I learned a long time ago not to question whether it meant I am not ‘doing something right’ to keep creating.

I was born to let things through. It is like BREATH to me to do so.

Praise the Lord I get to now do it only in what is TRUE!

My older courses are not God centred. I have deleted where He has told me to, and continue to make adjustments as led. All of my new / now / current work is ONLY God led, aka instructed by Him and partnered fully with the Holy Spirit in its teaching.

Just a few days ago – 5 days after I wrote my new book Possess the Land … go comment on my IG post if you want the link when it is live TOMORROW … plus a free audio on pulling through from the supernatural … I went into the secret space with God, 

and responded to a spark He had given me 2 days prior to that.

As you will read in the introduction, He had told me to go sit in The Secret Garden, relevant to my business.

In doing so, I wrote this book … by hand in my journal … lol the cramps … and I thought it was *just* about the book. I thought I was delaying or distracted that I didn’t publish it right away that day. I was trying to work out what call to action I should add at the end. Maybe make a free little mini course?

I didn’t know that THIS was about to happen.

I didn’t know He would have me write an entire download to invite YOU into The Secret Garden. I didn’t know it was to become THE new core thing.

It still wasn’t til this morning that it hit me, OH – 

the book will flow into The Secret Garden.


(Ps … do you get yet that there’s a different way?)

A few days passed, and on the weekend just gone the SPARK I mention 3 paragraphs up came through. I had asked God to give me an insight or answer around why I felt NO, nay NEGATIVE vibe around selling my current membership mastermind / academy.

I’ve had a low cost membership mastermind in the entrepreneur space for 10 years or so. Thousands of incredible entrepreneurs have gone through it. Many have become purpose driven millionaires and beyond. I have just always had this ‘space’ where you can be coached and supported by me live, as well as receive my best ‘on-demand’ curriculums and trainings, on all aspects of business money mindset and LIFE the ‘be fully you / unapologetic there are no rules’ way. 

Some of us were just made to answer the call within, not be squished into a box that says how business, marketing, life should look! Amen?!


Anyway – 

My current space for this, evolved newly at the start of 2023 with a fresh brand and facelift is or was … AMAZING. Just packed with everything you need to walk the TRUE path of alignment as an entrepreneur who just knows they can’t do it the follow-the-formula fit-in-a-box way. The person who MUST respond to their creative flow! Who suspects that everything they’ve been told about what they have to do is wrong.

And that the normal rules just don’t apply to them.

(Ps … you’re right).

I love/d to teach in that space.

Yet … I couldn’t seem to any longer get behind selling or growing it. SO ANNOYING. So I asked God – give me an answer, PLEASE!

And I heard – not right away, but a few days later ‘outta nowhere’ as I walked on the beach – I explain the whole story in the audio training on How to Pull Something Through from The Supernatural, which you can subscribe to here – 

“But Kat. It’s The Secret Garden”.

WOAH. And WOAH. And woahhhhhh.

Of course it’s The Secret Garden.

The new and ONLY place to be in my space low cost membership mastermind style, have me coach and guide and mentor and simply BE with you …

And learn the things.

About business.

About purpose.

About FAITH led life.

About you.

Gorgeous one, do you see where this is going?

He had me let this through for you.

Your invite to The Secret Garden,

has arrived.

Where we sit in rest.

Breathe in flow.

And fully come to know,

the plan God has made us

And the path we MUST walk.




And YOU.

For Faith-Led Entrepreneurs Who Simply Know It’s Time.

A Place for Entrepreneurs. In The Secret Garden God has made you. In which all that is FOR you,

may come through.

And THE place where I will be teaching all the flow led biz creation things … all the flow led YOU things … all the GOD led WAY of things.

And He wants me to say this to you right now:

Stop telling yourself stories that things take time.

Or, more aptly, stop operating on the worlds time when you have access to His.

In The Secret Garden,

you will have no choice :).

You will KNOW,

it is supernatural,

because of the speed with which things GO.


before I wrote this email, I wrote the introduction. Entire back matter. Calls to action. Extras. And more. And FINISHED the book I mention above … in 45 minutes. I also stopped for a client call. Which gave me an idea for a new training on Creative Renewing (for The Secret Garden!)

AND God dropped in a TON of training ideas for the initial Secret Garden schedule. Which I will release later today. 


Do you understand yet that the normal rules just don’t apply?!

In the Secret Garden I will be teaching on EXACTLY how to do every single element of business,


and YOU

like this


This is now the space.

Join the Secret Garden gorgeous.

He has given me this for you.

Now don’t forget – 

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS Questions?

Ask me on IG. My door is always open.



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