is saying … I (He) create the focus! Stop assuming reality when I want to take you further into the unseen realm which IS real!

I say all of THAT to say –

I am going to be quiet now and do what I am told.

God gave me The Secret Garden.
It is an incredible space, filled with incredible women who are seeking God and His way in every facet of their business, finances, relationships, and like.
These women are all at various stages of their walk with God, in some cases peeking through the door and in other cases decades in!

What we all have in common is:

God is calling us to a NEW thing.
And He is making it clear that where we are going the old things no longer apply.

I want to invite you to join The Secret Garden.

It’s where you are meant to be, if you’re in my space.

It’s where God has SHOWN me for you to be, as THE primary way to be IN my space.

I will continue as He leads to create my smaller home-study courses + masterclasses and so on, so those options exist for you as well. They are all included in The Secret Garden though, so it works out way way better cost wise to just be in 😉

I’m sorry that I haven’t gone ALL in on boldly sharing that this IS the space. Those who are in already would certainly shake their heads at me on this as it is, simply, PHENOMENAL. Prob ’cause God made it not me. Ha. (Not to say I don’t appreciate my own ideas, but … y’know).

I’ve decided that for the time being I’m going to include a complimentary 1:1 call with me for everyone who joins. I don’t know how long I’ll do this for, it’s just what I’m led on right now! If you’re already in and would like one, just message me. This is not on the page, just DM me after you join.

I’m excited to welcome you IN gorgeous, and on this new season journey with me. I’m excited to continue to be the girl who is somehow simultaneously ON the journey and also SHARING the journey. And I’m SO excited to officially say:

I’m quitting the pursuit of success.

And then?

I just did.

There’s a different way.


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