Why don’t you just create the actual work you want to create?

Why don’t you just lay yourself down for what it is you actually want to submit your life to?


Do you think you’re going to wake up one day and suddenly be okay with not having gone all in on you? Like – “oh, nah, that old thing? That whole work of my soul thing, purpose thing, destiny thing, thing I’ve always known I was given breath for? Nah …

decided it was silly. Ho ho ho”.

Do you think you’re going to get to the point where ignoring your truth for long enough suddenly magically mathematically adds up to the fact that it IS no longer your truth?

Wait, don’t answer. Ho ho ho indeed.

Here’s the face slap:

You’d already be doing it if you knew you were good enough.

You’d already be LIVING it if you’d decided that this is how it just has to be.

Maybe you got some stuff up in that head of yours as well about the how, or the timing, or the fallout, or the phase of the freakin’ moon or YOUR moon or something, I don’t know, but if we go deeper than all of that and even if we accept the REALITY of all of that and how it may impact you –

You’d still already be doing it if you knew you were good enough, and?

If you’d just decided.

Sit here and sink into this with me:

You are good enough for the life you dream of.

You are good enough for the audience you know you should be in front of.

You are good enough to be on the platforms you see yourself being on.

You are good enough to be positioned and packaged like ‘that’, or to have your work be.

You are good enough to be EXCESSIVELY wealthy, with money, with time, with space, with freedom.

You are good enough to have the body you want.

You are good enough to have the health you want.

You are good enough to have the marriage or relationship you want.

You are good enough to look in the mirror and be SO DARN PROUD, now already, of who you are.

You are good enough for your message, your art, and for your voice to be heard, and for you to be paid in a BIG way for getting it out into the world and impacting a mother truckload of lives.

And that’s the kicker, isn’t it? That last one.

Maybe all of it resonates on some level.

But for women like us …

For PEOPLE like us …

Fundamentally, it comes down to this:

Deciding that your message and all that is inside of you already matters enough, already is required enough, already is good enough, already should be going out to the world in THAT way.

That way?

Whatever way it is that it would be if you were ‘there’. Whatever that means to you.

Your message is a living breathing thing that exists beyond you. It is not ‘you’. But it sure as all get out is pretty gee darn intertwined with you, so part of this?

Deciding that YOU are good enough.

Deciding that YOU matter enough.

Deciding that YOU showing up, for that message, and for everything related to it, is required.

And that it’s time.


Here’s the kicker –

you’re not going to wake up one day and just be ‘over’ what’s inside of you. As discussed.

But –

you’re also not going to wake up one day and just feel ready, and cleansed of all your uncertainties.


you CAN just wake up any day and decide to be it and do it anyway.

Decide it enough days in a row and guess what happens?

You start to wonder if you ever actually used to not know how to show up like this.


Any day is this one.

There’s not a single ‘nother day you’re going to be glad you held off for. And given that that’s always been true … it’s kinda weird the way you been stacking them up.


Life is Now. Press Play.


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