One of the battles I’ve fought most in my business, recurringly so and over a period of many many years now, is the inner warfare around whether or not I *should* be continually creating and selling new courses.

For quick context if you’re new here … I’ve created and launched well in excess of 300 different courses, workshops, programs, online + physical events, challenges, and so on. I THINK. It could be way more; I lost count years ago!!

I don’t know at what point it became my ‘thing’ that I prolifically just.keep.making, but, well, if I’m honest?

Probs around 35 years ago aka when I was 8 🙂

As far as in my online business? I don’t know. When I started in 2006 it was a blog, which then evolved into a digital fitness business, and I ‘figured out’ online marketing before I’d ever heard the words or before the industry was really even a thing. I made a couple handfuls of courses because I had a couple handfuls of topics to teach on!

When I transitioned into early versions of what I do now … business and purpose and success and alignment and faith and all.the.BEING YOU things … I still had a couple handfuls of topics to teach on!

Thing is,

for most online creators they stop at, well, a couple handfuls. Max. And then get better and better at selling what they already created, or the best of.

I just didn’t stop.

I spent years beating myself up for not ‘going all in’ on my ONE thing.

And eventually I realised something which nobody else seemed to be saying or teaching:


And me being me? I am a GATEWAY for living breathing truth to come through me in what I teach.

I was BORN to pour forth as a writer, speaker, creator, leader, revolutionary, and direct messenger from God. I was CREATED for the Holy Spirit to work through me in written and spoken word. And?

I also just have a lot to say, share, and teach on.

(You might be the same. Or you might love to go ever deeper with one course. The question is – how would it look if you trusted in just being YOU?!)

For me, my courses are living breathing bodies of work. They come THROUGH me. It’s not ABOUT me. And that was true even before I fully switch flicked to be all in with God and also to begin in ministry for Him alongside my biz. It’s always been about the message which needs to be born. And each day or season brings a new word!

This is what my business has been built on. LISTENING to that, rather than making it bad or wrong that I keep making. As part of this I have had to learn to DISMISS teachings I see from other well known entrepreneurs who talk about creating and launching being stressful, leading to burnout, or being inefficient as a marketer when you could just drive ads to something that exists already.

What am I gonna drive ads to, my beating pulsing bleeding soul?! (ps yes I do. haha).

Creating is not hard for me.

Not creating is like death to me.

Pouring out what God puts on my heart is my JOB.

And I thank Him for this life in which I never need to stop and in which His grace allows me to show up and serve in the way that I do, EVER NEW EVER NEW EVER NEW.


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