Your business is not the thing which is supposed to fuel you.

Your purpose work? It’s not the thing to feed yourself with.

Your ‘doin’ of what only you can do and doin’ it well, so it impacts the people, makes the monies, creates the destiny’?

It’s not supposed to be what you need to light you up.

The problem with taking your flow things,

your you things,

your ‘I can’t imagine life without this’ things,

and turning them into the DO things,

that you have to do,

that you better to,

or else!

Telling yourself a story that you gotta be FEELING it, and that it’s gotta be, well, fuelling YOU to feel –

is it takes the flow right outta the place it flew from,

and it turns it into rules,

order of the NON expansive kind,

and a gradual brittling and drying up of your soul, your heart, your pussy, your bank account.

It turns YOU into a monkey who is dancing on the street for peanuts.

Even if they are very large and very juicy and very delightful peanuts –

you still a primate beggin’ for a nut baby.

And there ain’t much soul in that.

So, maybe it’s a dance or a beg you don’t much mind!

Maybe it’s one you can even GET your vibe on with if you keep at it for a bit!

But it’s still just you doing shit you think you better do and doing it SO THAT IT FEEDS AND FUELS YOU.

Or, alternatively, NOT doing it and not getting fed, paid, fuelled, anything, because you’re not doing the work!

What a ridiculous vicious cycle.

And one which is ENTIRELY unnecessary when you realise that YOUR BUSINESS DOES NOT NEED TO SOUL FUEL YOU.

And, even if it does, which is GREAT, entirely desirable and indeed entirely recommended in some capacity –


You bought into the whole idea of having alignment, getting paid to be fully you, doing only what you love and can’t not, and well done you for doing so! Well done for dreaming, and wanting, and hoping, and pushing and being willing to do the work! You GET –

to have it all.

Just as you imagined and knew, deep in your soul, beneath the place where fear never lived, it always one would be.


to be on your terms,

in a way that lights and lifts you,

of course!

But no –


And you HAVE to stop asking it to.

Demanding that it meetings the gaping black hole demands of a job it never said yes to doing.

A job which automatically WILL be a gaping black hole when you give it to ANYTHING except for the only place it CAN ever be given, the place within you.

I can PROMISE you that if you continue to look to your business as being some kind of saviour, the thing which you ‘need’ in order to feel this or that or the other, or even if you simply expect that it SHOULD do this for you, you’ll soon enough enter a slowly circling the drainpipe sort of a situation in which EVENTUALLY you will have to wake up and realise that the shit you’re looking for is and always has been nothing more than an energy and connection within YOU.

While there may be things in life which help you to tap IN to that –

you are the only actual active ingredient in the situation.

Take all the things away,

and you can still be you.

Take all the you away,

and we got a serious problem.

One which plays out every day in business when people continue to do ‘the things’, and wonder why they’re no longer working. Or while they’re no longer ‘giving them’ that feeling!

The feeling comes from YOU! It’s not GIVEN to you, not by anyone or any thing.

So if you want to continue to live in the turmoil of either not feeling what you think you should be feeling even though you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing,

or the equally horrible turmoil of not actually doing ANY fucking thing, and just spinning your wheels, because you think you need to feel in order to act,

then by all means.

Keep making your business your fuel source.

You’re basically like a gas tanker trying to take gas OUT of the pumps,

licking the floor in case there’s still a drop left,

and then wondering why you can’t get the taste of gravel

out of the back of your throat no matter how many hyped up pretend you’re still alive selfies you wash it all down with.

Wake up.

You are the source for your art.

Quit being such a deluded selfish bitch (not the good kind) and trying to make it the other way round.

Asleep never looked good on you.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


– dreamer. wanderer. soul led creator. One who was born for MORE.

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Which means?

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>>> It’s not about the do. The push. The win. When who you are when you only go within naturally PLACES you at the top,

but of the right fucking mountain.

The one that was always YOURS.

And then you finally WENT there.

Here’s the thing, for us, about allowing an expanse of RECEIVING.

And always was.

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> it’s time.