Success/Success Mindset


The issue is you need to quit doing. This endless thing you’ve got going on in which you push yourself continually to do enough, produce enough, keep up enough, BE enough …

it’s got to stop.

The thing you will lose if it doesn’t is your LIFE.

A life which was always meant to be about time. And space. For you. The born for it wild one. To be wild. And free. Create. And roam. Drop IN. Find what is to be found in that place. And then bring it back to THIS one. Treasures from the beyond which can only be located when we go and GET them. Treasures which reveal life itself to us. Which show us the way. Which MAKE us the way. Which are themselves –

the way.

Treasures which simply don’t exist on this plane. Treasures which open up space, collapse time, make the impossible the norm, lead you with certainty, and clarity, and YES.

Treasures which cannot be located in a million lifetimes of a million hours given and all the doing in the world,


And tell me –

Do you actually believe that if you just keep going with this perpetual DOING against the grain of your soul you will … get there?

That if you just keep ticking things off, and working to COMPLETE enough, that that is what will result in you living the life of freedom, expansiveness, and joy, which you yearn for? Which you crave? Which you know is FOR you? And you for it?

I don’t think so.

I think –

you know full well that you’re on a speeding train to FUCKERY.

– The fuckery of continuing to give day after day to a life that is not the one you came here for.

– The fuckery of trying to convince yourself that this is what is true for you, to DO so endlessly and never take time or space to truly be.

– The fuckery of allowing yourself to live a lie built on an idea that success, and the manifestation of your dream life, depends upon you working your way there,

as opposed to TAKING yourself there,

to the place it already is.

You know –

the place you visit from time to time, find and know within, have sought for your entire lifetime, and have found –

anytime you dared to take breath long enough, stop for long enough, wander IN long enough, stay there for long enough, and simply –

find what is to be found.

This is the way it must be for us. For those who are called like us. For those who KNOW like us. For the true artist like us. For the one who has always seen without eyes,

plucked dreams from the skies,

and created some thing,

some INCREDIBLE thing,

from no thing,

every time sufficient SPACE,

was allowed.

Yes. You can be an entrepreneur. A leader. A CEO. A BOSS. You can rule like the King or Queen you are. You can and WILL do many MANY things. All of this is who you are. It cannot not be you. It is simply true.

But yes,

you must first be ONLY you.

The one who just wanted to wander. And dream. And be shown.

And then?

She did.