Like rocket fuel out of the boo-tay

“What do you think the difference is?”

My friend Andy and I were on a quick breath take between sets of lunges on the smith machine, the top off to another KILLLLLLERRR legs sess, and talking about how few people out there –

entrepreneurs or no –


actually think and operate at the kind of level that, well, we do.

We being my Andy and myself obviously, as well as various other friends and clients and colleagues around the world, and of course my INCREDIBLE incredible life partner James.

A decent little list of peeps who TRULY play life in a way that transcends the physical are certainly in my life, but all in all?

It’s still a pretty small group.

See I know a LOT of badass entrepreneurs.

I know TONS of people with a KILLER (and successful) business.

I know guys and girls from Nimbin to New York who are doin’ the damn thing of making a difference in the world and also creating their own dream life!

But people who are on.their.mission day in and day out to refuse NOT to go all the way, whatever that means for them?

Who also have the ability to PLAY at that level, to operate from that space, to freakin’ THINK fast enough, let alone to move worlds within worlds and all before breakfast or WHATEVER IT IS THAT TAKES THEIR FANCY TO DO?


but they’re few and far between.

There are only a VERY few people, spanning the course of my life, who fit the category of ‘can think at the level of me and beyond’.

Are you one of them?

Odds are probably not. Sorry, nothing personal. I’m just workin’ on pure maths. See, we’re talking not only about the ‘1% within the 1%’, in terms of how peeps operate, create, achieve. I’ll give you that you’re most likely THAT. But what I’m talking about is WITHIN that 1% within 1%, there is a 1% within the 1% within the 1%.

Or something.

These are the people who ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY will end up with the 8, 9, fuck 10-figure empire, but better still than monies –

these are the people who live and breathe purposeful living AND achieving / allowing through / becoming EVERYTHING they know is there for them.









They may not yet have every area of their life mastered. But make no mistake –

they’re gunna.

It’s obvious.


Like rocket fuel out of the ass.


They ARE the fire.

When I’m in a conversation … or workout … or cross-planet energetic somethin’ somethin’ with these people,

I go into a vortex.

Another place.

So do they.

We go all GALACTIC and shit.


We do this on REPEAT.

And the extended seeing never ENDS.

Normal people? And I mean the SO-called 1% within the 1%? They just can’t be in this conversation. They just can’t. It is what it is. But yeah, sure, they create some badass outcomes for themselves and for others and they definitely operate beyond the actual ‘norm’.

“So what do you think is the difference?”, Andy asked.

Great question, I thought. I took just a moment to tune in on that.

– “Intelligence, firstly. It does take a high level of natural born intellect. A RARE level.

But beyond that –

(and more importantly than that)

– it’s just how they see themselves. They refuse NOT to. They’re more driven, and more ambitious”.

And then I nailed it –

“Others see where they want to go, and they work towards it, and they’re willing to do ‘x’ amount.

We see where we WILL be, and we act FROM that place, and we do what is required NO MATTER WHAT”.


That’s it.

So who are YOU?

After the gym, I was driving down to Broadbeach, the next coastal town down from where we trained, and where I like to get my breakfast and blogging on. Which I am doing right now as I channel and clarify these morning thoughts for you!

I was listening to a Voxer audio from one of my Inner Circle clients Caroline. She made 180k (pounds sterling) in sales and 115k cash taken in the first month after working with me. A huuuuuuggggggggeee increase.


Because she said yes to soul, duh, not just in working with me, but with other BIG things in her life at the time, and also, CRITICALLY, with how she then started to IMMEDIATELY show up as we begun our mentoring. Even as we led INTO it.

She began to act FROM.

She is now CONTINUING to act FROM.


doing whatever she is shown to do regardless how out there.

Let’s say it as it is:

Few have the cojones for this.

No matter how smart or ambitious they are.

So it also takes mad levels of courage. In addition to what I wrote above. Let’s remember courage is a choice!

Anyway, she shared her next CRAZY ass who TF do you think you are vision with me.

“You HAVE to”, I said. (She already knows this). “You can’t NOT say yes to this, but also –

it’s been coming up in a few different ways for a while now.

Just remember you do have to CHOOSE it.

Otherwise you’ll just keep working TOWARDS it,

probably put in a lot of effort.

And never BECOME it.

I went on –

(and I love how these analogies just float down from the heavens for me all the time!)

“It’s like being Christian. That’s something that actually has to be decided. It’s a choice. It doesn’t mean you then have to act good or perfect or anything! That’s not what being Christian means.

There are people who say ‘I live a Christian life’, or they aspire to have Christian type morals or beliefs or behaviours, whatever they think that means. But they have it wrong. They’re always ‘trying to be good or perfect or proper’. That doesn’t make them Christian!

Christians are not good and perfect and proper. Trust me, I know plenty! Haha. They are human AF. And yes, they are good people, great people, AMAZING people. Some of my favourite people. But being CHRISTIAN is not about ACTING a certain way!! That’s misguided AF.

Being Christian is – a decision. A decision to say yes to God, to Jesus in your life, to then be in a relationship with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and to adopt His beliefs and principles. But it is NOT ‘I then try to be this or that or even to THINK or BELIEVE this or that’. It’s about – the decision coupled with time drawing close to God will naturally shift your behaviour over time.

You will fuck up ALL the time.

But you ARE Christian –

because you decided to be.

NOT because of what you did.

Whereas the peeps who try to ‘get there’ on works, behaviour, well –

they can’t.

They can work their life away,

and they’ll never be there.

But I’m sure they did some good shit along the way”.

Do you get it?

Who do YOU want to be?

Who ARE you being?

And what do you choose now?

Just like being Christian, you can’t have it both ways –

You’re in or out.

You’re either in the camp of “I want to be THERE, and so I will work TOWARDS it, and I will do ‘this much'”. Always adjusting how much you’ll do over time.


you’re in the camp of “I WILL be there, and I choose to say yes to that now. I give my life. And I will do whatever is required as I am shown it along the way”.

In the end it’s very simple:

you become what you put yourself in the space of being.