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Success Mindset


You came here to change the fucking WORLD baby, isn’t it time you started doing that?

What, you think that THAT stuff you write down is ENOUGH? You think that THAT is what it’s ABOUT? You think that THAT is where your destiny lies?!

I think not.
And not.
And NOT.


The dreams you write down so diligently, so dutifully, so daily, are NOT the dreams that lie deep within your heart. What you’re trying to work for NOW is the surface stuff, the tip of the tip of the TIP of the iceberg and there’s a very good reason you don’t ACHIEVE it.

Plain and simple, that reason is?

That shit ain’t enough for you baby.

You were born for MORE, so MUCH more. You were born to move mountains, to tear down walls, to BREAK through the ceiling and DANCE ON TOP OF IT.

You do know –
Don’t you?

That YOUR destiny is to be one of the most powerful, impactful, MESEMERISING leaders of our time?

You do KNOW –
DON’T you –

That the work you are called to DO in your life has jack.fucking.shit. to do with coaching SMALL people to lead SMALL lives which they PRETEND are enough?

Stop pretending that what YOU are doing is enough.


You are LYING to yourself. You are FAILING yourself. You are KILLING your dreams, and your soul?

I’m surprised it even makes it through the day.

When are you going to sit up and PAY ATTENTION TO THE YEARNING WITHIN? When are you going to realise that the delusion is not what you DREAM of, and how God damn scary it IS, but the DELUSION is to fool yourself into thinking you can exist, for another day, as you are now.

And stop.
And fucking STOP.

You have EVERYTHING you need inside of you to go all the way darling.

ALL that you dare not to dream of is real. What, you think that just because it’s UNREASONABLE to be the MOST FAMOUS PERSON OF YOUR TIME that you should quash that fantasy?

Your life is not a fucking fantasy.

And you KNOW the life you were born to live.

But yet you are currently LIVING A FUCKING FANTASY, namely a life that is NEVER going to satisfy you, no matter how pretty you try and paint it, no matter how much you put a SHEEN over it to make it APPEAR to be the life that YOU were born for.

It is NOT this, not like this, not in this way, not for YOU.

It’s time for you to go all in.
It’s time for you to sit up straight and pay attention.
It’s time for you to be RUTHTLESSLY committed to what you came here to create.
It’s time for you to dream and COMMIT to a level that will take your breath away and SO IT FUCKING SHOULD.

If your dreams don’t take your breath away –

Then really –

What’s the point?

If your dreams don’t TERRIFY you with their awesomeness –

Then really –

Why do you bother?

If your dreams don’t get you HOT and SWEAT and UNCOMFORTABLE and SO.DAMN.PANTING for them, then REALLY?

Are you even dreaming at all?

The RIDICULOUS thing about all of this is that you actually CAN have anything you decide to. You can dream as BIG AS YOU LIKE and yet still it can be yours. You can go so damn high you’re floating a million miles above the earth and yet it is POSSIBLE. You can impact MILLIONS. Make HUNDREDS of MILLIONS. And change the fucking world.

So why –

Pray tell –

Do you dream so fucking SMALL?

And WHY –

Pray tell –

Do you PRETEND that you’re okay?

And WHY –


Do you INSIST on trying to CONFORM.

You do realise, I hope, that you’re living in a fucking bubble. You’re comparing yourself WITHIN THE FUCKING BUBBLE. So it’s easy to tell yourself you’re doing ABOVE AVERAGE because it wouldn’t be fucking hard to be PUSHING HARDER than the sheep around you?

It’s time to get OUT of the fucking bubble baby.


It’s TIME, quite SIMPLY?

To admit what you want.
Confess what you came here to do.

Nobody cares about a star –
If it never fucking shone.


Life is Now. Press Play.


KL FB pic March 2016 no background


It’s time to ADMIT to yourself, once and for all, what you want from life and what you CAME HERE TO DO.

You think you can keep on going like THIS, and somehow magically fucking get to where you want to go?


But worse still than that?

Stop kidding YOURSELF.

Life is not going to just magically somehow turn its own ass around, IS it now? You can say that you’re going to take action, make a change, step the fuck UP, all you want, but if you’re not doing it?

You’re not doing it.

And if you’re not doing it then honey YOU AIN’T CREATING IT and THAT really has to wake you the fuck up. I HOPE. And if it DOESN’T then GET A BUCKET OF COLD WATER AND POUR THAT FUCKER OVER YOURSELF BECAUSE THIS IS NOT HOW YOU CAME HERE TO LIVE.

Not YOU.
And not like this.

I wish I could come and SHAKE you with the truth of how you’re living right now, where you’re heading, and how it’s NOT GOING TO ALL BE OKAY if you don’t make a change. I wish I could say the right thing to IMPART to you what it’s actually going to take.

Who you need to be –
And how.

Well, I may not be able to physically come around and kick yo ASS, but I can do the nearest damn thing, and that is this:

I can get MY ass into your inbox every day, for the next 10 days.
10 days in which you and I go head to head to map out what you actually WANT from your life.
What you came here to do.
What you were BORN for.

Do you REALISE you were born with a purpose? Do you REALISE God has a plan for your life? Do you REALISE there is magical fucking stuff that nobody else on this planet but YOU can do, but also that if you don’t actively commit and then follow through then NEITHER WILL YOU?

And by the way –
Since we’re TALKING –
Do you realise you can actually have, be, do, create, WHATEVER you decide??!

And yet you live like this?!


It’s time to stop the madness.
It’s time to end the FANTASY that things are going to change without you actively changing them.
And it’s time to turn on the fucking light.

I’ve created my 10-Day WAKE UP OR DIE Goalsetting course to help you do just that.

If you don’t wake up NOW, and take action, then you ARE GOING TO DIE, and it’s going to be WITHOUT ever turning on the fucking light.

And I won’t have it.
I won’t HAVE it, do you hear?!

Not for me.
And not for YOU.

But YOU have to come to the party.
YOU need to step UP.
YOU need to make a fucking decision, and then?

Well then honey you’re going to need to DO something about it.

And I’m going to show you how.

WAKE UP OR DIE is 10-Days of IN YOUR FACE TRUTH AND ACTION, delivered via audio training straight to your inbox starting TODAY, to get you into IMMEDIATE action and the creation of the life you were born for.

It’s $98, but if you buy TODAY you can get started for just $49, with no more to pay!

I want EVERYBODY in my community to be able to get this.

If you don’t wake up now?

You WILL die, and it WILL be too late, but worse still than that – !

Don’t you just want to press fucking play?!

Click here now to get it. The first audio, and accompanying kick yo’ butt ACTION tasks, will hit your inbox right away. THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. <— WAKE UP OR DIE! Click the link now to get instant access to my 10-Day Goalsetting Course! Daily audios and ACTION in your inbox starting NOW, to kick your ass into alignment and MASSIVE fucking action, so you can finally press play and LIVE LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN. It’s about bloody time, don’t you think?

Get access now. Get it today for half price, just $49 for full access, regular price $98!


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