The lens you look through matters, and it can dictate not only your short-term direction or results, but ultimately?

Your destiny.

Let’s take this example:

Say you built yourself a purty nice business in the female entrepreneur online coaching world. A multi 8-figure business, even!

Over nearly 20 years online you’ve hob-nobbed with many of the best of the best in online marketing, are well known and respected by greats who’ve been around even longer than said 20 years, and also well and truly took the throne in said female coaching world for a period of years.

If there was a book of what women did online relevant to biz-niz … you might even be in it. Most likely!

And then, in one fell swoop – well, really, gradually over the course of a year or in actuality 4-5 years if you look at all the behind the scenes, but one fell swoop sounds better – the whole thing fell apart.

> you stopped selling EVERYTHING you’d built said brand and income on

> completely moved out of typical online high ticket coaching in the ‘make money online’ sphere

> DROPPED your prices for private work

> and turned your back completely and firmly on, well, much of what you’d stood for. Specifically the whole ‘self-made / self-sufficiency / independent WO-man’ side of things.

> In fact you even went so far as to HAND YOUR CROWN BACK IN. To the people, dah-ling, who else?

> Oh, and you went from a team of over 20 people to stripping back 10 years in time to just a couple close by your side.

> You also walked away from a reasonably large follower-filled Instagram, with the hallowed blue tick which you actually FOUGHT for back in the day before you could pay for the thing, and just … started another account.

One on which you now talked largely about identity in God. Purpose ONLY by and through and to and for Him. The supernatural empowerment and equipping of His Holy Spirit. And the intentional stripping back and even BREAKING DOWN of the past 20 years you’d built …

all whilst creating brand new courses + programs which were OVERTLY for those who want to walk by faith not sight, and YES we are talking the full born again way.

Meanwhile all of this was happening off the back of YOU deciding to be done with being Christian by name your entire life yet well and truly slidden out of that, and because you had CHOSEN, and indeed prayed (multiple times):

“Lord break me. Shake me. TAKE whatever you need to take from me, break whatever needs breaking, WAKE ME ALL THE WAY UP TO YOU and leave ONLY what is true!”.

I mean, it’s just an example 😉

Here’s where I really wanna get you thinking today:

If you did all of this, moved through all of this, even giving continual allowance and permission to God for the daily continuance of this; in fact ASKING for it, yet were looking through the lens of the online coaching world, you might feel:

“I’ve lost it”.

“I’m going backwards”.

“People are going to think I no longer ‘crush’, am no longer the Queen of Success, am no longer ‘that girl'”.

“I feel bad or uncomfortable or worried because I have less people wanting to hear what I’m saying … I’m not selling the ‘really catchy stuff’ I’ve always sold … my income is gonna go through the floor … I might lose it all … I suck!”

“I’m not keeping up and I’ve always been the one winning this thing!”

But here’s a paradigm shift for ya –

And one I BET you haven’t deeply considered for whatever your own transition is right now.

If you were to look through the lens of being a true leader, and actually understand what that means, or indeed if you were to sit down with ANYBODY who deeply understands leadership, is an expert on it, you KNOW I’m talking the peeps decades in to consulting + mentoring leaders in ALL walks of life and who helm true GREATNESS … not leaders who solely circle in the coaching bubble …

You’d think, or hear feedback like:

“Wow. That’s true leadership, being true to the vision not the people”.

“You’re truly COMMITTED to what is right for this business / company”.

“Re-structuring is tough, but it’s a critical part of leadership”.

“Not many have the courage or focus to do what you’ve done”.

“You inspire me”.

“These are the seasons in which true greatness is formed and born”.

“You have METTLE”.

“You’ve been able to be bigger than your own emotional responses to change”.

“You are a rare kind”.

“What on earth has social media engagement / recognition got to do with leading a world class company or movement?”

“The internet is not your measuring stick, and the fact that you understand this shows you understand your true purpose and direction ahead of needing affirmation”.

“This is the stuff 100 million $ company CEO’s are made of”.

I don’t know if I will ever helm a 100 million $ company by the way. I can’t honestly say it’s a goal or desire right now.

But I do know this:

I got caught up for some years in a tangle-web of looking at myself through the filter of the coaching world. In that world, your star stops shining for a heartbeat and you feel like you’re doing something wrong.

Even for the most stalwart of messengers, there is an INFLUENCE here; if purely by virtue of the fact that seeing yourself as part of a certain world and observing said world in any way IS a filter or lens.

When I look at myself through the lens of being a leader and a visionary …

Interestingly I feel zero qualms or concerns about the almost total slashing of everything I built prior to this year.

On a spiritual level I didn’t feel concern anyway, which adds a whole ‘nother depth of peace.

But in my human, I went back and forth on feeling like something was wrong if I wasn’t keeping up with a world I’d long been part of, even led.

When I flipped the perspective to leadership, a world class company whose mission is to empower, inspire and educate revolutionaries to walk by faith and TRULY be the vessel God has brought them here to be, in a ‘beyond the socials’ sort of a way …

all with God as my centre point …

I realised I was absolutely ROCKING at what I’m doing.

That I was the literal embodiment of everything I have taught for years, namely: do what it takes, no matter what it takes, ’til it takes! ALWAYS always from purpose, alignment, truth.

And I started to get even MORE excited than I already was.

Because the reality is …

some of us really did come here for a play so big we wouldn’t be able to see it all even if we laid it out on the worlds largest ever boardroom table.

This thing reaches to the HEAVENS.

And it simply does not get fulfilled by us repeatedly peering worriedly or even with fascination and desire through a little lens of a certain niche or world.

My message to you today is simple:

Look the other way.

When you stop assessing yourself by what’s around you,

who would you be?

And maybe from that –

what do you need to adjust around you 😉

Now don’t forget,

Life is Now. Press Play.



Gorgeous one. LEADER one. VISIONARY who has come here to helm a movement beyond what can be seen or known, one which is heaven sent AND fuelled:

Would you like to begin the New Year working privately with me?

I’m taking on a small group of committed women who have created momentum + flow in what they do and who they are, yet know that despite their admirable and significant results thus far …

are simply biding time rather than saying yes to the FULLNESS.

‘1st Quarter Supernatural Increase’ is a structured 90 days with me to do just that:

Set the vision to a SUPERNATURAL INCREASE in all areas.

Supernatural FAVOUR.
Supernatural EQUIPPING.
Supernatural AUTHORITY, and walking in it.
Supernatural FOCUS.
Supernatural OVERFLOW, financial and otherwise.
Supernatural VISIONING.

A supernatural INCREASE,

This is for the FAITH-led leader, the Kingdom woman, the woman whose heart is for God, whose saviour is Jesus, whose desire is to partner with the Holy Spirit in all that she does, and who KNOWS there is so much more than what she has been allowing,


or choosing.

God spoke to me last week for you (and me!) and the message was on what are you making ACCEPTABLE.

And the reality that you are circling or biding your time right now in whichever way you are because that is ACCEPTABLE to you.

In 1st Quarter Supernatural Increase,

that changes.

> No more saying YES to God and then setting it aside
> Discipline, structure, accountability to BEING her now
> FULL private client access
> Mastermind with my other private clients additional to that
> Structure private client only trainings + curriculum included
> Initial 1:1 visioning session in which we go in with God and SEE THE VISION IT’S TIME FOR
> Support on systems, marketing, monetization, launching, creating … all of the business side of it
> Unlimited voice + text access in addition to calls
> Bonus 1:1 sess when you confirm your place by Dec 15
> Fast action taker bonus for the first 5 ladies to apply, be accepted, and confirm!

This is …


Message me to know more,
and apply.

And it’s time it starts now.


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